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Beat Up Your Fish (For Ca$h)

This works even better in Virtual Tank, because you can control your fish's movements by right-clicking on the tank, but works in any mode. Get 40,000 shells to buy the last pet, the penguin. Line him up with a fish that can drop money, then click on him. He will "beat up" the fish, and make him drop a little more money. Also found up if your fish is playing music, line him up with the penguin and smack him silent. Works great with Santa Fish.

Get Shells Fast

First you have to pass background 3. Then go to time trial and get the dolphin, the mermaid, and you can chose the last one. Buy two guppycrunchers, and two bettlemunchers. Collect about twenty-thousand money, and you will earn one-thousand shells, Repeat.

Buy Low Sell High

In the virtual tank, buy some guppies (it only works with them). Feed them 3 times each. To cheat, change your PC date to tomorrow by right-clicking on the time in the toolbar on the bottom of your screen. Feed your guppies 3 times and repeat. Make sure you feed them 3 times a "day". They will grow 2 times. Once they're gold-layers, sell them, they will be sold for more than you bought them for. It works good with expensive guppies.

Pause Game

Press Spacebar key to pause the game.


Turn On Sandbox Mode

After you've earned a silver trophy, enter at the main screen and use the arrow keys to enter the following directions: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.

Santa Fish

In the virtual tank buy a regular fish and name it Santa. It will play music and drop sacks of money.

Make The Background In Outer Space

Type space while playing.

Unlimited Shells And Last Adventure Tank

Go to the Insaniquarium game files (most likely in system/program data. )Click on userdata, then click on any user (ex. User1, 2, 3etc. ) Open in Notepad and copy everything in there then copy. After that, delete everything in there the paste everything back in. Save and exit. Open Insaniquarium and there you have it unlimited shells and last adventure tank. Remember to make backups of the file before making any changes.

More Codes

Change Breeder Fish's Birth Noise: type: welovebetatesters
Change Preggo's Birth Noise: type: supermegaultra
Display Time: type: time
Tank Background Waves: type: wave

Make Your Fish Look Dead

Type zombie while playing.

Make The Background Nothing

Type void while playing.

Show How Much Time You Spent Playing

Type time while playing.


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Easter eggs

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Silver And Gold Trophies

For a Silver Trophy, you have to beat the last boss a number of times, have all 4 bonus pets, 4 pet limit, and 7 pet VT limit (this is about 115, 000 shells but worth it, since you unlock SANDBOX MODE, the place where anything can happen. ) . For Gold, you have to have all the stories from Challenge Mode.

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