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  • Action, Adventure
  • Naughty Dog
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Teen
  • November 23, 2004


Walk Through An Area With Out Getting Hit

First, have the third blue gun then have unlimited ammo. Next, pull it out and wreak havoc - all small enemies will be dead before they can even think of attacking you.

Easy Way To Get Through Areas With Lots Of Enemies

First, you need unlimited ammo (50 precurser orbs) and the Super Nova. Than you just keep running and firing Super Nova at the same time and no enemies can even get near you.

People Bouncing Around.

First use the Mass Inverter around lots of people (guards, pedstrians, ect. ) . Than hit the people with circle or square and they go flying. For more fun with this, try it on marauders cars in the desert.

Attack With Jetboard

To attack with the jetboard just press circle while riding it.

One FREE Precurser Orb

To find a precurser orb go to the stadium-like place where you meet sig for the first time in Jak 3. Go to the center circle by using light flight and than go up (again using light flight) where damas sits right diagonal up from the center circle. Behind his chair you will find one precurser orb.

More Krimzon Gaurds

When you get 1000 skull gems, more krimzon gaurds appear.

Defeating Cyber Errol

Note: The Arc Wielder Robot Shock upgrade is recommended for this level. First, Errol will launch grenades at you. They are very easy to dodge. Keep running and do not stop. Next, he will launch a swarm of KG bots. Take out the Arc Wielder or any rapid-fire weapon to destroy them. He will launch two waves at you. After those two waves, a small robot with a green jewel on it will appear from a blue duct. Take out the Blaster and fire until it falls, then spin kick it into the duct where it came from. The robot will explode and damage Errol. The battle will remain the same, only the grenades Errol launches will emit a shockwave when they hit the ground, and he will launch a flurry of regular grenades, creating holes in the floor. Also, when Errol's meter is red, Dark Makers will come out of the ducts instead of KG bots. Be careful, as they can do a lot of damage to you if you are not careful. Use the Plasmite RPG or Dark Jak Dark strike to take them out. When fighting Errol in the War Factory, he will be on a higher platform than you are, standing over a circle thing in the wall. Defeat all of the enemies that he throws at you that come out of the four holes on the walls. Then, a machine will come out of one of the four holes. Hit the one that is under where Errol is standing. It will take out one fourth of his health. After doing this three more times you will defeat him. When you are fighting Errol in the last mission when he is in the Terraformer. there are two parts to defeating him. One is destroying the things on the legs of the Terraformer. This will require some time, as the legs keep moving. It will throw enemies at you, and you must shoot it while driving around the desert. After destroying the legs, the body of the Terraformer will land in front of Spargus City's gate. From there you will climb the body onto a big platform where you will fight Errol for the last time. He is now using the head of the Terraformer. First, destroy the tentacles that come out of the platform. Then, destroy the enemies. Next, jump over the laser that sweeps over the platform. After that, you will have a chance to shoot at the back of the head. After a few times, his health meter will be at the yellow or red level. Errol will start to smash the head onto the platform. Dodge this and keep destroying and jumping over the laser. Once you make the last shot, you will see an intermission sequence showing Jak shooting the head destroying the Terraformer.

Flying Car

When you are in the car garage, choose the Dune Hopper. Then, when you get a boost, hold L1 to jump and let go. When you are in mid-air, press R2 to use the boost. And there you go, you're own personal flying car!

Hidden Secrets

In every level you complete,(especially the levels in Haven City in the Sewers) check your map. You will find a place on the map that isn't a part of your normal path. If you can get to it you'll be rewarded with extra ammo, health, and a few precurser orbs.

Have Unlimited Precursor Orbs Secrets

Let's say you have collected 5 Precursor Orbs and you want all three Level Selects, copy the file with 5 precursor orbs 3 times into the remaining save slots, and activate Act 1 Level Select in the first file. Then activate Act 2 Level Select in the second. Then activate Act 3 Level Select in the third file, and now you can have all three Level Selects!

Hollow Volcano

I found this after I beat the game and it got me thinking, I went to the volcano on the edge of the wasteland desert ( not the one in the middle of the map), You will need unlimited light jak and jak flight, First you need to go to the right side the volcano where you see a cliff, leave the vehicle behind, Start using jak flight, You will need to fly around the rocks until you see a uphill beach, climb up the beach ( you can use the jetboard), instantly you will go through the mountain and see nothing but a hollow shell (no lava), if you want to get out just walk out the mountain wall on any side ( recommend you use the closest one to your vehicle).

Death Sentence

This Glitch is called The Death Sentence. Here is how it works, well it's rather simple. You have to have the Super Nova (Nova Star) and you have to have beaten the game (by the time you get the Super Nova you can't go to The Wastelands because you are towards the end of the game). Take the Nova Star And you know the little parking lot where all the cars are? Shoot it inside there. It doesn't matter if your outside the city or inside (where the citizens are) or in the parking lot YOU WILL DIE! The Nova Star has a limit on how far the Nova Rocket goes. So make sure you are in it's shooting range to where it reaches the parking lot. If done right you will hear the death sound or failed mission sound whatever you call it. Then Jak will reappear on the screen with the last car you were in, inside or outside the city, or in the parking lot. You have just made your own Death Sentence.

Invincible Vehicles

If you don't want to keep upgrading vehicle toughness, just buy the invincibility cheat (go to secrets and purchase for 50 precursor orbs) Any thing you ride will be invincible. (Note: only cars and leaper lizards will not be damaged. ) You can even run with the leaper lizard in water (theres a limit on distance of course, the octopus thing kills you if you go out too far) Cars will not survive in water.

Climb Tower

First off, you need a hover board and jak flight. You don't need anything else. You don't need to do the x, circle thing either. Go to the right tower in New Haven City. Make sure it's the right one and not the left one. The section of the city where there is water and no fighting. Then go to the front side of the tower and use Jak flight (you only need to press x twice)to get on a slim edge. Then jump on the pipe making a half-circle. Then use the thing where you crouch and jump to get to the other half-circle pipe above it (it sort of looks like stairs). Next you do the crouch-jump again to get to a slightly wider edge. Walk very carefully so you don't fall off around a corner to the next set of half-circle pipes. Repeat the steps from the first set of half-circle pipes. And wala! You make it to the platforms on the tower! You can't go any higher and there is two wires going to the other tower and if you grind with your hoverboard you can get there.

Slow Time

You know those missions where you have a time limit to find a orb or something? Well all you have to do to beat them easily is use slow mo with light jak and the time slows down but you don't!

Bootleg Peace Maker

When Damas gives you the Wake Cuncussor, don't switch guns. Zoom in on Jak and he will have the Peace Maker.

Dark Abyss

All you have to do is go to the precursors you now were you do all your jetbourd missions at. Now in the big lake go to the rocks were a little bit of water is coming out at and crouch down (Note:It'll take a few tries to do) now start crawling to your left towards the green land. You'll go into nothing and there will be nothing but black if you walk forward some more you'll fall into blackness called an Abyss.

Farther Grenade Launcher In The Dune Hopper

While riding in the Dune Hopper jump and then shoot a grenade and it will go much farther.

Lots Of Ammo

When you are in haven city, if you go to an area where the guards are fighting KG bots, you can get a lot of ammunition. Most KG bots will give you ammo after you kill them, and they will never stop coming. They usually give you ammo for the gun you kill them with. (they will also sometimes give you health.)

Unlimited Light Jak Flight

After buying it in secrets, keep hitting X and Circle.

Two Wastelanders Fighting In Wastelander City

Go into the Wastelander City and shoot one of the Wastelanders. They will begin to shoot at you. Quickly run behind another Wastelander, and the one you shot will continue trying to shoot you, causing him to shoot the one that you are hiding behind. They both will begin shooting each other until one dies.

Defending Front Gate In Spargus City

In the mission where you have to defend Spargus's front gate, the best car to use is the Dune Hopper or Dust Demon because of their grenade launchers. They should take out the Catapult Launcher in two hits.

Guns And Cars In Spargus City

When in the garage, shoot the cars there and destroy them. You will restart from inside the garage. The only gun that will not affect them is the Mass Inverter. All it does is make the cars go up in the air.

Light Eco In Spargus City

Around the corner from Krew's garage in Spargus City, you will find a Light Eco Vent. Also in Spargus City, there are rats running around that will give you Dark Eco and very rarely Light Eco.

Defending The Naughty Ottsel

In the level where you must defend the Naughty Ottsel in four different areas, the third is probably the most difficult. You must destroy all the robots and protect three people as well. If they all die, you lose. If you are having trouble, keep dying on purpose. Eventually you will get more people, and you will only lose if they all die.

Peacemaker In Water

Note: You cannot use guns in water except by doing the following. Take out the Peacemaker and charge it up (hold R1). While it is charging, jump in water. You can swim around with the Peacemaker still charging, provided that you keep R1 held. Once you fire it you must get out of the water and charge it up again to use it in the water.

Leaper Runs On Water

When in Spargus, grab a Leaper and double jump into the water. The Leaper will be standing on the water, and you can move around.

Daxter Floats In Mid-air

When you are in the War Factory mission, go to the area where you control Daxter for the fourth time. After you make it past the moving flamethrowers, jump down toward the KG bots and a car. Jump onto the car where the seats are, and Daxter will be standing in mid-air instead of on the car's seats. You must land the double jump where the seats are located.

Defeating The Precursor Robot

First, the robot will use an energy sword to zap you, swinging from side to side. Just jump over it. Next, he will launch little multiplying spider things at you. Do a 360 Rapid Fire Combo with the Beam Reflexor to take them out. Then, he will shoot lasers at the ground, bringing up some pillars. Wait until they cool and jump to the highest one, dodging the blasts that the robot fires at you. You will find some mine carts. Shoot at them until one falls on the robot's head. Repeat this and you win the Arc Wielder and Act 2.

Cannot Switch Hover Zones

When you are in the section of Haven City called New Haven City, go to the sewers to turn on the switch. Go back the way that you came by going up the elevator. After doing this, try to get to the Freedom HQ. You will not be able to. Do not switch hover zones, because you will fall into a deep abyss. After going back into the city you will have to save somewhere else in that the New Haven City section. If you do not do this, it will remain that way.

Outside Haven City Walls

This is one of the hardest things to do and takes time to get it right. When you go to the two towers in the Haven City near the Naughty Ottsel find a zoomer and get to the small ledge on the tower, then find a piece of metal that sticks out jump for it and the next one (you should now be on a thicker ledge). No go around and find another set of pipes, jump to them and you'll get to a place with lots of crates. Now turn to light flight (better if you have infinit light power and invulnerability). Look for the closest wall of Haven City and fly to it, keep turning the shield on and hitting X to keep altitude, (takes a couple of tries) when you get to the edge you will fall to the water (not dying). NOTE: In certain parts you'll sink and the water will turn black. (you die).

Underneath Spargus City

When you finish the game and have the invincibility cheat, go to the lake in Spargus City, get on a Leaper and turn on the invincibility cheat and jump on the lake. The Leaper should be able to walk on the water, and if you go to the far right (when your facing the lake) You should be able to see underneath Spargus City. (can't GO underneath it)

Free Hero Mode

First, Get 5 Orbs, then save the game. Buy Hero mode, save your hero mode file, the, insted of saving your normal file like recomended, go strait to hero mode.

Easy Car Boost

Get 30 orbs then press start. Go to secrets then buy unlimited boost.

Jet Board Great Moves

When you are using Jet Board, Spin, Flip, Super Jump to defense attacks. Use the same moves but not super jump to attack enemy or press O to Wide attack.

Easy Timed Challenges

You can use Light Jak's time freezing ability to slow down the clock during challenges while you move around at normal speed.

No Damage From High Falls

When you fall from a high place, kick (Circle) shortly before you hit the ground and you won't take any damage from the fall.

Jak's New Clothes

Simply obtain all 600 Precursor Orbs to obtain different colored clothes for Jak. The message, "Congratulation! You found all 600 Precursor Orbs. Enjoy Jak's stylish new duds," will appear on the screen to confirm this.

Free Precursor Orbs

Go to any oracle statue and trade metal head skull gems to start an orb search challenge. Go to the orb and wait for the clock to turn to 00:00. Even though it says 00:00, it takes another second for the time to run out (I.E. 00:00 is really 00:00.100) So wait one more second, and then press Square to dash at the orb as soon as time runs out and the mission failed screen comes up. You will get 3 orbs, and be able to retry!

1st Vehicle Race

In this vehicle race you are racing in the Rough Puppy. Not all that fancy but it will do. You are racing 4 other drivers in souped up machines. To get a little edge on your opponents get a turba and save it for the numerous mud puddles later in the course. Also try jumping at the peak of the hills and ridges to get a little extra umph!

Light And Dark Jak

You can turn into light or dark jak anytime as long as you have a little bit of eco in the meter. To turn into Light Jak you must hold L2 and press Triangle, Circle, Square, or X. To change to Dark Jak you must press L2.


All Cheats

All of the cheats are on the the pause menu go to secrets and go down slowly and there will be a thing thats says cheats.


We have no unlockables for Jak 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Jak 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Funny Glitch

After Damas gives you the Wave Concussor wait till the movie ends. If you look at the gun in Jak's hands before you press up twice you will notice that Jak is actually holding the Peace Maker which you do not have yet.


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