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  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
  • Action, Adventure
  • Naughty Dog
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Everyone
  • December 4, 2001


Rolling Attack

While running press R1, at the end of the roll press Square.

Defeating The Giant Plant

At the Giant Plant in the Forbidden Jungle level, run from the first spike bug until the spikes go in, then destroy it. The plant will try to eat you. Dodge it, and it will go to sleep. Jump up on the leaves and hit the flower part. Repeat this another two times. After he collapses, jump on his head and an orb will appear. Jump on the head until no more orbs come out.

Stand On Points

On Geyser Rock, go straight until you reach the Points, but do not go over them. Stand slightly away and slowly walk to the Points. If done correctly, you should be able to stand on one of the Points. Do not move around a lot or else you will lose a health point.

Stand On Yakkows

After you round up all the Yakkows in their pen for the farmer, get next to or on top of one. Press Circle and the Yakkow will moo. Quickly jump on top of it. Instead of hopping off like usual, you will stand on its back for a little while.

Walking On Sad Guys Back

Go on stairs behind him and walk forward.

Faster Game

To get through the game a lot faster. collect all Power Cells in one area before going on to the next. This will be easier, as once you defeated Gol and Maia, there is a door that requires 101 Power Cells. It is best that you collect the Power Cells beforehand so you will not need to go back and forth to different locations.

Dark Crystal Locations

Hanging in Gnawing Lerker area. Same height as the power cell. It is easy to shoot and find. On the way to the Robot area. It is harder to shoot, easy to hit, and easy to find. Near Dark Cave entrance. It is easy to shoot and find. Use platforms to hit. Near Dark Cave entrance. Cross Dark Eco with platforms. You should be able to find some clean water on the other side of some Dark Eco. You must use the rolling jump (L1 or R1 and jump when you finish rolling) or you cannot get across the Dark Eco. Swim down and get close enough and it will explode. It is difficult to get to. In Dark Cave, after you pass the second hanging spider and before the first rotating platform. Near the crystal that is after the second spider, you can find some clean water. Swim down and get close enough and it will explode.

Unlimited Green Eco

When fighting rats in Boggy Swamp, do not destroy their nest. They are very easy to defeat and give you four pieces of Green Eco each. If you are low on life, destroy some rats.

Extra Precursor Orbs

After defeating the giant plant in the Forbidden Jungle, go back and jump on what looks like the left eye of the plant. An orb will appear. Grab it and repeat. You should be able to get at least four orbs out of it.

Power Cells

Go in the Forbidden Jungle and talk to the person that is standing on a bridge. If you catch 200 pounds of fish, he will give you a Power Cell and let you ride his boat until dark.

Defeating Gol And Maia

To defeat Gol and Maia, first access all Sages at their citadel. After hitting the three Sages that are reachable (Blue, Yellow, And Red), platforms will rise. Daxter will tell you to go up them. There are rotating platforms that are difficult to get on. Once at the top, follow the trail around until you see the lamp to the Green Sage. Hit it and an intermission sequence will start. The Green Sage will tell you about Gol and Maia's robot. Go through the door to your immediate left. Hit the elevator button to go up. Hit all the chests on top, as you will need them. Hop onto the platform with the Blue Eco. You will now be with the giant robot. Pick up the Yellow Eco then jump and fire to break the robot's energy shield. Maia will yell, and a floating drone will be released. Get to the Blue Eco and go to the launch pad. Wait until about the third or fourth tone, then press X to launch yourself away from the blast. Once back down, the robot will shoot Green Eco into the Dark Eco pool. Dark Eco creatures will appear. Use the Yellow Eco to kill them all. Then, go to the Blue Eco vent and repeat the process with the floating drone. Once back down, the robot will shoot out about five or six red spheres. They cause a wave. Grab the Yellow Eco, and while jumping over the waves, shoot at the robot to break off a weapon. Repeat the process of the floating drone once more. Then, grab the Yellow Eco again then try and dodge the fireballs the robot throws. Shoot at the arm until it breaks. The ending sequence will begin. Then, if you have not already done so, go back to each location to complete each task. Collect 101 Power Cells to open the door on top of Gol and Maia's Citadel.

Defeating The Klaww

At the Klaww in the Mountain Pass level, dodge the boulders. The last one he throws will contain Blue Eco. Get it, and a bridge will appear. Run to the end, dodging the boulders as you go. Get the Yellow Eco at the end, and when he starts to make a big boulder, fire away. Keep blasting him until he drops the boulder on his head, then run back to the first three platforms and repeat the process another two times.

Get To Yellow Sage

When you get to Gol and Maia's Citadel, free the Blue Sage first and go on the Blue Eco platform. Roll, then jump off. You will be able to free the Yellow Sage without having to go through the obstacles. Note: This may require some practice to avoid falling.

Alternate Ending

Successfully complete the game after collecting at least 100 Power Cells.

Faster Credits

Once the names of the Naughty Dog staff have been shown and have disappeared off the screen, hold X or Circle, The credits will speed up and be completed in a few seconds.

Turn Faster When Flying

When flying, hold L1 + R1 while turning. This will insure a sharper turn.

Faster Zoomer

Hold L1 + R1 to go faster on the Zoomer, at the expense of maneuverability.

Shoot Cannons Farther

To make the cannons at Misty Island and Sentinel Beach shoot farther, hold Square or Circle + X. This helps with any steel boxes.

Super Jump

Press L1 + X. If timed correctly, you will go into a crouch position and spring higher that you would by double jumping (X, X).

Avoid Fall Damage

Press Circle to spin kick just before you hit the ground and you will land perfectly every time.

Swim Faster

Instead of holding the Analog-stick in the direction you want to swim, keep tapping the Analog-stick in that direction. By doing this, you will move about twice as fast.


In training mode, get Blue Eco to go through a door; instead jump off the mountain side with rocks. If done correctly you will be flying until the Blue Eco runs out.

Collect PowerCells

Be sure to stock up on PowerCells before you get to Gol and Maia's Citadil, you will need 100 of them in the end.

Lurker Sharks

They only swim in deep places.

Wanna Know How To Punch Up The Polls?

Well, first you press and hold down R1, then you press the square button while you under the polls. Do this three times to each.

Want More Air On The Zoomer?

Just push the R1 button and you will jump, also if your going off a ramp, this'll come in handy to go farther.

The Terrible Lurker Shark

If you are a first time player of Jak and Daxter, be careful!! If you swim too far out in the water, a terrible creature , the Lurker Shark, will attack. First you will hear a sound similar to a heartbeat. Each second, the heartbeat gets faster and louder until , suddenly, it's too late. he'll swallow you whole. the only wasy to escape is to swim back to shore and cross your fingers!! Have fun!

The Strong Survive

While punching, jump and you will do an uppercut. Then do a spin kick or a dive for a very powerful attack.

Secret Area In Boggy Swamp

When you enter Boggy Swamp, go up the platform. At the top, go right and then onto the grass. Look to your left. There should be a cave. Double jump and spin towards it. You then should be able to grap onto the side and pull yourself up and then your good to go.

Going Faster On The Zoomer

Ok people listen up this is how itís done, hold down L1 & R1 to go faster. Hereís the down side, you become very unstable which will make it hard for short turns and not crashes into things. But this is a great way to catch those pain in the bum Lurkers in the Precursor Basin or in the Mountain Pass or whatever little place you have to catch or get somewhere fast.


Faster Credits

When you see the names of the Naughty Dog staff disappear off the screen, hold X or Circle. The credits will speed up and be completed in a few seconds.


We have no unlockables for Jak and Daxter yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Jak and Daxter yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Jak and Daxter yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Created by: Wntermute. Read the full guide...

Created by: Wntermute. Read the full guide...

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