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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • May 1, 1996


Were Is The Red Fish?

There is not a red fish. The man in the market says he is looking for a small red fish, a red herring. A red herring is a false clue, therefore sending you on a wild goose chase. So, there is no red fish.

Get The Plans

When you are in China, get to the temple and go to the top room and in the middle of the right wall press A or B and go into the secret passage and go down and over then go up across and down, go over to the middle of the file cabinets and face up and punch them. You will get a key. Go up to the next room and press select and put the target on the key, then press A or B and press Select again and go to the safe and press the button that you put the key on and you will get the plans.

Fighting Janus

An easy way to kill Janus is to chase him to the top of the cradle, but wait in the central, lowered platform while he runs up the ramp to the top of the antenna. When he turns around and shoots at you from above, take out any automatic weapon you have, aim for his head or body, and fire until he tells you to finish the job, and runs down to the lower antenna.

Find A Med-kit

When you first go to Q after China, go all the way to the bottom to where there are computers and a guy talk to him and he will say something about having something for you in the computers check the computers and you will have one more med-kit.

Get The Key To The Presidential Suite

First go to the Casino in Marrakech. Win $17,000. Now go to any of the casino games and bet all $17,000 dollars (Saving your game is wise) If you win the person playing against you will tell you that you are a high roller and the casino is paying for your stay. Go back to the hotel and talk to the guy at the desk. He will give you the key to the Presidential Suite.

Get The M.A.R.B.L.E.

The first time you talk to Q (London, Bonds Headquarters) there is a man in a chair behind him. If you walk around the chair hitting A or B the chair will launch through the wall. Walk through the hole in the wall and you will get the M.A.R.B.L.E.

Get The Underground Pass

When you go to Kurdistan for the first time, go to the cave where Iqbal lives. Don't go into the cave, but go to the right side of the screen and start hitting the rock wall. You should find a secret passage. When you go through it there will be a man sitting down. Talk to him and he will give you a jeweled egg. Later, when you go to Marrakech, you can trade it for an underground pass!

Secret Passage

When in the Chinese temple, go to the top room. When you are in there go to the middle of the right wall, then press A for a secret passage.

Get The Med-kit Over And Over

Start your game and enter the house. Get the med-kit from the top bed, then save and quit. Reload your game and enter the house to find another med-kit. You can repeat as often as desired.

Ibucol Tip

When you fight Ibucol, you should stand by the door, when he comes after you he will freeze and then you shoot him with your gun.


Play The Casino Games

Enter your name as one of the following to play the casino games:



To play three different card games, choose a blank save spot at the Player Select menu. When the "Your Name" entry screen appears, enter "BJACK" to play Blackjack, "BACCR" to play Baccarat or "REDOG" to play Red Dog.


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