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  • September 29, 2009


How To Get King Mickey, Sora, And Speacial Keyblades

To get king Mickey, first beat the game. Then after the credits, go back to the holo-missions and complete all the optional missions (if you haven't done so already). I recommend the walk-through at the bottom for help. Then go to the moogle he will mention the return of the king. Buy it and you have Mickey for mission mode. To get Sora, go back to day 10 and listen carefully. You must complete every mission 100% including days 10, 12, and 14. It may take awhile, but it's worth it. At the end talk to the moogle and he will mention how well you've done and sora's awakening is now available. Then to get star seeker for Mickey and bond of flame for sora, synthesize Pandora's gear+ and voila, you don't have to do the challenges.

Beat Infernal Engine

Do not hit it until you knock off the heartless on top of it to do that you have to wait til it shoots its cannon block until all the heatless on top are destroyed when it takes out the blue glowing thing hit it alot it does a lot of damage but be careful get away before it rams you (the blue lite fades to tell you its going to ram you).

Dual Blade Roxas, Oblivion Riku, And Sora

To get Dual Blade Roxas, first you need to beat Riku on day 358. You will then be awarded the Legend rank. When you stat the game again. You will be in the Station Plaza. You will see the Moogle. Talk to him and buy the Zero Gear [30000 heart points]. Then put 3 ability units on it. Then you will have the Oathkeeper and the Oblivion for Roxas[ Only available to use in Mission mode]. To get Riku with the Oblivion, you must Synthysise Pandora's Gear, then give it to Riku in mission mode. And finaly to get Sora You must Deafeat the dustflier on the "Eliminate at least Six gient Heartless" mission then buy Soul of Sora from the Moogle. But beware: The Dustflier is easily in the strongest class of heartless. Recommended weapon: Zero gear with the Ultimate Weapon panel installed, along with 3 power units. Recommended Magic: All magic is strongly recommended! Be sure to pack A LOT of elixirs.

How To Defeat A Carrier Ghost

The carrier ghost is a strong heartless so you have to attack him from the back so that he wont see you u know when he sees you is when his eyes turn orange if they stay yellow than he still has not found you if you keep attacking from his back then ull be able to defeat him easily.

How To Defeat Dustflier

You need a auto life all slots filled a elixer lots of cures zero gear power units only watch out after it attacks right after it lands after it attacks you have about 5-9 secons to hit it (don't use aero, aerora, aeroga).

Attacking Flying Enemies

When attacking most strains that fly like the tailbunker or the phantomtail, attack their tails and wings so that they land (magic is effective on the head). Phantomtails warp if you attack their heads and they will not land, like the avalanche.

Ultimate Team

First go to mission mode ( make sure you select multiplayer and have 4 people total)then in character selection choose sora, riku, dual bladed roxas, and the king they are the best people in the game. Note: Make sure you have unlocked sora, riku, and the king, and make sure you by the zero gear panel to get dual bladed roxas.

Xion Vortex

When you fight Xion on day 357, her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th forms will try and trap you in a vortex. To escape the vortex, jump and press the Y button to glide. Then go in any direction except towards Xion. Soon, you should be free of the vortex.

Good Fighting

When you are roxas you should get the 2 in 1 keyblade you buy zero gear from the moogle shop. And then you need two ability units equip them on the zero gear and you will have the 2 in 1 keyblade. The 2 in 1 keyblade represents roxas. if you can't get two ability units get one and equip it you will get the oathkepper. It's not as good but it is roxas 3rd best keyblade. If you get three ability units and equip them you will get dual wield roxas I think the keyblades are oathkepper and oblivion. When you have dual wield roxas hood will be up and fight with two keyblades. Only works in mission mode if used in story mode you will have just a stronger default keyblade with a combo. I hope this helped. If you need help go on the wall.

Beat Antildan

The first part you fight it it moves in the sand just hit it the second part doge the sand pillars he makes and hit it. And the third part don't hit it at all wait till it throws the boxes and hit those boxes it takes its health away. You do that enough it'll get dizzy and you can keep on hitting it do these steps until you destroy it.

Fight Against Xion Part 2

Stage four: air:
world: Twilight town

She is bigger than big with 2 keyblades and they are huge. SHE HAS 9 AND A HALF BARS TO SHE MOSTLY USES NORMAL ATTACKS. Her special is she gathers energy and lets it all out with lightning surrounding her and it does a lot of damage.

Fight Against Xion

On day 357 you will have to fight Xion and she is stronger than you think. Make sure you have cure, cura, curaga, mega potions and at least be a level 43 or higher. Me I would suggest the nimble gear 4 or any mid air combo attack keyblade for this if you think you can beat her with anything else go ahead. Make sure you have your final limit and limit boost equipped. She has many forms so here they are.
First form: mid-air:
World: Alice in wonder land
Here she has 3 bars of hp. Her attacks are regular.
Special 1: when she draws light in the releases like when you use your limit hide because she will dive bomb you
special 2: She will draw light in but she will keep it in it will heal her half a bar

Second Form: Ground:
World: Halloween Town
Here she has 6 bars of hp. She mostly uses special here which is her keyblade will suck in energy then let it out in 7 or 8 beams of light that will take away a lot of hp.
Special 2: Will trap you from moving out of the middle of an aura vortex thing she will attack 3 secs after trapped.

Third Form: Ground:
World: Aladdin's world
Here she has 4 bars of hp, 4 swords, and is bigger. When she attacks she hits with 2 swords, 2 swords, and ends with 4. She jumps a lot and block moves easy so watch out. Mostly for her blocks she jumps sideways.
Special 1: Her swords starts to shine and she go crazy.
Special 2: She jumps as high as she can then dive bombs you.
Special 3: She does the vortex thing again and attack with in the 3 secs you are stuck so jump till you are out.
Special 4: She will form a ball around her and start healing so stop her instantly.

Pence's Questions At Twilight Town

The first question he will ask is. When Xion goes missing and you have to find her you find a list Pence hide that has the seven wonders on it. When you go to ask him what it is he will tell you before he will tell you you have to answer questions to make sure that you are really investigating the seven wonders, and he will only ask you three questions. Here are the questions and answers.

Q: What's at the top of Station Heights? 
A: C. Station Plaza

Second question is. 
Q: What's written on the bulletin board in Station Heights
A: B. Scoop up some sea-salt ice cream

Third question is. 
Q: How may cars are in the train you can see from Station Plaza? 
A: C. Just one car.

Good Moves

If you are a person who is trying to get new powerful moves I can teach you. Every time it says hit y hit y, also get the moogle to make key blades and get the double gear it is good (of what I did so far).


10,000 EXP After Battle - Action Replay

52042418 00000000
1205B878 00002710
D2000000 00000000.

Nobody Symbol 999 (Select)

94000130 FFFB0000
12195F22 000003E7
D2000000 00000000

Crown Symbol 999 (Select)

94000130 FFFB0000
12195F20 000003E7
D2000000 00000000

Max Munny (Select)

94000130 FFFB0000
021945C0 000F423F
D2000000 00000000

Max Heart Points (press Start) Action Replay Code

94000130 FFF70000
021945C4 000F423F
D2000000 00000000.


All Missions People

Xion - Play story mode to day 96 / Promotion to Rookie
Riku - Play story mode to day 171 / Promotion to Agent
Donald - Play story mode to day 244 / Promotion to Expert
Goofy - Play story mode to day 277 / Promotion to Master
Dual-wield Roxas - Purchase the Zero Gear from the Moogle Shop after completing the game and add three Ability Units.
King Mickey - Beat the game and purchase "Return of the King" at the Moogle Shop
Sora - Beat the game and purchase "Soul of Sora" from the Moogle Shop.

Secret Alternate Weapons

Roxas: Zero Gear + 1 Ability = Oathkeeper
       Zero Gear + 2 Ability = Two in One
       Zero Gear + 3 Ability in mission mode = Dual Wield
Mickey: Pandora's Gear = Star Seeker

Donald: Pandora's Gear = Centurion
        Zero Gear = Dream Rod

Goofy: Zero Gear = Dream shield
       Pandora's Gear = Frozen Pide

Sora:  Zero Gear = Dream shield
       Pandora's Gear = Bond of Flames

Riku:  Zero Gear = Way to Dawn
       Pandora's Gear = Oblivion

To Unlock King Mickey

To unlock king mickey is to finish all normal missions.

Unlock Sora And Mickey In Misson Mode

To unlock sora and the king, beat every mission on both normal missions and challenges.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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