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  • Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Square Enix
  • Square Enix USA
  • Everyone-10
  • September 14, 2005


Easy XP With Roxas 2 Sora

When you first start the game with the fight with sifer you can't battle him again in till the struggle contest before you start talk to olette (the girl with the orange shirt on) and she will tell you the sifer is training in the alley way where the entrance to the spot is walk up the stairs and battle sifer a many times as you feel like it. You can also do this with the noboddies that chase roxas when he go to the haunted castle the last time.

The Ultimate Recipe

The Ultimate Recipe is located in Twilight Town. Once you are in Twilight Town go to the mansion thats passed the small forest. Next, go to the basement of the mansion, then go to the hallway leading to the pod room (where Sora was sleeping) and make sure you get the recipe. Once you get the recipe you are now capable of synthesizing items to get the Ultima Weapon.

Hidden Chests

There are 2 hidden chests in the Land of Dragons. Where you get the Palace Map, turn to the left & you will see 2 more chests behind the "big red block". The chests are and Orichalcum & Mythril Crystal.

Getting Anti Form

When I was playing the game I stumbled across this I like it but you can't heal yourself you must activate any drive form right before you get atacked it will not stay in your drive list.

Mr. Dancin Sora Feet

As you walk around any world you slowly use the left analog up and sora will start dancing by taping his feet.

Easy XP In The Station Of Calling

Having trouble beating Twilight Thorn? Or just feeling undertrained at this early stage of the game? Just defeat all Dusks in the Station of Calling, and then return to the Station of Serenity - the area with the save point. When you return to the Station of Calling from there, the Dusks should spawn again like normally, giving you a wonderful oppertunity to level up, gain some abilities, and stock up on some potions. Once you've reached level 5, you should be able to take on Twilight Thorn with ease.

Easy Level Up And Lightning Shards

Go to pride lands and go to the peak and fight the rapid thrusts you get alot of xp and somwhere around 20 lightning shards.

How To Find Sephiroth

After hollow bastion has been turned into radiant garden, go to the dark depths and you will find Sephiroth. You will get the strongest keyblade after you defeat him. The keyblade you use to defeat him is probably oblivion.

Getting ALL Treasure Chests Made Easy

You will probably have to start over, but if you really want to get that 100% for the secret ending it might be an option unless you want to spend all that time searching for that one treasure chest you just can't find. All of the treasure chests are listed in order of which that you are supposed to open them in jiminy's journal. So if you check every so often, it is easy to pinpoint which room the treasure chest is in if you missed one.

Form Leveling Made Easy

Valor Form - Gains points from hitting an enemy with the key blade, travel anywhere were a lot of enemies appear or where strong enemies appear.
Wisdom Form - Gains points from defeating enemies, the best place to go would be the first three areas in The World That Never Was. The weak shadows will max out your form quickly.
Master Form - Gains points from collecting drive gauge balls, travel to the Land of Dragons and Beast's Castle and destroy the breakable items and defeat the heartless and/or Nobodies (depending on who you encounter)
Final Form - Gains points from defeating Nobodies, travel to locations where Nobodies appear like the mansion in twilight town.

Extreamly Easy XP

After you beat The Pride Lands twice go to Pride Rock and then go through The King's Den all the way to The Peak. But before you that unequip all healing and health restore items and abilities. Equip all item pick up abilities like Lucky Lucky. When you go up there you will see a little over 200 Rapid Thrusters, what you got to do is let them attack you until you life bar starts beeping you know the sound it makes when your life gets low. OH! Don't forget to equip megnega to Shortcuts. Let then attack you until your life gets low then just use megnega. It gives tons and tons of xp. If you want more xp equip experience boost.

Goofy's And Donald's Strongest Weapon

The way you get them is to go to Twilight town and go to the Old Mansion inside and fight all the nobodies and do it over and over until you get them both. (Goofy's:Nobody Guard Donald's:Nobody Lance).

Shout Out To FFX

During the days as roxas, after you beat the struggle part roxas falls off the tower thing. You see a movie where Kiari and her friend are talking. When kiari's friend asks her if she wants to go to the island, becasue Tidus and Wakka are busy with the ball game. Tidus and wakka are 2 of the main guys in ffx and the ball game is blitzball.

Highest Level You Can Reach

The highest level that Sora can reach is level 99. Once you reach that level, go to your status and were it says how many experience points you need for the next level it will say zero. And the best place to train is in the world that never was after the brink of despair because every enemy gives you 1,000 experience points

Easy Xp For The Final Form

If you already have the final form and the drive gauge is on MAX, go to the old mansion in twilight town go into the final form and fight all the nobodies in each room and tada, you have lvl up the final form.

Easy Form/Summoning EXP

In Olympus Coliseum, refill your drive gauge by entering any tournament and exiting immediately. Go into the cave of the room with the floating red heartless. If training Master form, destroy these heartless and pick up the 5 or 6 orbs they drop(they are big), go back to the save point and go to the world map. That way when you enter, the heartless in the room will reappear. If training ? Valor form, just kill them, and continue back to the world map(if your gauge runs out before you get to the world map, enter and exit a tournament immediately). If doing summoning, simply use up all your gauge while standing by panic and refill it by entering and exiting a tournament. It is as easy as that!

Orculom+ In The World That Never Was

To find a Orculom+ in the World that Never Was go to the Brink of Dispare look by a huge chest the walk up about 5-7 steps, turn the camera to the left or right (I can't remember)walk towards a little chest, open it and, PRESTO! you got a orculom+! CONGRATULATIONS!

Secret Video

Finish the game in Proud mode to unlock a secret video at the end of the credits. Finish Jiminy's Journal in Proud mode to get the extended version of the secret video.

Beating Xemnas

Well, when you battle Xemnas for the last time, Xemnas will trap Sora in a ball of energy. Then, you will become Riku. The Xemnas clone will block you by using a reflecting thing from far away. So, run a little to Sora and Xemnas and then use square. Keep repeating this until you get to them. Then, quickly use triangle to release Sora from Xemnas.

Synthesis Help

Having a hard time with Synthesis materials? No problem. Just equip Sora with the Sweet Memories Keyblade, Donald with the Meteor Staff, and Goofy with the Genji Shield. Then equip all three with as many Lucky Ring accessorys as you can. Finally, equip the ablity, Lucky Lucky, to Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Now, enemies will drop items almost every time you defeat them. You'll be getting many items which won't take you that long to Synthesis that last item.

Easy AP

While playing as Roxas, earn 2000 money and you will get 2 AP. But this will only work if you do this will you're earning money for the train ride.

Easy Level Up

Go to Prode Lands and go to the peak (top of pride rock where you fought Scar) there will be 226 Rapid Thrust's (R.T) ((55p for every defeat) 0 This is a great place to level up Sora before going to The World That Never Was if needed because every time you go there, there are 229 R.T.'s.

Play As King Mickey During Sora's Revival Process

When Sora has been beaten by a boss [such as Xaldin or Thresholder], you can get revived and play as King Mickey during the revival process. Sometimes when you are beaten, the screen goes white and you are given two options, one of which is "I won't give up". Select "I won't give up" and King Mickey will somersault in. You can then press 'square' to send balls of energy at the enemies, 'circle' to jump and 'X' to attack. Use the triangle to power your drive gauge to revive Sora when the time limit runs out.

Mega Recipe

(Beast's Castle) located in Beast's Room.

Star Recipe

(Disney Castle) located in a cave where it looks like a bush in the middle of the map.

Skill Recipe

(Hollow Bastion) located in Ansem's Study.

Moon Recipe

(Hollow Bastion) located in the Restoration Site #2.

King Recipe

(Pot Royal) located in the Ship Graveyard: Seadrift Row.

Ultima Recipe

(Twilight Town) located in the basement of the mansion before you get to the pod room (where Sora was sleeping)

Style Recipe

(100 Acre Wood) located in the Starry Hill.

Guard Recipe

(100 Acre Wood) located in The Spooky Cave.

Recovery Recipe

(The Land Of Dragons) located in the Mountain Trail.

Drive Gauge Refill

When your drive gauge is running out (the one that is shown when you are in the form), go to a save point/world map spot when you are just about to hit zero on the gauge and choose "World Map" and when you land, you will have a full gauge.

Gliding Ability

Whenever you get to the World that never was, (you must have Final Form) Get to level 3 of Final Form and you can Glide. The gliding in this game is better than Kingdom Hearts 1's gliding. When you get to level 5 on Final Form, you get level 2 Gliding. When you get to level 7 on Final Form, You get level 3 Glide. That's the highest level.

Incredibly Easy EXP

First, make sure you have magnega, have beaten Pride lands twice and have Experience plus equipped. Unequp anything that cures and all healing items from everyone. Land in stone hollow. Go thru the kings den up on top. you will see a huge swarm of Rapid thrusters kinda like in the land of dragons. go to the middle of the arena thing and jump in the air. Some will come down to u. DO NOT KIL THEM! let them hurt you until you hear the low HP siren. Then fire Magnega and they will probably be killed instantly. If you kill them all, this will get you about 30,000 EXP. exit to next room, come back and repeat. I got from Level 80 to 99 in 90 mins

Easy EXP For Wisdom Form

Go to The world that naver was. Land in te very first save point. Go out to the place where shadows start attacking you. There are like 50 that come in waves. just keep shooting until you A: kill all of them or B: your drive gauge starts getting low. If either happens make sure you are still in form when you go to exit to world map. This will automatically refill ur drive gauge. Land in same spot and repeat. I got it leveled up to mak in about 45 mins.

Easy EXP For Valor Form

Go to The Land of Dragons and land in the throne room. Go out into the hall and when you see Assault Riders, switch into Valor and fight as many as possibble. When ur drive gauge gets low, go back into throne room and exit to world maap. This trick also works very well for Master form. I got both up to maximum level in about an hour

How Final Form Is Actually Gotten

After the event at Memory's Skyscraper (the thing where you fight Roxas) just switch into any form in battle in The World That Never Was and there is a random chance that you will switch into a floating Sora with two keyblades floating behind him. This is kind of like Anti- Sora except you can access final form any time you like after you have gotten it.

Torn Page Locations

Torn Page 1: Disney Castle (Library)
Torn Page 2: Pride Lands (Oasis)
Torn Page 3: Hollow Bastion (Crystal Fissure)
Torn Page 4: Land of the Dragons (Throne Room)
Torn Page 5: Agrabah (Sand Ruins Tower)

Final Form

To unlock final form you need to use master form a lot of times eventually you will unlock it.

Open Land Of Dragons And Beast Castle

In Order to open this worlds you should go to Hollow Bastion. Then make your self way to talk with Donald's uncle (you can skip his talking by presing START button) then go to Merlin's house down the stairs in front of you. Then when you find it go in. When the conversation finish go out and look for a place called ??? (that it is The Bailly). You will fight whith Nobodies that whants to drestroy the gate. Try to cover that gate.

Health Refill

If your health is low here is what you do. Change into any of sora's other forms that will refill your health meter to full.

Unlockable: Peter Pan

After you go to Port Royal the second time, go to the ship graveyard and you will find it there.

Easy Summon And Form Level Up

Goto Port Royal after you defeate it the second time, Choose either Isle De Muerta or the Ship Graveyard, Use a Summon or a Drive, Destroy enemies, before the Drive Gauge drains completly get back to the Black Pearl and your drive Gauge will be at Max again. Repeat until Summons and Forms are leveled up.

Get Master Form

To get Master form you must talk to King Mickey in Hollow Bastion after you defeat the pride lands. He will be in Ansem's room after you come out of Tron's computer for the first time.

Secret Video

Finish the game in Proud Mode And you will see a secret video at the end Sora gets the message from the King.

Easy XP

Go to The World that never was, go to the part that is like an Elevator. Each monster you kill there will give you 1,000 XP. Then go into the part before you fight Xigbar, heal up at the save point, then head back to the elevator. Head out kill everything and they also give you 1,000 XP per kill. Repeat as many times as needed for ur level.

Wisdom Form

This Form allows you to shoot arrows at your enemy. This form is great for long ranged attacks.

Unlockable: Stitch

Once you acquire Master Form, you'll find it in the hallway to the computer room in Hollow Bastion.

Final Form

To get the Final Form which is the best form in the game you must keep going in the world that never was. Keep doing this and you will get it.

Anti Form

There is a form called Anti Form. It is when you turn into your shadow self (like in hooks world in Kingdom Hearts). It is activated by using the drive forms over and over. While you are in the Anti Form you cant access your keyblade, you become faster, your defense decreases, your attack decreases, and you cant use your party members while in this form.

The Strongest Keyblade

The strongest keyblade is Fenrir. You have to beat Sepheroth to get it.

Misprint In Kingdom Hearts II

Ok after you beat all the days as Roxas, and can be Sora, look at Donald's abilities. Then go to Donald Fire and look at the bottom description after you look at it. It says attack twice.


We have no cheats or codes for Kingdom Hearts II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.



You must beat Sephiroth, the optional boss at Hollow Bastion.

Bond Of Flames

You must finish the fight with Axel in Twilight Town.

Follow The Wind

You must beat Barbossa at Port Royal.

Guardian Soul

You have to beat Hades in the 'Underworld' section of Olympus Coliseum.


Speak to Yuna (one of the three fairies in Twilight Town) after beating Hades in the 'Underworld' section.

Hero's Crest

Beat the Hydra at Olympus Coliseum.

Hidden Dragon

Beat Shan-Yu in The Land of Dragons.

Decisive Pumpkin

You have to beat the Test Subject in Halloween Town.


Defeat Pete at Timeless River.


You must finish Sora's first visit to Twilight Town.


You must beat Xigbar in The World that Never Was.

Photon Debugger

You must finish the Space Paranoids.

Rumbling Rose

You must talk to Beast after returning to Beast's Castle.

Sleeping Lion

You must go to Ansem's Study in Twilight Town as Sora.

Star Seeker

You must get Valor Form at Yen Sid's Tower in Twilight Town.

Sweet Memories

You must finish the 'Spooky Cave' Mini-Game in the Hundred-Acre Wood.

Ultima Weapon

You must get the Ultima Recipe in the basement of the mansion in Twilight Town. Once that's done, you can use the Moogle Shops to synthesize the keychain.

Wishing Lamp

You must beat Jafar in Agrabah.

Mysterious Abyss

You must finish Chapter 3 of Atlantica.


You have to beat the Volcanic and Blizzard Lord.

Chicken Little

You can pick it up in the 100 Acre Wood world. It'll become available after the second cutscene.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Kingdom Hearts II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Kingdom Hearts II yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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