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  • September 24, 2002


Key Blade List

This is a pretty complete list of Key Blades that Sora can get in Kingdom Hearts, in order from lest powerful to most, and where to find them:

Kingdom Key - Destiny Islands, before entering traverse town.
Jungle King - Deep Jungle, after defeating Clayton.
Three Wishes - Agrabah, after defeating Jafar.
Crabclaw - Atlantica, after defeating Ursula.
Pumpkinhead - Halloween Town, after defeating Oogie-Boogie.
Fairy Harp - Neverland, after deafting Hook and going to the clock tower.
Wishing Star - Gepetto's house in the first district of Traverse Town.
Spellbinder - From Merlin, in the magicin's study behind the door with fire on it, in the third district of Traverse Town.
Metal Chocobo - From Cloud, in the Hercules Cup in the Olympus Colliseum.
Olympia - Olympus Colliseum, for winning the Hercules Cup.
Lionheart - From Leon, after defeating Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cup at the colleseium.
Lady Luck - From a white trinity in the Lotus Forest in Wonderland.
Divine Rose - From Bell in Hollow Bastion.
Oathkeeper - From Kairi, in the Cavern in Traverse Town.
Oblivian - Hollow Bastion, inside of a treasure chest inside the room you fight Riku for the final time.
Ultimate Weapon - Traverse Town, first district, the Synthesis Shop on the second floor of the Accesories Shop.

How To Obtain Lady Luck For Sora

After you get white trinity from Hollow Bastion go to Wonderland. In the forest you move a rock. Clovers will appear. Jump on them to the other side of the grass. There is a white trinity. Activate it. That will give you the keyblade: Lady Luck. It has a lot of strength.

Easy Way To Beat Riku

An easy way to beat Riku on Sora's island is to hit him 4 times. He will fall after the 4th time, try to do the kick attack on you when he gets up, dodge that, and continue the steps (sometimes he wont fall on the 4th hit put it is a rare occasion). GOOD LUCK!!!!

Lots Of Exp. For Sora

Okay, you know when you first get the keyblade? Well you fight the heartless on the little island they stop coming back, then go to the bridge and fight all the heartless there. Fight all the heartless in each area until they're all gone. Go in the shack when all done. Go to the bridge, and they start coming back. (or go to the beach). Keep fighting for a while, it may get boring but at least you'll be really powerful. Note: don't go into the shack until you finish fighting on the beach, deck, bridge, in the tree (not the big shiny doors or you'll go to Traverse Town, and won't be able to return to this big opportunity), and near the waterfall-- wherever, just don't go in the shack until they are all gone. If you get too bored, then just save it, go to the main menu and select new game to continue the story. (make a different save file). Then if you get stumped, or just take a break, load the file in destiny island, and fight a bunch of heartless. Just keep repeating this until you're as powerful as you can be. Once that happens, go in the big doors in the secret place, and give yourself a pat on the back and beat the game with tons of health, defense, and strength, and be at level 100 when you first meet Donald, and Goofy.

Free Protera Chain

To get a free protera chain you have to have high jump and glide. You go to Deep Jungle to the tree house and go in the front were the boat is. Go to the side were the barrel is and look to the left and you will see a platform. There will be a ladder that you go up to go on top of the tree house and there will be a chest with a protera chian in it.

How To Find Goofy And Donald At Traverse Town

Okay,after you defeat the darkside heartless(the big heartless with a big heart hole in it) you are in Traverse Town.You go talk to the people and the boy is from Destiny Island!His name is Tidis.Go to the to the shop behind you go in it and you'll meet this guy andthere is a save point.Anyway go to the Second district and when you go to the hotel a short movie will come on and Donald and goofy just came out from first district and when you enter the gizmo shop.Another short movie come on and donald and goofy come out from the hotel.When you enter it you have to fight.Also when you come out on your way to the third district you also have to fight.When you are there you have to fight then you go back to the first district and you have to fight then you go to the shop where you met that guy.Then go back ou tand there is Leon (Squall),but you have to fight him.If he defeats you,you are just knocked out.You end up in the greenroom in the hotel.There is going to be a movie on then after that open the chest then go to Leon and he will ask you a question and say yes I'm ready.Then a movie comes on.You end up in the alleyway and fight.After that you go to the third district and run then a movie comes on and you have to fight with Donald and Goofy.After you defeat the heartless that you have to fight donald and goofy are with you.

Beating Sora's Shadow Clone

At Neverland, Riku brings out a shadow clone of you. At some point you will have to battle him in Hooks cabin. The battle is quite hard but still possible. You should have goofy and Peter Pan in your party. He strikes with alot of power and he takes away alot health. Equip Peter Pan and Goofy with potions and Hi-potions and Sora with Hi- potions. He is also very fast but his health is not very high. At one point he will pop out of the ground and will try to hit you over and over but probably by the 10th or 15th time,he will stop, so the best thing to do is dodge roll away. Peter and Goofy will passout alot so dont trust them on to healing you all the time, so you might have to use Cure or your potions. Also use Aero, it will be very useful for his hard hitting attacks. He will also start sending out clones of himself so you can either try to stay away or attack them. Being at level 35-40 with at lest the Pumpkinhead Key might be needed. Note: do not use attacking magic, he is to quick, just use Cure and Aero.

Annoying Queen Of Hearts

This isn't much of a hint just a funny little thing to do when you first get to Wonderland. When you have to fight the cards and the Queen starts yelling, if u get annoyed by her just walk over to her slap her a good one, she'll flip over and show you her frilly heart panties.

Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon is the best Key in the game. Synthesize all the items. After you complete the 25th item, the Ultima Weapon will appear. This is Sora's best weapon. It requires five Lucid Gems, five Power Gems, five Thunder Gems, three Mystery Goos, and three Gales. It is very powerful and adds 2 MP.

All Of Sora's Weapons

Complete any level of the game to get that levels key blade.

How To Beat Herules In The Hercu's Cup

When he start showing off (When he turns yellow) throw the things at him. When he got hurt use your combo. (Max Combo:14) After you use up your combo, Keep jumping in the in the air so he can miss. Keep doing that over and over again then you'll win (When in low HP use anything that heals your life)

How To Beat Ansem In Rikku's Body

You have to keep on using your special call "Arc" something like that. If u ran out of MP use ether ir mega ether. If Rikku is charging up jump or use high jump then GLIDE. Then Rikku will miss. If Rikku stop charging go down and use your special "Arc". Keep on doing that all over. Good Luck doing that!

Block The Fat Heartless

When the fat heartless starts to run towards you face him and make sure that you hit him before he hits you. If you do this right he will bounce back and you will get experience points.


Get 200 mushrooms. Then in the first town you can sell them at Trevers and get life.

Postcard 1

The first postcard I found was hidden behind the accesory shop in the Traverse Town, Look inside the stand. There should be a safe. Open it. TAA DAA!

Dodge Roll Ability

In order to get the dodge roll ability you have to beat the Guard Armor in Traverse Town.


In order to get Fireglow you have to beat the Dragon at Hollow Bastion.

Defeating The Phantom

Before the battle, have a lot of Ethers for your party. When you get Peter Pan on your party, talk to Tinker Bell. She will bring you to the fight with the phantom. When you see the Clock Tower moving it's hands and numbers going down on top of one of your characters heads, do the magic spell Stop on the Clock Tower, so you're character's numbers don't go down to zero. Do that every so often. Then with deafting the phantom, to defeat him, you will see an orb under him. When it turns blue use blizzard; when it's red use fire; when it's yellow use thunder; when its white hit it, just keep doing this to defeat him.

Save The King

Save The King is Goofy`s strongest shield you have to beat the Hades cup in time trial mode.

Why Won't The Trinitys Work?

If you've ever done a trinity but won't work? Check and see what partners you have. Is it Donald(or goofy) and Jack Skellington, or Goofy (or donald) and Peter Pan, or any other partner from a different world? Get Donald or Goofy back, try the trinity again. Make sure you have Donald and Goofy before doing a trinity!

Shadow Battle

When fighting your shadow in Neverland hit two of them in one attack to cause extra damage after he multiplies.

The Queen's Fighting Cards

When in the Queen's Trial (in Wonderland), Sora objects and he says that Alice is innocent. When the Queen says "seize them" the Cards are going to fight you, Donald and Goofy. Here's my advice, when the thing with the wheels in it comes up from the ground, you should go to it and destroy all three wheels so the door could close. If a card gets close to you, kill him and keep trying to destroy it.

Save The Queen

Complete the Hades Cup alone (only with Sora). As a prize, you will get Save the Queen,which is Donald's best and final magic rod.

How To Find The Secret Boss Phantom

In order to find Pantom, first you need to beat Hollow Bastion. Afterwards go back to Neverland and put Peter in your party, then talk to TinkerBell and she'll take you to him.

Go Through The Tiger Head

In Agrabah, when you face the giant tiger head, there is a glitch where you can go inside his head. First, go in back of the tiger head. Then, keep Dodge Rolling into it( it's probably not going to work for the first couple tries but eventually it will). Sometimes, if you do it wrong, you will be transported right to the bottom left(or right depending which way you went around him) because of some weird glitch. Keep trying and eventually, you wlil be inside the head. You cannot see yourself, but you can see your sword slashing or sometimes a bit of the top of your head. Once inside, you must keep jumping and attacking to stay in, or you will come out of the head near the ear, again, because of some weird glitch. Remember to LOCK ON to the eye when inside the head. You can slash the eyes from inside, but neither the tiger, the tigers guided(but weak) eye beams, or the bandits around you can go inside and harm you, making you kind of invincible. Eventually the weird glitch will transport you out of the tiger head onto the ground, when you can keep doing this until it dies, or you could just kill it the normal way which is harder(especially on expert mode; you should definitely use this code if you are doing expert mode. If not, have fun kicking his butt, er... head with this trick on normal mode). If one of your party members is about to grow a level, kill some bandits and fat bandits until they grow a level, then heal your party with potions or cure(you should have it by now. If not, reset and fly to the Deep Jungle and beat clayton for the cure spell). Then go do the trick. Remember; the first couple times it won't work; keep trying and it will. Good Luck!

Easy Level Up

At the beginning of the game in The dream world, Talk to Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. Answer them the top answers. your expierience should drop when you gain a level. Don't believe me, save your game in the dream world twice. You will see how much faster you gain levels.

Gummi Ship Blueprints!!!

Fly around the worlds and any gummi ship you kill you get its blueprint!!!!

Fighting Cloud (1st Time)

So when you're fighting Cloud there are three way to to beat him. The first way is what I like to call the chicken run. Wondering why? Because you're a chicken and you run. Running isn't away is the funnest route, but at least you may be able to win. Here's how it works. You run and let Donald and Goofy fight. The second way is what I like to call smackmaster. Why? Because you SMACK cloud away. Only do this if you have really good stats. You will need to watch out for his Sonic Blade, where he goes really fast. You also have to watch out for when he jumps and landswith his sword down. The other way I like to call smack a little run a little. You smack him with your keyblade untill you almost die the you do a chicken run.

How To Obtain Violetta For Donald

After you get the white trinity from Hollow Bastion go to Coliseum Gates. Activate the white trinity in front of you. That will give you Violetta for Donald.

Fighting Shadow Sora

When fighting Shadow Sora have scan equiped and when he multiplies into 3 or more lock on to one. If it has a little life don't bother with it. Continue doing that until you find the one with more life than the others. Then start bashing it.

How To Obtain Spellbinder For Sora

After you beat a couple of stuff go to Merlin. He will give you a keyblade and it will appear like: "Sora has obtained Spellbinder"

Secret Video

In order to get this secret video you must finish certain tasks before you complete the game. You must finish the Hades Cup at the Coliseum and you must collect all 99 puppies. Also you must seal all keyholes.

Summon List

These are the summons you get in Kingdom Hearts and how you get them. 1. Summon Spell Simba. You get this summon spell by talking to Leon in the cavern after you get the red trinity. He will give you an item which you take to the Fairy Godmother. 2. Summon Spell Genie. After you beat the Agrabah level Aladin gives him to you. 3. Summon Spell Bambi. You get this summon spell by beating some mini-games in the Winnie the Pooh level and taking the item you get to the Fairy Godmother. 4. Summon Spell Dumbo. You get this summon by beating some levels for Winnie the Pooh ( which was the last summon spell I got, becuase I messed up on one of the Winnie the Pooh mini- games and did all the others and locked Winnie the Pooh so when I went back to do the mini-game I didn't get the gem. Instead I got it later in Monstro in one of the treasure chests that are in the room where that boat is but only do this if you messed up like me). 5. Summon spell Tinker Bell. You get this after you beat the Neverland level. 6. Summon spell Mushu. You get this after you beat Malificent dragon form you get and item that you bring to the Fairy Godmother. NOTE: After you get all the summons the Fairy Godmother will give you a new wand for Donald. Its not that good but its a weapon. Well I hope this helps..... Ask if you have any questions for any of my hints and I'll try and help but I might not get back to you right away.

Torn Pages Location For 100 Acre Woods Level

I had more trouble with this than almost anything else in the game which is funny because its really not hard. NOTE: You can get the torn pages in any order. 1. After you find 51 dalmations go to the Dalmation home and open the present they give you. 2. The Chest is in the Dark Chamber in the Cave of Wonders in the Agrabah level. 3. Chamber 6 of Monstro 4. Holloween Town: go and examine the left of the Doc's lab. Its the bookcase. 5. Atlantica: go to Aerials grotto. I think you can handle the mini-games in the Winnie the Pooh level, but if you have trouble with them E-Mail me and I'll gladly help. (I had trouble with this so I E-Mailed Ishizu who helped me with the torn pages and if you have trouble with the game it would help to read his walkthrough). I hope this helps and thanks Ishizu!!!!!!!!!

How To Find The 3 Mushrooms On Destiny Islands

The first mushroom is at the ladder where you slide down by the raft. The second one is in a small cave with a rock in front of it. The third one is in the Secret Place.

How To Beat Cerebrus

What I did to beat Cerebrus was to jump onto his back so he couldn't hurt me and then lock onto his middle head and whack away until I fell off and then repeat. When I did this my health bar didn't go below halfway and I didnt use any powerups.

Beating Behemoth

Behemoth is really easy to beat. (strange because he is the last boss you fight in Hollow Bastion) The only magic spell needed is some form of Cure. What you do is press R1 so you have the locked on sign and so everytime you swing you will aim at him. There is a horn in the middle of two antler type things. That is where the lock on thing comes. Even though he has high health like in the purple if you use a strong Key-Chain like strength 33 or 34 he will lose his health fast. Just wait for him to lower his head so you can hit the horn or jump on his back and whack away at that horn thing. That really is all it takes to beat Behemoth. After you beat him you go into a cut-scene with Leon and the others that is interesting to listen too. You get the Omega arts by beating him. Now go into that shiny door (cool how its multi colored huh)and lock that keyhole. This boss is so easy I don't know why it is in Hollow Bastion and not some easier level like Traverse Town. Hint: Try using AERO in this match, just for fun.

How To Summon Mushu

After you beat Maleficient at Hollow Bastion go to the black ball near by. It will give you FireGlare. Take it to Fairy-God-Mother at Traverse Town. Before you do that, when you get the summon gem you have to fight Maleficient in dragon form which is pretty easy. Mushu's special is fire Breath which shoots fire at enemys.

Getting Oblivion

After locking Hollow Bastion, go to the lab. Look at the ledge and search for the chest. Glide over to it and open it.YAY you have oblivion!!!

Easy Items

When you are in a World such as Neverland, Put Peter Pan on your side then click on pause and then go up to items. Click on Peter Pan and then it should say exchange or take out. Click on take out. And take out all of Peter Pan's items and stock it and you get a lot of items.

White Mushroom Mania

Repeadetly visiting the campsite in the Deep Jungle can prove useful in obtaining items. This is the spot where White Mushrooms (the charade playing ones) most frequently spawn. Getting the motions right 3 times gets you a nice item and some tech points for each right spell cast.

Easy Way To Beat Captain Hook

Fly to the edge of the ship. Then when Hook says "Fire!" back up. He'll start advancing on you so bombard him with fire. He will jump and run in the air(if you get hit it's very damaging).After that hit him as much as you can (follow him to do extra damage). When a Battleship comes, defeat it first because it can do more damage. Repeat this prosess until you've won!

Stop That Move

When fighting Ansem the [2nd] time he'll do a move right befor he dose it he says "GET THIS" and he'll have a blue shild arownd him you can deflect this by going up to Ansem and right before he says "GET THIS" smack him with your Keyblade and he'll Stop That Move.

Easy Tech Point Tips

TO get lots of tech points, keep hitting the enemy constantly to boost the chance of getting tech points. When you find the Rare Truffles (yellow caps blue shirts) hit them in the air with upper cuts repeadedly. And when you get the skill guard (press []), deflect projectiles from larger enemies.

Sora-Riku Race In Destiny Islands

Before you do anything, explore the new side of the island beofre speaking to PikuSpeak to Riku and he will offer you to name the raft, No matter what you choose, he will always turn you down. He callenges you to a race. To win the race, Run across the board bridge, (Watch the loose board!!) and then climb the tower when you get tothe end of the bridge, Ride the zip-line to the other side and jump back to the ground. Run up the path and jump from on platform to another and then make sure the star lights up. Then to go back use the ground al lthe way, you should beat Riku becuse he taks the zip- line on the way back and he has to jump tree-to- tree. If you win this race you gat a pretty stone! You can win up to 99 pretty stones and trade them at the item shop for 30 munny each. Thats alot of munny in the end!!

Trinity Lists

This is to help you with all the trinitys in Kingdom Hearts. It goes in oder from the first trinity to the last trinity.

  Blue: Trinity Jump 17
  Red: Trinity Charge 6
  Green: Trinity Ladder 9
  Yellow: Trinity Push 4
  White: Trinity Detect 10 

Dream Weapons

Play the White Mushrooms game, and only cast the same spell on them three times in a row. Once you use every spell this way, return to Merlin. He will give you the Dream Shield. For the Dream Rod, you need the highest level of all the spells. Once you have all the spells at the highest level, speak to Merlin. He will give you the Dream Rod.

Cereberus In The Hades Cup

In the Hades Cup, when Cerberus starts shooting out the black stuff, jump on his back. Its not guaranteed to always work, but it worked a lot for me.

Ice Titan (Gold Match) Tips

First, make sure to have at least Cura and some form of Aero in the spell shortcuts. Stop may come in handy, too. When you first start out, cast Aero and run to the top of the stands/stairs. This way you won't get stomped to bits. Next, deflect all the ice missiles with the square button. Use dodge roll only in emergencies. Dodge the ice pillars that come out of the ground. Cure when health gets about halfway down (high levels only). When Ice Titan shoots out small ice missiles, deflect them until he falls. Then hack away with Ragnarok and the X button. Run back up to the stands when he gets up for he will try to stomp up. When Ice Titan starts to unleash ice bombs at you, either run around or deflect with square button (I prefer the square). It's a good idea to stay in a corner at the top because Ice Titan will try to freeze you with several ice storms which cause quite some damage. The ice storms won't be able to reach you at the top in the corner. Also, if you stay in the corner until he falls down again, all you will have to do is deflect all of Ice Titan's attacks and Cure and cast Aero every now and then. It's best to have moves like MP Rage and Second Chance just in case something goes wrong or you're not very good at dodging his attacks. Do all this and you should be able to come out victorious. (Experiment: Try using Fire to see what happens. It might take some damage to Ice Titan also.)

How To Beat Sephiroth

Now Sephiroth is the hardest boss in the game so I decided to help you out a bit. Now when you fight him you should be at least level 65 or higher, have MP rage, have the abilty scan, MOST HAVE SECOND CHANCE, have Areoga and Curaga or this guy will be even more of a problem. When you first start hes not very hard he'll swing his sword at you then run back well to hit him jump at him. When you jump this will trigger his attack with his sword. Every so often he'll just stand there and do a horizontal slice this is when you attack him like theres no tommorow. While attacking him make sure to finish your combo or he'll do Fire Pillar and you'll get the shinola beat out of you. If you manage to get all the way through your combo he will disapear (where did he go?) quickly press the lock on button to find out where he went and JUMP to one of the sides of where he is. If you don't he will reapear and go flying through you. Dosn't do much damage but hey do you really want to get hit by this guy?? So keep doing that for a LONNNNG time till you can see visable damage with the scan oh and by the way ALWAYS STAY LOCKED ON TO HIM!!!!!!!!! So once his health drops from the dark purpleish color and you start doing damage in the next color this is when he gets really hard and annoying. He will run around in circles so you can't do the plan up top any more and he'll do this move called Sin Harvest (very very not fun) this attack takes your HP down to one and gets rid of ALL your MP. So what you need to do is make sure your always locked on after he disapears witch he will do by him self without having to have you attack him. Lock on once he disapears and if hes far away from you RUN REALLY REALLY FAST TOWARDS HIM. start attacking him as he starts to say Sin Harvest and you should have stoped it. For now this is the chance you will get to attack him SO DONT LET HIM USE SIN HARVEST ON YOU AND USE AN ELIXER. but if you can't get to him in enough time so that you will be able to stop Sin Harvest have an item handy to heal your HP or MP depening on wheather or not you got MP rage on. After you have beat down Sephiroth for awhile and his HP reaches about the yellow i think it is I'll have to check again but soon he will stop doing Sin Harvest (THANK GOD)but this is where you need all those spells I listed at the top. This is when he goes really crazy (oh boy if he wasn't hard enough) ok first things first CAST AREOGA this will make all hits do less damage if you hav'nt used it yet and your still alive your doing good but NOW U NEED TO USE IT. The meteors he summons will fall from the sky and float over the ground then he becomes untouchable while the meteors spin around him try (if you have this equipped) using dodge roll to get out of the way of them. Oh but thats not all that the meteors do after they spin awhile then they all have a meeting in the middle and you go boom as a super nova hits you that is what I think is unavoidable but dont worry its not all that powerfull. Now he will float in the air like Cloud and slice you to death with his sword make sure you have Aeroga on before he starts this. After awhile he will decide to stop doing this. If you ever hear that annoying sound meaning your HP is low any time while fighting him USE CURAGA. now when hes not flying around or chucking meteors at you he will run around a bit and bring up these little balls that ill fly at you MAKE SHURE YOU HAVE AEROGA UP. this balls don't do much but if they all hit you watch it. Now the only time you can hit him while hes doing these three moves is when he is bring up those balls. Just make sure AEROGA is up and run up and beat the shinoal out of him till he dies. So thats how you beat Sephiroth its not really that hard its like any good video game Master knows is find there patteren and EXPLOTE IT TILL THEY DIE!!!!!!!

Go To Neverland First

Before you go to Halloween Town. Go to Neverland. Antisora maybe hard to fight at first but keep trying and also when your done with that captin Hook is a breeze and when you go to halloween town you have tinker bell so you'll be able to beat Ogie Boogie easier. Also Rikku would be easier after you beat neverland because you have the better keyblade. Fairy Harp.

Bosses In Hollow Bastion

There are 5 Bosses in Hollow Bastion and they are Riku, Maleficent, Riku possesed by Ansem, Maleficent as a dragon, and Behemoth. By beating these battles you will get the Omega Arts KeyChain.

Bosses Without A Save Point

There are nine bosses in Kingdom Hearts that you have to beat without saving your game. Some of them are the 3 forms of Ansem, The Darkside Heartless, and Artillery.

How To Get One Of The High Treasure Chest In Wonderland

It's really easy. First, you have to have potion. You go into the forest and there is a flower that says give me potion and I'll make you bigger. You give him potion and... you're bigger! You then go to the boulder and on the bottom of your command menu it says push. You push the boulder and it go's into the lake an things pop up. You climb the the things and go into a closed area and there is a door to the queens castle. You go in and you're facing it.

Defeat The Desert Bandit

Or at least thats what I think his name is, anyway after sealing the keyhole in Hollow Basin, go to Aggraba, then to to Aladin's house. Good, now see Carpet? How can you not? He's totally spazing out. Talk to it, and it'll take you to this weird looking dude with six arms. Hit his little plasma canans til they blow up ( Remember you can't use MAGIC). Then he'll sorta slump down. Pound on his cobra lookin head till he gets up and surrounds himself in an energy sphere. I suguest Gravaria or your current gravity spell. He'll keep getting up till you beat. Annoying huh?

The Fatty's Weak Spot

When you encounter one of the fat heartless(it could be either the regular fat ones, or the ones that appear in Agrabah), hit them in the back, because that is their weak spot, but Beware! They may keep turning around when you try to hit them in the back, and it may start to get frustrating! But if you have the keychain called "Lady Luck" from Wonderland, you can hit them once or twice in the back, and that will be the end of them!

Lucky For You

Okay, so you`ve just gotten into Traverse Town and you explored for a while. You go back to First District and who do you find? Leon (Squall) from Final Fantasy 8! Well, unfortunatly for you, Sora gets Leon a little mad and you end up having to fight him, right? Well do not despair! Even if you get your butt-wooped by him, the story still moves on! If you did beat him (which you can) give your self a pat on the back (especially if your are a beginner!!:)

How To Obtain Divine Rose

After sealing the keyhole in Hollow Basin, try out for the Hades cup in the coliseum, (you might only get past the first 20 or so battles, I know I didn't get close to seed 10) . Then go to the library and talk to Belle and she'll give you the keychain.

Jafar Genie

To beat Jafar as a genie, DO NOT ATTACK JAFAR, attack the lamp. Levels 30-40 should be enough to beat Jafar.

Easy But Time Consuming Way To Beat Hook

Okay First fly up and over the water far from the ship. Next wait for hook to jump overboard and say "You wont get me other hand" and jump up and walk in the air over to the ship. Right when he jumps up follow him and when he pauses before falling to the ship attack him with your combos and you may get only 2 hits in or a full 3 hit combo. You may hit him in the water again or to the other side of the ship. If you hit him to the other side of the ship then fly over the water on that side. Keep repeating untill he is beat. If he summons a Pirate ship attack that because it can launch missles at hook that heal him. Your party members may go down and duel with hook when your flying over the water after a combo on him. If your party members die just fly over the water and wait for them to revive.

Aero And Heal

Always have Aero and Heal in your quick spells. Not only will you be able to acess them quiker in battle, you will also be able to survive longer while you`re fighting.

Boss: Gargoyle

Another easy battle. Get close to its head and bash away. Its really that easy.

How To Beat Kurt Zisa In Agrabah

Kurt Zisa can be activated by going to Aladdin's house after finishing Hollow Bastion and talking to his carpet. Kurt has two forms: one where he throws slashing blades at you and another where he floats in a bubble and throws stationary fireballs at you. The first form is the worst! Keep moving around at all times to avoid getting hit. But the second one's easy if you can make him run into the fireballs he throws out. And you can't use magic on the first form, but you can use magic on the second form.

Boss: Nightmare-End Of The World

This boss is just as easy here as he was at the start of the game. Attack his hand whenever its at ground level and avoid the falling shadow orbs.

Boss: Ansem (2nd Form)

Ansem is powerful this time, thanks to a new couple attacks. The first creates energy pillars that explode upward from the ground beneath Sora. You've seen this kind of attack before and can avoid it the same way(jump and glide). You'll proably get hit by one or two, but if you use your Aero spell for add protection, you'll survive the attack. Next, Ansem will dash across the area encased of an energy sheild.Jump out of the way to avoid this attack. Keep yourself fully healed and have your Aero on at all times to get through the battle.

Boss :Ansem (3rd Form)

Fly in toward Ansem and nail him with a combo or two, then retreat and dodge the laser . Repeat the process until you won.

Last Boss: Heart Of Darkness

Its time to take down the darkness once and for all! Start by destroying the energy launchers along the base of giant boss. This opens a portal of Darkness. Fly into it and you'll have to fight against a load of normal enemies in a darkend room. After defeating the head another portal opens. Fly into it, defeat the enemies there and returned outside to find that the force field protecting the central "heart" of the boss is gone.Attack this section and Ansem will be freed from his prison.Now, defeat Ansem one final time (the fight is almost indentical to the last Ansem battle)to finish the game!!!!!

Boss: Ansem (1st Form)

Ansems first form inst too hard to defeat. Use your air combo combos to hit him and try to get behind him to continue the attack when he uses his Heartless Guardian to defend himself. Ansems attack arent very powerful; he'll mainly float around, trying to avoid you.

Genji Sheild ( For Goofy)

Beat Yuffie in the Hades Cup.

Postcard Locations/Rewards

There are 10 Postcards in Traverse Town. Collect them all and toss them in the mailbox in District 1 to earn items. Here's where they are:

1. Climb to the roof of the Accessory Shop.
2. Hit the fan in the Item Shop.
3. Blue Trinity near the Item Shop in District 1.
4. Crack open the blue safe in District 1 after finishing the area the first time.
5. Jump up to the awning of the shoe store in District 2.
6. After locking the Traverse Town Keyhole, look at the paper on the wall in the Item Workshop.
7/8. Cast Thunder on the wires in District 3, then step on the three buttons in the Gizmo Shop to set it in motion. Examine the clock on the wall to get two cards.
9. Also after locking the Keyhole, climb to the top of the Gizmo Shop, follow the path from roof to roof, and take the secret entrance to District 3. There's a postcard in the corner there.
10. After clearing Monstro, Geppetto sets up shop in District 1. Go look in a pot on his shelf for the last card. 

The rewards from card to card go like this: 

1. Cottage
2. Mythril Shard
3. Mega-Potion
4. Mega-Ether
5. Mythril
6. Elixir
7. Megalixir
8. Orichalcum
9. Defense Up
10. Power Up 

How To Defeat Malificent In Hallow Bastion

To defeat Malificent this is what you do... After entering the Castle Chapel, there will be a little preview. When the battle starts, head up to the platform on which Malificent stands on. Either use gravira or just strike it, to deplete the short hp meter. When the platform desends jump up and start attaking Malificent with many combos (try to use Ars Arncan). Move away when she speaks, because she will send out a great deal of damage with her meteor attatk. While on the platform, after a few hits Malificent will strike her staff and knock you down, off it. Then she will move to the other side of the room. Do the same strategy again. Try to becareful, because when she turns green it means she will be moving. Also, try to avoid the dark enemies she summons, and just worry about her. When your MP runs out, go with Donald and Goofy to defeat some eninies, to regain your MP. REMEMBER:::STAY CLEAR OF HER ATTACKS, IT MIGHT DO WITHA GREAT DEAL OF DAMAGE!!!! :)

Crabclaw Keyblade

Earn the Crabclaw keyblade by completing Atlantica.

Defeat The Trickmaster

In Wonderland you will have to fight the Trickmaster. Get the blizzard spell from the Cheshire Cat and it's very easy. When he tries to hit you run far away and when he's tired jump on the table and jump on him to hit him. Note: Use magic a lot on this boss.

Defeat The Crank Tower And Cards

In Wonderland you will have to fight the Crank Tower and some cards, Focus on the cards FIRST! Defeat them all and go hit the Queen Of Hearts. This stops her from sending the cards after you. Now go destroy the Crank Tower!!!

Secret Characters: Mrs.Potts And Chip

While at the camp in Deep Jungle zoom in at Clayton's tea table the tea set actually Mrs. Potts and Chip!

Three Wishes Keyblade

Earn the Three Wishes Keyblade by completing Agrabah.

Sora's Fourth Best Weapon

To get Sora's best weapon go to the Coliseum and enter the Hades cup and beat Leon and Cloud to get the Lionheart, Sora's second best weapon.

Dalmatians 1,2,&3

If you go through the Atlantica section of the game and aquire the Mermaid Kick, you can go back to the Third District of Traverse Town to the island behind Merlin's house and gain Dalmatians 1,2,&3. While in the water, aim towards the island and press the circle button down hard. With luck he'll land right on the island and you can open the chest before gaining the Glide ablilty like the guide suggests to use.

How To Beat Both Yuffle And Leon

After you beat Yuffie, it's time for Leon. Just keep running around until he says " It's Over!" and get out of the way. He stays in his follow thru for a couple of seconds, which is a good time to kill him. Reminds you of the whomps on Mario 64. Repeat this up until he gets a lightsaber type thing, which really doesn't help. Just repeat what I said earlier, but keep further away from him. The roll thing helps, and Goofy's Gigas Fist is probably the line between victory and defeat. Levels 30-40 would be quite strong enough. Good Luck!

Gifts From Pongo And Perdita

After rescuing some dalmations go to Traverse Town. Go inside the Dalmation's House and find Pongo and Perdita. They will give you special gifts.

Pumpkin Head Key Blade

Defeat the Halloweentown level to get the Pumpkin Head Key Blade.

Level Up All Your Characters

In every world try to have Donald and Goofy with you, since you use them the most during the entire game.

How To Find Leon In Traverse Town

After you defeat Deep Jungle, go to the Alleyway and there is a Red Trinity in front of the sewer thing that looks like a jail and go in it.

Preview Of Kingdom Hearts 2

Successfully complete the game with all keyholes, 99 Dalmatians, and the Hades Cup.

Sora's Third Best Weapon

To get a better weapon than the METAL CHOCOBO, you need to go to hollow bastion and beat Riku. After you beat Riku, go to the library and find Bell(the princess). Watch the mini movie then talk to Bell and she will give you a key blade that's better than the metal chococbo.

Sora's Second Best Weapon

To get Sora's best weapon go to the Coliseum and enter the Hades cup and beat Leon and Cloud to get the Lionheart, Sora's second best weapon

The Fat Heartless Other Weakspot

The fat heartless also has another weak spot. Go behind it and hit it in the back.

The Jungle King

To get the Jungle King you have to beat Clayton. After you beat him you'll get the new sword the "Jungle King."

How To Beat Yuffie

I know this is a pain in the neck, but it is really an easy, even fun way to get tons of experience. First, kill Yuffie; the easyiest way to do this is to beat her until you are in a corner, and from there Goofy will probably come and help out, but if not, keep pounding her. But, somehow she keeps healing herself. Bleah. Save a little bit of magic to kill her with at the end. Now comes the hard part, refer to how to beat Leon.

How To Beat Leon

After you beat Yuffie, it's time for Leon. Just keep running around until he says " It's Over!" and get out of the way. He stays in his follow thru for a couple of seconds, which is a good time to kill him. Reminds you of the whomps on Mario 64. Repeat this up until he gets a lightsaber type thing, which really doesn't help. Just repeat what I said earlier, but keep further away from him. The roll thing helps, and Goofy's Gigas Fist is probably the line between victory and defeat. Levels 30-40 would be quite strong enough. Good Luck!

The Fat Heartless' Weak Spots

In some worlds, there is a big, fat heartless with good defense and good HP. Usually when you attack it, it will repel your attacks. But if you jup and attack in the air, it'll hurt it and it'll be less likely to repel your attacks.

Last Boss

The last boss is the easiest boss in the entire game. Dont think Riku or acsuly Ansem is the last boss.

Chocobo Gummi Ship

After you beat the Monstro Geppeto moves to Traverse Town. Go there and talk to him at his house next to the Accessory shop. Keep talking to him he should give you some none flyable Gummis based on people in the game. When your finished enter his house 30 times or more to get the Chocobo Gummi Ship.

Easy Exp. At The Begining

To get easy the begining of the game when you are at Dstiny Island,talk to Tidus and ask him to duel. When the duel starts charge Tidus and strike when he does and if done correctly you should block eachothers attack and you should receive two exp. pts. Repeat as many times as you want to get many points.

To Kill Ice Titan In Gold Match

After Defeating the Hades Cup another cup will apear it the Gold Cup which you fight the Ice Titan. When you begin the fight he throws ice spears at you block them with your key blade ice beam will hit him back at his head but be careful it get alittle header when his power bar reachs the green and also be careful of the ice bolder that fall from on top of your head, Just keep the Aero and your cure in the quick mode to help you out.


There are only two chocobo references in KH. One is a gummi blueprint, but the harder one to find is in the "secret place". It's a drawing on the cave wall, with a faint X crossing it out. Also there are what appear to be hints about some of the upcoming levels...

100 Acre Woods:Suprises

When in Winnie the Pooh's house, examine the clook to find a hidden  "easter egg"

While in rabbits garden, hit the water pipe on the side of the rabbits house.  Water will pour out.

While in rabbits garden, check the mailbox infront of the rabbits house to get letters.

Sephiroth Attack Counter

When fighting Sephiroth, he will suddenly say Sin Harvest, and a little red thingie will surround Sora. a split second later, it will drain hp to 1, and mp to 0. When Ole Grey Hair says Sin Harvest, go to you items (hopefully all elixers), and choose which item to use, but don't choose Sora, until you see the red animation on Sora. If you use it fast enough, it will activate just after your hp and mp drops. Then, even If sephiroth gets to you, you can survive.

Sora's Most Powerful Weapon

The most powerful weapon Sora can obtain in Kingdom Hearts is Ultima Weapon. It can be made at the Moogles' Synth Shop in Traverse Town, and shows up on the list only when all the other items on the Synth Shop list have been made at least once. Once it becomes available, these are the items you'll need and which creature drops them:

Lucid Gems - Wight Knight (Halloween Town) 
5 Power Gems - Pirate and Pirate Ship (Never Land) 
5 Thunder Gems - Aquatank and Screwdriver (Atlantica) 
3 Mystery Goos - White Mushroom, Black Fungus and Rare Truffle (various locations) 
3 Gales - Angel Star and Invisible (End of the World) 

White Mushrooms

These friendly creatures show up most commonly around the tent in the Deep Jungle, the Treasure Room at the Magic Cave in Agrabah, and the large room just before reaching the Final Rest at the End of the World. They aren't hostile, but you have to hit them three times in a row with the same type of magic to get them to drop the Mystery Goo. The gestures they make will tell you what type of spell they want you to use on them:

Shivering  Fire 
"Bring it" gesture  Ice 
Sun over head  Thunder 
Trip and fall  Cure 
Spinning around  Aero 
Frozen in place  Stop 
Floating in air  Gravity 

Dumbo The Elephant

To get your first summon, (Dumbo the Elephant) you must visit Merlin and go into Poo's story book. (This is also a great place to play some fun and helpful minigames.) Do a few things for Poo and he will reward you with Dumbo the Elephant.

Beat Captain Hook

To beat Captain Hook in Neverland, you need to fly high or he'll swat you like a fly. (HeHe, it rhymes.) Come down and punch him in the head occasionally and use magic a lot to keep your clueless party members alive. They're sort of afraid of flying, either that or they're cemented to the ground. Simple, huh?

Get Through Cave Of Wonders

The cave of wonders can be quite difficult if you don't know how to get through. 1. You can swim up waterfalls! 2. You have to have Alladin in your party to activate the statues inside. 3. When you fight Jafar the fist time, take him down before he starts to fly, or else your going to have to use a lot of magic to bring him down. 4. The second form of Jafar is INVINSIBLE! Litterally. The only way to beat him is to attack the lamp that Lago the parrot is flying around untill he has finally had enough.

Defeat Cloud With Ease

Before the fight, with Goofy put 3 M-potions on the end of his item list. fill the rest with potions. Fill Soras and donalds items with potions as well. When you get to Cloud in the ring wait untill he does his move in the air before attacking. Because when does that he is stuck for 2 seconds.. this gives you time to attack. Just avoid the other attacks he does.Use Dodge roll to get away. It's to risky to get in a hit. Recommended level 14 ( 15-17 Best).

Another Way To Get Easy Experience

The way to get easy exp. is to keep fighting Wakka on Sora's island. Everytime he throws the blitzball at u hit it back at him (it gives you 1 exp. and if you hit him you'll get another exp. point) and when he does his powerup shot hit it back at him (it gives 2 exp. and if you hit him you'll get 2 exp.).Watch out though Wakka will eventually give up then vs. him again and repeat (it takes a while but it is worth it especially if u wanna beat Riku).

Famous Voices

Did you know that Lance Bass from the backstrret boys acts Sephiroths voice on this Game? If you look on the back of the booklet where it says credits you can see that famous people act different characters voices. This has nothing to do with the game but its cool to know who acts who.

Battling Friends Of The Island

While in Destiny Island, train Sora to level 10. Do this by fighting Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. Plus beat all three and face them all at once. If you beat them you get a potion each time you win. Once you get to level 10, face Riku, if you try facing him under level ten, you'll lose life quikly and make the score 1-0. If you beat Riku get a potion.

99 Dalmatian Locations

1-3 Traverse Town District 3: Look behind the magic shop. You have to get Glide 
to get them.

4-6 Traverse Town District 2: Use the Trinity move behind the item shop.

7-9 Traverse Town District 1: You can find them in a chest. Use Item Forge.

10-12 Traverse Town Sewers: Look for stairs going up in the sewers. The box is 

13-15 Wonderland: Go to Queen's courtyard. Find a chest near the exit in the 

16-18 Wonderland: Go into the forest. There will be a blue chest in the trees.

19-21 Wonderland: Use the exit that is up and Glide to Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

22-24 Olympus Coliseum: Look for a Trinity mark at the entrance, then activate it.

25-27 Deep Jungle: When you jump over the hippos, look for a chest near a vine.

28-30 Deep Jungle: Go into the high jungle and look for the dogs in the tree 

31-33 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near the exit in the jungle nest.

34-36 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near exit of the camp.

37-39 Agrabah: Go into Aladdin's house and find a chest.

40-42 Halloween Town: The chest is in the pumpkin patch.

43-45 Neverland: Go to the Big Ben area. Fly and look for puppies behind the 
starting location.

46-48 Agrabah: Go into the fourth market square and use High Jump to get it.

49-51 Agrabah: Go into the magic cave and Glide to the pedestal.

52-54 Agrabah: Get Aladdin in your party and activate the crystal in the treasure 

55-57 Monstro: In the third area, you can see it near the upper exit to the sixth 

58-60 Wonderland: Return to the Queen's courtyard, then go to the pot in the 
dining room.

61-63 Hollow Bastion: Finish every challenge, then go to the lab to get the 

64-66 Halloween Town: Reach the doors next to the platform in the pumpkin patch 
to reach the crypt and chest.

67-69 Halloween Town: Look underneath of the stairs in one of the houses.

70-72 Halloween Town: Located in the big pumpkin statue. Jump and Glide to get it.

73-75 Monstro: Look for a red chest in the mouth.

76-78 Monstro: Go to the upper platforms in the third area and look around. Then, 
jump and Glide to the chest.

79-81 Monstro: In the second area, look for a chest on a barrel in the high area.

82-84 Neverland. Go into the ship and go to the middle of the room near the brig.

85-87 Neverland: Active the Trinity mark inside the ship.

88-90 Neverland: Located in the captains quarters, on the bed.

91-93 Hollow Bastion: Located near the falls.

94-96 Hollow Bastion: Located outside of the castle. Open the emblem door, then 
jump into the moving elevator.

97-99: Use Gravija, then get the floating chest outside the castle.

Easy Experience

When you first start, you can fight Riku, Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie by talking to them. A good way to get experience is to fight Wakka or Riku, however if you defeat them all and get the items you need for the raft (the two logs, the cloth, and the rope) and select "Rest", when you wake up in the morning you can fight everyone except Riku. Defeat Wakka and Selphie then talk to Tidus. He will tell you about his three on one match with Riku and how bad he lost. You will then have three options, Select "3 on 1", and you will start fighting against Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie. Tidus and Selphie attack in a group. Knock out Tidus, then Selphie. Keep your distance from Wakka. When he throws the Blitzball at you and it is about to hit, slash your sword. It should be deflected, and you will get 1 or 2 experience points. You can repeat this as many times as needed, but if you hit Wakka with the ball a certain amount of times he will die. Even though it may take practice hitting the Blitzballs, it is the easiest way to get experience at the start of the game. It is possible to leave Destiny Island at level 12, almost strong enough to defeat Cloud.

Fighting Sephiroth

After sealing the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion, a mysterious battle appears in Phil's list of options. This battle is called the Platinum Match, and you must go one on one with the toughest Boss in the game to win.


Try to master using both the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick. Remember to top up your partners' items. Use lock-on targeting in all Boss fights. Do not always rely on your partners to heal you. Try to use the hit and magic attack method. For example, first lock on the target. Next, use your magic until one last MP remains then join in the pounding of the Boss. Cast magic when you regain one block of MP. Continue to pound the Boss. Remember to take care of your HP during the pounding.

Secret Bosses

The game includes a few secret battles that may be worth the trouble, especially a couple of new ones that have been added to the American version. All of theses are insanely hard, though, and for experts only. Sepiroth: The Platinum Match at the Coliseum becomes available after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole. Ice Titan: The Gold Match at the Coliseum shows up after beating the Hades Cup. Phantom: Visit the Clock Tower in Neverland after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole. Kurt Zisa: Talk to the Carpet in Aladdn's House after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole.

Easy Level Gain

In the very beginning when you are being asked all those questions pick all the top ones and you will get levels faster, if you pick all the bottom ones you will gain levels slower


Start Over

Hold R1, R2, L1, L2, select, start. The game will go right to the title screen.


We have no unlockables for Kingdom Hearts yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Kingdom Hearts yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Kingdom Hearts yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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