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  • Role-Playing, Third-Person 2D RPG
  • Unknown
  • Square Enix USA
  • Everyone-10
  • January 11, 2011


Location Of KeyBlades

  • Kingdom Key - You start with this
  • Wishing Star - Received after you defeat Traverse Town boss Guard Armor
  • Lady Luck - Received after you defeat Wonderland boss Trick Master
  • Olympia - Received after you defeat Olympus Coliseum Cerberus and Hades
  • Three Wishes - Received after you defeat Agrabah boss Jafar(Genie)
  • Oblivion - Received after you defeat Hollow Bastion Pt.I boss Pete and Data Riku
  • Zero/One - Received after you defeat all forms of Hollow Bastion Pt.II boss Sora's Heartless
  • Lionheart - Traverse Town Hidden Sector Reward. Needs upgraded version of Scan. Location: Alleyway
  • Metal Chocobo - Either obtained in the final rare prize block or Olympus Coliseum
  • Oathkeeper - Defeat Roxas in Castle Oblivion on Score Attack
  • Ultima - Hollow Bastion pt.1 Hidden Sector Reward. Location: Upper Level Chandelier (One of the Emblem Pieces was located there)

  • Free Avatar Parts And Scratch Cards Without A Wii Nearby

    You don't need a wii to get free avatar parts. It is easy and also takes time but you have to be patient because it will take some time. All you need is a ds. First go to avatar menu and go on tag mode. Then hit go. You will have to wait At least 10 to 15 minutes. After you will see a ballon. Touch the ballon and you will get a scratch card. (The ballon is just a computer) After you complete the floor (there's only one floor) you will get a avatar part it depends on what kind of computer you get and what clothes he/she is wearing. Keep repeating this until you you get tired. Hope you this works it worked for me and my friends!

    Beating The Trickmaster In Wonderland

    He is hard cause you have to fight him 3 times. On each stage you can fond an Aero Shield command. Save it to the end and use it to block all the hard to dodge obstacles (Fireball, Magma Balls).


    Glitch: Avatars And Parts

    If you have a wii, you can use it to get avatars and parts. On your wii, log onto the Nintendo Channel and choos a demo to download to your DS, but have your DS on Kingdom Hears. When the wii transmits to the DS, you'll get an avatar message and you can use it. You can repeat this over and over.


    Theater Mode

    To unlock theater mode (so you can watch the videos), you just need to beat the game.

    Easter eggs

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