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  • Action, Adventure
  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
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  • October 14, 2003


Nebula Belt

The way to get Nebula Belton air ride is to race a total of one-hundred laps on air ride.

First Legendary Vehicle

Your first legendary vehicle is flight warpstar.

Tracks To Top Level

On magma flows the middle and left lead to the upper level and the right one leads to the lower level.

Shortcuts On Checkered Knights

Before the lanes change into 3 there will be a brick , if you charge into it a couple of times it should crack open then the other one straight across from it and use the same routine.

Legendary Pieces (Bird And Reptile)

All you need to do is Look in the Red Boxes at the special places (Electric Lounge, Castle Hall, Forest, Underground Hideout, Volcano Hideout, and Beaches). It may take you a few tries to find the pieces but if you keep trying you will find them. Hint: The Pink pieces go to the bird and the Green ones go to the Reptile.

The End Credits

Do 100 tasks in city trail and their should be a end credit showing all the machines.

Which Boxes To Find Legends In?

Usually the orange and green are where you can find the legendary pieces in but, to get them for permanent you need to get parts off of the checklist.


On the checklist, you may see a goal involving the use of Fireworks in City Trial. It is just the cannon.

The Swerve Approach

Which manchine is the BEST for battling? This is a debatable issue, but undoubtedly one of the BETTER machines is the Swerve Star! This star has the ability to turn precisely and quickly! It also has the best acceleration rate of all the stars in the game, and the top speed is fairly decent too! If you can dodge and weave between your opponents and strike them when they least expect it, then you are unstoppable!

Get Dragoon In Freerun

To get Dragoon in free run do this: first fly through the rings in the sky. Then in air glider fly over 1300 feet. Last in high jump glide over 100 feet. Note: dont fill in with pink blocks,and you dont have to fly through all rings 5 times.

Break The Boundary

This is more of a glitch that leads to a not-very-secret course. All you need to do is go to city trial, get onto the garden in the sky (the floating platform for all you newcomers), and fly as far as possible towards the forest (it's has the closest boundary line). If you're lucky, or are using a good flying vehicle, you'll go past the ordinary boundary line and bump into a different one. If you fall down from there, you'll find that you're in the ocean. Get a few friends, pick a starting point and a number of laps, and you can race on this mystical land. Also, you can get off the map. But you can figure out how to do that by yourself. Oh, so you don't have to hassle with the time limit, it's a good idea to do this in free run. If you're worrying on how to get back into the city, there are a few ramps leading back up there. Be warned, once you get back into the city, you have to do the getting out process all over again. *Note: not all vehicles can get past the original boundary*

Finding The Temporary Legendary Parts

The legendary machine parts (that can only be used once each time you find the parts) are always found in red boxes. The only red boxes that they are in are in and on the shores of the castle, the tunnels, around the strange things in the field, underneath the forest, and finally on the quadruple-decker building. Your not guaranteed to finding them in every red box. How ever you are guaranteed to finding a machine part if the red box is in the field of strange things, or if it's under the forest. I figured this out about a week after I got the game.

Engine Burnout

Go to city trial and do free run and you'll see that you have all of the stars and weelies and so on. Use Rex Wheelie [which is in the bottom right corner]. Once you're playing hold "A" and push up on the control stick [not pad STICK]and Kirby will start hitting his head on the engine. After he does it a lot the boost bar will go to zero [use this only if you hit it on accident or if you want to see Kirby get a headache]and the engine will start smoking for a second, and it kinda looks like the engine burnt out.

Use Meta-Knight In City Trial's Free Run

Break 1,000 boxes in City Trial to unlock Meta-Knight for its free run mode.

Use King Dedede In City Trial's Free Run

In the stadium, beat King Dedede in under a minute. Then you will be able to use him in City Trial's free run.

Get King Dedede

To unlock King Dedede, take out 1,000 foes.

Ride Hydra

To ride Hydra, you'll have to collect its parts in City Trial mode.

Get Dragoon

To access Dragoon, you'll have to find its hidden parts in City Trial mode.

Get Rex Wheelie

Defeat 100 or more enemies with exhaled stars.

Get Wheelie Scooter

Start the final lap in fourth place and move to first to win.

Get Wheelie Bike

Race all of the standard Air Ride courses.

Get Wagon Star

Reach the goal three times in any mode other than Free Run.

Get Jet Star

Race over 4,500 feet in 2:00 in Air Ride mode on the Machine Passage course.

Get Turbo Star

Use all the volcano rails and finish in first place in Air Ride mode on the Magma Flows course.

Get Formula Star

Finish under 3:14 in Time Attack mode on the Frozen Hillside course.

Get Bulk Star

Finish under 3:20 in Time Attack mode on the Celestial Valley course.

Get Swerve Star

Finish two laps under 2:05 in Air Ride mode on the Sky Sands course.

Get Slick Star

Finish two laps under 3:05 in Air Ride mode on the Checker Knights course.

Get Shadow Star

Quick-Spin to defeat 10 or more enemies.

Get Winged Star

Finish in first place while flying through the air in Air Ride mode.

Get Rocket Star

Finish one lap under 1:05 in Free Run mode on the Machine Passage course.

The Legendary Robots

In City Trial mode you can find six pieces that look really weird. If you get three that connect you can get the legendary robot and use it in the city. Note: You can only have it during the duration of time in City Trial mode then if you want to use it again, you have to find the pieces.

Go Really High In City Trial Mode

If you want to go really high in City Trial mode this is what you got to do. Go on top of a volcano by the yellow string ride. Then go on the wooden bridge that is at the top of the volcano, go across it. When you go into the active volcano you will get transported to the highest point in the city. Note: The volcano will not hurt you. Once your at the highest point of the city you can glide everywhere in the city from that point.

How To Get The Legendary Vehicles For Free Run.

First you have to check off a lot of things on the checlist and eventully you will get a piece of a legendary vehicle. Do this three times and you get a legendary vehicle for free run.

Play As White Kirby

Build the Dragon and Hydra vehicles in one match to unlock White Kirby in City Trial mode. Win a two-lap race in Vallerion in under 2:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Play As Purple Kirby

Break an enemy vehicle five times to unlock Purple Kirby in City Trial mode. Win a two lap race in Airoon in under 2:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Play As Green Kirby

Use the cannon to break an enemy ten times to unlock Green Kirby in City Trial mode. Inhale three Swordknights and win a race to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Play As Brown Kirby

Use the Heavy Star to win Sandoola with a time under 1:30:00 to unlock Brown Kirby in Air Ride mode. Use the Wing Star and win Zeroyon Attack 2 with a time under 0:30:00 to unlock him in Air Ride mode.

Play As Galax

Finish 100 laps on any level to unlock Galax in Air Ride mode.

Get The Meta Night Character

To get Meta Night glide in Air Ride Mode for 30 Minutes.


We have no cheats or codes for Kirby Air Ride yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Kirby Air Ride yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Kirby Air Ride yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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