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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Prokion
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Everyone
  • March 15, 1999


How To Beat Any Boss Easily

To beat any boss just use nighto until confused. When confused do it once more and the boss will be annihilated.

How To Get An EASY Miracle Water

At the Shadow Gate (the place with the Easter Island head statues), go to East Switch statue and go into the grass. If you press X you'll get a Miracle water. It sells from 2500 to 5000 G.

How To Get The Point Card

To get the Point Card, you have to revive the Genesis Tree in Rim Elm. After you do that, walk out of Rim Elm, then right back in. Go to the store and go upstairs. There will be a drawer with the Point Card. GET IT!! Hint: Save all of your points for Xain. This makes it a lot easier. After that, save them all for Cort the 1st OR 2nd time

Mei's Pendent

Go to Mei's hut and tell her the mist has entered the town.If you offer to bring her back to your home you will get her pendent before you leave town.It will increases max HP by 10%

Easy Way To Defaet Songi

For an eay way to deafeat Songi get Gala to absorb Theeders magic power and when you meet Songi do rthe second time just keep using Thedder and you will easily beat him

Honey Cake

Go to Rim Elm and find the southern most tree, clickn on it and you will get to fight a Queen bee and her squad of three other bees.If you beat them you will get honey.Instead of using it on a character go to your house and give it to your sister.Sge will make a cake out of it.

Big Fish

To catch a VERY BIG FISH first get the deluxe rod go to the fishing spot east of Buma.Equip th edeluxe ro dand heavy lure and fish,fish,fish.If you are lucky you will find a fish called the Devourer.He is worth over 300 points you can also cacth a Lippian that is worth well over 100 points.

For An Easy 10 Grand

After you tak ethe flying seur acroos the ocean go norht to the city and go to the disc of evry place.But before you cna enter you must first go to the Muscle Dome and get 50 coins to get the gold card.After you get that go to the disco fever place and take dance lessons form the guy dancing on stage.After that go to the man at the right of the stairs leading up to the stage. Talk to him an dgive him the money needed to enter the dance contest.The if you beat the dance queen you are awarded 10,000 dollars and a swimsuit

Hidden Spells

When you het all of your characters srts moves, including the Hyper and Miracle arts,go to the orignal tree that the chracter got his/her Ra- Seru to get the Meta/Vahn's spell.Terra/Noa's spell,and Ozma/Gala's spell.Also,when you get Cara's Ra-Seru egg(give the music she gave to the pianoist in the Jazz Club,then go back to Buma and talk to Cara)give it to Zalan in Jeremi.He will give you an accesory that let's you use the Horn Spell,which refills all HP,even if you're dead. However, it cost a whopping 200MP to cast. You must be on level 99 with your Ra-Seru.

More Easy Money

When you get to the Toen called Sol go to the Muscle Dome and buy some coins (100G each).Play the Baka Fighter until you get about 50 coins.Then play the slot machine (try to align three punches for a bonus round).When your done go to the prize exchange and buy Soru bread as you can.These sell for 3,000G a piece.This trick will furnish your weapon and armor needs.

Magic Grail

Once you talk to Teig in Ura Mais and get the Fire Droplet Juggernaut will come and destroy the temple.Once the temple is destroyed go around to the right side of the temple into a blown out section.In the very corner is a Magic Grail.In Battle it gives you a little MP back after each turn

Easy 3,000G

After you have unboarded the train on Karisto train station.You will have a conversation with Cara.Then go down the steps and examine the tree behind the Honest Person Store,then pick up an easy 3000G

Defeat Koru With 205 Turns!!

First,before fighting Koru,fish in any fishing spot.To have enough points so you can buy a Spikefish Flute.But it then go fight Koru.Use the Spikefish Flute and you will have around 205 turns to deafeat him.

Camera Stone

After destroying the mist generater in Dohati's Castle,go back to Vidna,go to the rear of the house with hot springs and you will see a man standing there.Talk to him to buy a camera stone.After buying,you can take pictures of Vahn,Noa,Gala and the townspeople.Just talk to them to tkae pictures.You can also take pictures of Mei.P.S The camera stone can only take 5 shots and it will break into pieces.

Fight Testu

To fight him go to Rim Elm after you beat Cort, then find him,and fight him,if you win,you will get the Mettle Gem

Hidden Juggernaut Spell

Go talk to Saryu when all of your characters are at level 99.He should give you a key that leads to the Juggernaut room.Open the chest and you'll recieve an Evil Talisman from this chest.Equip it to use the Evul Seru Magic Spell

Ulimited Power Waters

When you go to the one mountain to call the Soren you can fight a creature called Ironman.Fight him until he gives you a power water.Then just go to the part where you enter the mountain and go to the memerory statue and save your game.This will reset what items the creatures give you so you cna keep fighting Ironman as much as you wnat to get as many power waters as you want.

Palma Spell

Earn at least 100,000 Coins.Then go to the Muscle Dome in Sol.Talk to the person on the right side exchange your tokens with items.She will sell you the Earth Spell for the 100,000 Coins.Then go to Zalan in Jeremi and give him the Earth Egg.He will giv eyou Earth Talisman.Equip it and you will get the Palma Spell

Get Jedo Spell

After you kill Songi go to West Voz Forest where you can find the dead Genesis trees. In front of the genesis tress there is a chest open it and get the dark stone.Give it to Zalan in Jeremi and he will give you the Dark Talisman

Easy Way To Beat The Boss Berserker

When your fighting Berserker in the Sky Gardens you can kill him in a couple of turns by using nitingo against him and he will kill himself.

Entering Shadow Gate

To reach underground Octam you have to match the elements with the direction on the stones in each corner. The elements and directions are as follow:

North: Earth
East: Wind
South: Water
West: Fire

Easy Way To Defeat Final Cort

Okay, this gets tricky: when you first get into the battle, use Spirit with everyone. Whoever they attack first will probably not get attacked in the enemy's next attack. If the enemy attacks them a second or third time, that's what they will do to everyone else. If they switch consecutively, their attack pattern may switch. If Gala gets attacked, Spirit with Vahn and Noa. If He attacks Vahn, attack with Vahn and Gala, but Spirit with Noa, as she will be his next target. All the tough bosses will use a certain attack pattern (I don't now if this works with Caruban lv.1,2, or 3. He was to easy for me to need to watch for a pattern.) The easiest way for the battle to go quickly is for Vahn's agility to be at 280. Equip Vahn with Mettle Goblet, Power Ring and War God Icon. Equip Noa with Spirit Talisman, Light Talisman and Life Armband. Equip Gala with Vitality Ring, Power Ring and Mettle Gem. MAKE SURE you have at least 36,500 points on point card and at least 20 Magic Fruits. When Noa attacks, ONLY use point card as she is the weakest of the trio. After Cort uses Final Crisis, use Horn to recover your max HP with everybody. If he uses Doomsday, hope Noa is still alive so you can use Horn. When Vahn attacks, use Vahn's Craze (RDLULURDL). It's awesome because Vahn's attack does double the damage, and is STRONGER when he attacks the second time (by use of the War God Icon.) When Gala attacks, use either Biron Rage (If he has enough AP) or Ozma.

See Noa In Swimsuit

After you have won the Sol Fever Disco, you will win a Swimsuit and 10,000 G. Go to Vidna or use a Door of Wind to get there and buy a Camera Stone. Go to the beach and talk to the blond-headed little girl. She will take pictures and you will see Noa in the one-piece.

Vitality Ring

To get the Vitality Ring, You must've revived the Genesis Tree in Sol's Warrior Square (in the basement, not on the roof). Go to the Honest Person's Store in Karisto Station, talk to either the old guy or the machine.

Easy Money

In order to get this money, you go to the town of Vidna in the Sebucus Island and press X on the fishing gear. Then talk to the guy beside it. Then go to the fishing spot and get enough points to trade for a Mettle Armband. Sell it for 20,000 G. Note: You can only do this once. You cannot keep repeating. I'd be smart and see what it does for you first before selling it.

Platinum Card

To get the Platinum Card, you must have revived the Genesis Tree on Mt. Rikuroa. In the room where King Drake was, there should be a little window to to the top left. Press the X Button. Then you will have the Platinum Card. Note: The secret behind this gadget is that you can buy rare items. The rare items will be in light blue.

How To Beat Bosses Easily

This thing requires the Point Card found in Rim Elm after defeating the Mist. Go to Sol in the Karisto Kingom (if you're that far). Go into the Soru Bakery. Buy and sell the Soru Bread. Keep repeating until you run out of money. Then you will have a lot of points to kill bosses easily.

Level Up Meta, Terra, And Ozma Spells Easily And Fast!

Equip everyone with a Spirit Talisman, and Magic Armband. Equip anyone else with a Bad Luck Bell and Bronze Book. Get to the part inside Juggernaut where everything is pink and red. Start running up and down the path with the treasure chest and get into a battle with 3 Slipperies, Iotas, or Kemaros. Spirit with the people you don't want their magic up and cast the person's spell that you want to level up, it has to be either Meta, Terra, or Ozma. Then cast the spell. It should kill all the enemies resulting in your spell to go up 1 level. The Meta, Terra, and Ozma spells level up with one cast. It only does this for the first 3-4 casts, then it takes like 5-7 casts to level up once. I did this and now 2 of my Ra-Seru spells are doing almost 11000 damage on the enemies in this particular spot. Have Fun!!

Easy Magic Level Ups

After you get any magic you can level it up easily with the assistance of this well. Battles are very common around this well and the enemies are extremely weak. So you can just unload your magic on them and it will level up. If your MP is drained just go to the well and drink some water [found in the small fountain next to the well] this completely restores HP and MP. Note: All of the hunters from Rim Elm hang out at this well.

Strategy For Beating Lapis

You need 3 Defender Chains, 3 Lost Grails, the Mettle Goblet, 2 Warrior Icons, and the Point Card with a jackload of points. Equip Vahn with the Defender Chain, Warrior Icon, and Lost Grail. Equip Noa with the Lost Grail, Warrior Icon, and Mettle Goblet. Equip Gala with the Lost Grail, and 2 Defender Chains. Begin the fight on the summit of Mt. Dhini. Lapis will most DEFINETLY use Lapis Wave. This is a totally unfair first move that will drain you of your max MP, thus draining your MP usage points. So in this battle, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE MAGIC ATTACKS!!! In the first round, have Gala use the point card and have the other two use anything else besides spirit. Note: If your characters spirit for the first round, YOU WILL MOST LIKELY BE TOTALLY ANHILLATED!! DO NOT SPIRIT FOR THIS ENTIRE BATTLE UNLESS NECESSARY! If you use the point card until points are completely gone, the combination of attacks and accessories, you should be able to meager through this attack of PURE BLOODSHED. Lapis should only kill each character once so they use the grail equipped, making this battle a little less frustrating. If you manage to finish the battle, your prize is an Evil Medallion. This accessory allows your character to use 0-15 arts per round not including special arts. It unfortunately makes the character you equip it with uncontrolable but able to do nealry 9999 points of damage in a single round! Not everyone has the skill to beat Lapis, so the best way to him is to have the Ra-Seru armor and weaponry equipped and have you people at least LVL43, otherwise you don't stand a chance.

How To Get The Light, Water And Earth Talismans

The way to get the Earth Talisman is to get the earth egg from Sol. Its in the Battle place. Take to Zalan in Jeremi and he will work on it. There it is: The earth talisman. Equip it to the character with the most MP because its magic takes off 200 MP!! To get the Light Talisman, take the Light egg that Carra gives you and do the same thing. The Water talisman is in the Fishing spot. It costs like 20,000 or 200,000 points. do the same thing with that nbe as you did the ot

Life, Magic, And Mettle Source

You need the platinum card for this to work. If you have the platinum card then go to the Karisto Station. There is a man there standing by something called a kiosk. Talk to him twice, then when you talk to him the second time you'll be able to buy some stuff. You can buy the life,magic,and mettle source. After every few steps it refills whatever it is calle by 8.

Getting The Point Card

After you have save Rim Elm, you can get the point card at the drawer at the 2nd floor. It will give you points if you buy something.


Getting the Meta, Ozma, Terra, and Juggernaut spells

To get the character's Ra-Seru spell, go to the Genesis Tree in which the 
character first got their Ra-Seru; but you must do it after Songi is defeated in the 
Seru-kai or it will not work. Here is where each character must go: 

Vahn: Sol Tower's Basement Genesis Tree (Since Rim Elm is destroyed) 
Noa: Mt. Rikumoa
Gala: East Voz Forest 

To get the Juggernaut Spell, go to Ratayu after defeating Songi in the Seru-kai. 
Then, go to Van Saryu, get the Evil Seru Key, and use it to get into the basement 
of Ratayu, (where Van Saryu was fought). At the end of the corridor is a chest that 
contains the Evil Talisman. Equip it to get the Juggernaut spell. The Talisman 
also gives Encounter Rate Decrease.

Getting honey

There is a hidden opponent in the southwest tree in Rim Elm. It is a Queen Bee 
and thee other bees. It is recommend that you are at least level 15 before 
fighting them. Defeat them to find the honey, which will increase all stats by 4.

Platinum card

After you save Drake Castle and talk to the king, go to the upper left room from 
the throne is located. Search the wall to find the platinum card, it allows you to 
buy special items at certain shops.

Point card

After saving Rim-Elm, check the drawer upstairs in the item shop. The card will 
give you a 5% discount and can be used as a weapon.

Research center password

The password to Dr. Usha's research center is X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square.

Getting the tackle box

When the mist covers Vidna (city with the windmills), go to the beach and get the 
tackle box from where the two teens were located.

Hidden FMV Sequence

Wait at the title screen for around 30 seconds and a hidden FMV sequence will begin.


Gala's Arts

Command Type Name of the move AP Required

RRDUDUDLL Miracle Biron Rage 99 
LRLULLRUL Super Neo Static Raising 66 
DULUULDD Super Heaven's Drop 60 
UDDULRL Super Back Punch X3 54 
DULUUDD Super Super Ironhead 54 
LRDULUU Super Rushing Crush 54 
RRLLL Hyper Explosive Fist  40 
RRUL Hyper Lightning Storm  32 
RRL Hyper Thunder Punch  24 
LURDL Normal Bull Horns  30 
ULDRL Normal Electro Trash  30 
LLRUL Normal Neo Raising  30 
ULDD Normal Black Rain  24 
DDUU Normal Side Kick  24 
LUU Normal Head-Splitter  18 
LUL Normal Guillotine  18 
LRL Normal Back Punch  18 
UDD Normal Ironhead  18 
LRD Normal Battering Ram  18 
DUL Normal Flying Knee Attack  18 

Noa's Arts

Command Type Name of the move AP Required

LURDULUDR Miracle Noa's Ark 99 
RRUUDUDLR Super Love You 72 
RRLRRLUUU Super Super Tempest 60 
DDDUUUDU Super Triple Lizard 66 
UDUUUDD Super Dragon Fangs 54 
UULDRDR Super Super Javelin 48 
LUUUUDR Hyper Hurricane Kick 56 
LLRLR Hyper Vulture Blade  40 
LLRR Hyper Frost Breath  32 
RRLUUU Normal Tempest Break 36 
UULDR Normal Rushing Gale  30 
DUDLR Normal Tough Love  30 
DUUU Normal Swan Driver  24 
DDDU Normal Bird Step  24 
RRLR Normal Dolphin Attack  24 
RRUU Normal Mirage Lancer  24 
RLD Normal Blizzard Bash  18 
RDR Normal Sonic Javelin  18 
UDD Normal Acrobatic Blitz  18 
UDU Normal Lizard Tail  18 

Vahn's Arts

Command Type Name of the move AP Required

RDLULURDL Miracle Vahn's Craze 99 
UDRLLDUUL Super Rolling Combo 66 
UDUUUDU Super Tri-Somersault 60 
DRUDLLD Super Maximum Blow 54 
LRLLDRU Super Fire Tackle 54 
DRUDUDL Super Power Slash 54 
RDLDL Hyper Burning Flare  40 
RRDL Hyper Fire Blow  32 
RRL Hyper Tornado Flame  24 
DUUU Normal Cyclone  24 
UUDD Normal Hurricane  24 
DUUL Normal PK Combo  24 
UDRL Normal Spin Combo  24 
LRUL Normal Pyro Pummel  24 
DDDU Normal Cross-Kick  24 
LLD Normal Power Punch  18 
UDL Normal Slash Kick  18 
UDU Normal Somersault  18 
DRU Normal Charging Scorch  18 
LRL Normal Hyper Elbow  18 

Research Center Password

The password to Dr.Usha's research is x, x, triangle circle, and square.


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Easter eggs

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