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  • LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy and Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (LEGO)
  • Action, Adventure
  • Lucas Arts
  • Lucas Arts
  • Everyone-10
  • September 12, 2006


Drive As R2D2 Or C3PO

On Mos Eisley Spaceport (you must have self destruction unlocked to do this), Get to the car, change to a person who can drive it and then get in. get out bet don't move, change to R2D2 od C3PO and use self destruct. You should come back as R2D2 or C3PO driving the car.

Cool Real Star Wars Characters To Make

1 . Go to build-a-character and select Luke's head, black hood, brown cape, Obi-wan's body, beige waist and legs and arms, regular hands and a blue lightsaber and you got episode 1 Obi-wan
2. Go to build-a-character select Ackbar's head, Obi-wan's body, beige arms, beige waist, brown legs, and gray hands and you got Plo-Koon's padawan from the clone wars
3. Alright this one's a character is from star wars knights of the old republic video game. Go to build-a-character select Leia's head, and her pony tail hair, Leia's bikini body, arm's, and hands, beige waist, gray legs, and a blue lightsaber and you got Bastila from knights of the old republic.


In speader show down at the end thers an AT-AT if you and a nother player go in at the same time player 2 will fall to the ground and stay alive.

Episode 4 Level 1

It pays to play this level on Free Play. If you can find EVERY source of money you can earn well over 200,000 studs. If you play this on Story Mode and get EVERY source of money you can earn over 100,000 studs.

Easy Money

Go to a 2x money zone and keep killing yourself then you will get 8 thousand studs instead of 4 thousand.

Imperial Shuttle Pilot

At Mos Eisley canteena, select "enter code" and enter VAP664. You still need to select characters and purchase this character for 29,000 studs.

2-player Only

When you go through Chapter 5 in episode 5 try to get as much done as possible if you normally play alone. When you try to go through in free play the you can move the other character but it just sits there. Also, the second time you battle Vader, it will go up to the platform but thats it, it won't turn on the smoke things. (you can ignore this if you play 2-player alot).

Blend In

When you are playing become a superbattle droid when you are near other superbattle droids and walk slowly and they won't notice you. You can even shoot them and they won't notice you!

More Studs Quickly Without Stud Fountain!

Go to the double score zone and let the enemy kill you and pick up studs you drop. -coolkid32495

Stud Fountain

When you beat the game 100%,(Get all the gold bricks) go out to the outside of the cantina. Walk around until you find a pile of golden Lego pieces, build them up and a fountain of studs is the result, shooting out almost a seemingly endless amount of studs! now go buy the score X12 you Rich gamer :]

Lego City

When you have 60 golden bricks, go over to the pile of them near the shaped wall. Build them up, and it'll be a door with what seams like a ? mark above it. Go in and you'll be in Lego city.

Red Brick On Luke's Bespin Level In Episode 5

When you start out you have to defeat 2 stormies then use the Force to build half a bridge from the X-wing's wing. After you do that go behind the X-wing and press yourself against the back of it and you should get the Red Brick.

Gold Bricks

You know the gold bricks you get after beating levels? well they work out GREAT in the end. Once you get about 60 Gold Bricks there is a gold question mark shaped door outside the cantina. Go in there and you play lego city. A game where you have to see how fast you can get 1,000,000 studs. When you get all 99, THE BEST POSSIBLE THING HAPPENS! You build a golden pillar thing and it shoots out money! Thousands at a time! This is the easiest way to get money to buy things in the cantina.


On the Speeder Showdown level of Episode 5, when you are chasing the enemy speeder, kill him and then blow up quickly before you get off the speeder. Your hearts will not come back up when you are off the speeder. It may or may not stay on when you get on the speeder again.

Head Access

If you play a level with C-3PO in two player story mode like "Through The Jundland Wastes" and damage C-3PO untill he has his head, one arm, and one leg. Then make sure the second player switch to C-3PO and damage C-3PO untill he has only his head and a leg. (talk about paying an arm and leg!!!)Next access a C-3PO panel and he will use his head literally!!!

The Skating Skeleton

First buy 'extra toggle' then turn it on, go to the second level in ep 4 doing free play mode and go to the place where you build a ship to go over the lake to fix the brige. Build the ship and turn into the skeleton in hop in with him and jump out. he should be standing up in one pose. Walk with him his leggs don't move! My sister and I do that skeleton thing alot, oh and when you buy 'extra toggle' you can turn into a Womp rat and many more.


Play As Santa

CL4U5H (for Santa hat and red clothes)
TYH319 (for white beard Extra)



Rebel Trooper (hoth)


Skiff Guard


Gonk Droid


Grand Moff Tarkin


Han Solo (hood)


Imperial Officer


Imperial Shuttle Pilot


Imperial Spy


Palace Guard


Beach Tropper


Bespin Guard


Bib Fortuna


Death Star Trooper


Unlock Playable Charcters And Ships

Bespin gaurd - vhy832
death star trooper - bnc332
gonk droid - nfx582
grand moff tarkin - smg219
han solo (HOOD)- ywm840
ig-88 - nxl973
bib fortuna - wty721
beach tropper - uck868
Imperial officer - bbv889
imperial shuttle pilot - vap664
imperial spy - cvt125
lobot - uub319
palace gaurd - sge549
rebel trooper (HOTH) - eku849
skiff guard - gbu888.


Enter ugn694 as a code.

Tie Interceptor

Enter qya828 as a code.

Tie Fighter Fighter Pilot

Enter nnz316 as a code.

Tie Fighter

Enter hdy739 as a code.

Rebel Pilot

Enter cyg336 as a code.

Imperial Guard

Enter mmm111 as a code.


Enter nxl973 as a code.


Enter ttt289 as a code.

Unlock Snow Trooper


Unlock Gammorean Guard


Unlock Tusken Raider


Unlock Greedo

Enter nah118

Boba Fett


Ben Kenobi's Ghost


The Emperor


Unlock Jawa

Put "jaw 499" in to unlock the jawa

Unlock Stormtrooper


Unlock Sandtrooper

Go to codes and enter jaw499


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