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  • LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy and Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (LEGO)
  • Action, Adventure
  • Lucas Arts
  • Lucas Arts
  • Everyone-10
  • June 12, 2006


Character & Vehicle Bonuses 2

Using a bounty hunter is good but I prefer to use the Droideka that you can unlock in the challenge modes. Using the droideka equipped with self destruct is more effective than a bounty hunter. The droideka moves faster than any other character in the game so making a loop is real easy. Pull up next to a shiny metal object and press self destruct you will respawn quickly allowing you to roll through and collect the studs and roll on to the next shiny metal object. The bounty hunters are overrated.

3-CPO Drive A Land Speeder

First use character that can drive the land speeder, after that drive the land speeder and press the triangle button, and change to 3-CPO and self destruction it using by pressing the circle button, after that 3-CPO drive the land speeder (need self destruction and active that Extras).

Gamorrean Gaurds

Gamorrean Gaurds are weak with dark characters. They don't attack. Plus they won't attack if your there kind. So in some places there are Gamorrean Gaurds, so choose a dark character or a Gamorrean Guard and let them come close and then attack.

Character & Vehicle Bonuses

The character and vehicle bonuses are all too easy if you know what you're doing. First off, you shouldn't have been spending money on buying any character in the store, since you unlock (for free) one character type (Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Midget Character) when you complete all the stories. Secondly, you need to save up $900,000 and buy the Power Block Invulnerability. You can unlock that crucial block by locating it in Free Mode in Episode 4 Chapter 5. Once you leave the trash compactor, open the first "locked" door you find (it's a second trash compactor room). Investigate that room for your much needed cheat block. Now you have the right tools (i.e., invulnerability), you can stick to using a bounty hunter and simply lob Thermal Detonators to blow up masses of enemies as well as the shiny metal objects that leave the $10,000 purple stud in the stages . These objects regenerate, so you basically "run a loop" blowing up the objects you destroyed and coming back to them later.


Ben Kenobi's Ghost (Obi-wan Kenobi)

Enter: BEN917

Santa Claus

Use the cheat 'CL4U5H' and 'TYH319'(must buy). Construct a character with a red hat, red clothes, black belt, white cape (optional), black gloves (hands), a weapon of your choice, and Obi-Wan's head. Then, in the start menu, select extras, go down to 'disguise' and toggle through it until you reach the number 3. Go play as him in free play.

Boba Fett

Enter: HLP221

Grand Moff Tarkin

Enter: SMG219

Gamorrean Guard


Unlock Ugnaught


Jango Fett


Tusken Raider

Enter: PEJ821

TIE Fighter Pilot

Enter: NNZ739

Emperor Palpatine

Enter: HHY382

Rebel Trooper From Hoth

Enter: EKU849

Rebel Pilot

Enter: CYG336

Palace Guard

Enter: SGE549


Enter: UUB319


Enter: JAW499

Imperial Spy

Enter: CVT125

Imperial Shuttle Pilot

Enter: VAP664

Imperial Officer

Enter: BBV889

Imperial Guard

Enter: MMM111


Enter: NXL973

Han Solo With Hood

Enter: YWM840


Enter: NAH118

Gonk Droid

Enter: NFX582


Enter: TTT289

Bespin Guard

Enter: VHY832

Bib Fortuna

Enter: WTY721


Enter: PTR345


Enter: YDV451

Death Star Trooper

Enter: BNC332

Beach Trooper

Enter UCK868 at Mos Eisley Cantina

Snow Tropper


New Trooper



Bounty Hunter Mini-game

First you have to purchase and unlock ALL the Bounty Hunters (Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, Greedo, IG-88, and 4-LOM) then after that you have unlocked the Bounty Hunter Mini-game.

V And VI

To unlock Episodes 5 and 6, finish Episode IV, Chapter 1.

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