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  • Role-Playing, First-Person RPG
  • Unknown
  • Activision
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Beat Lufia With Ease!

To destroy all monsters and sinistrels easily, first go to Caan, get behind the counter,-to get behind the counter and press 'A' everywhere-and talk to the person and get around 50 'Ear Cleaner's. They don't sound like much, but they do around 125 damage.

Gades Bracelet & Gades Blade

When fighting gades for the First and Second times, it's actually possible to beat him. Your best chance is to have Wain use 'Head Crush', and then have your other party members use Hi-Bombs. For the first fight you'll need about 6 Hi-Bombs and for the second fight you'll need about 10-12 Hi-Bombs. beating him the first time gets you the 'Gades Bracelet', beating him the second time gets you the 'Gades Blade'

Tower Serpent Strategy

In the deserted lighthouse, when you get to the first main floor with Randolf, you face a mighty serpant. Here is a hint how to beat this baddie quick and easy. You need the holy attack scroll, energy punch scroll and dask attack scroll. When you are against the serpent you will find out that it has 2100/2100 hp and 300/300 mp. Another hint is: DO NOT attack the serpent with a electric type attack, this gives the snake hp. Just wham it with those scroll attacks and eventually you will win. I had a huge problem with this snake the first time around and I worked out a strategy that does a an awesome job.

Get Experience Doubled And LP Doubled

When you finish the whole game of lufia, another option comes up at the title screen, this is start over, when you play this option all experience, LP, and gold is doubled when you battle so things get a little easier. BUT...most enemies are harder than before.

Blue Chests

In the ancient cave there is blue chests every couple levels or so. The weapons or armor in these chests are extreamly good and should be handled to your best team mates.

Free Swords, Shields, Etc.

To get a free sword or armor or shield etc., just when you are battling a sinistral for the first time when you are supposed to lose use Dei's "Grab Loot" to steal a weapon. NOTE: This does not always work.

Free Items

Have you ever wondered why they have the tressure boxes behind the counter at the tressure stores? Or at least what might be in them? Well go find out. Just, simply, when you see the weapon shop from the outside go around to the back where you will be by the roof. Facing the roof, press A everywhere facing the roof. Eventually you will find a door. It will lead you in. First, get the tressure chests. Now talk to the person. Sometimes they give you things. In Majari, they give you a free stay. In Caan, the owner will sell you her secret stash. This is the only place (well, at least that I know about) in the game where you can buy Bunny Ears. Although they will clean you out of gold unless you come back later in the game. The Bunny Ears cost 50,000 pieces of gold!!!! But, you will get some great things buy coming in the back door.


We have no cheats or codes for Lufia: The Legend Returns yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Lufia: The Legend Returns yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Lufia: The Legend Returns yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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