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Movie Questions

Movie: One More Set
Question 1 = 3 
Question 2 = 2 
Question 3 = 2 
Question 4 = 3 
Question 5 = 2

Movie: The Young Fella
Question 1 = 1 
Question 2 = 2 
Question 3 = 2

Movie: The Prosciutto
Question 1 = 2 
Quesiton 2 = 3 
Question 3 = 2

Movie: Air Hockey 101
Question 1 = 2 
Question 2 = 4 
Question 3 = 3


When you first start out on the NFL Superstar it would be easy for you to pick the best parents you can. For example if you are a QB make sure that your father has some NFL experience in the league. Like if he was a Hall Famer it would be easier.

Maximize Your Stats Before Each Game

This ONLY works if you have an agent with access to the performance institute. Normally, you can only do it once per game. I've found a way around that. First, go to the institute and do your preferred workout. Next, go to your schedule and choose that weeks game. After you press X,a screen showing your teams and your offence/defense coaches. Hit triangle, then go back to the map and go to the pref. institute, and do your workout again. This time, when you add your stats, the stats from the previous workouts should also be boosted.

Confuse The Defense

One of the best ways to confuse the opposing defense is to run multiple plays out of the same formation. Use Practice mode to master every play in a given formation to keep the defense guessing.


100% On The IQ Test

Type in smartie as a cheat

Lame Duck Card

Enter "5LAWO0" as a code to get the Lame Duck card. This card forces your opponent to throw nothing but lob passes for one half, which allows the defense more time to react to the ball, and leads to more deflections and interceptions.

Full Code List

  • Cannot throw an INT or Fumble the ball for 1 half. : XL7SP1
  • QB will have 100% accuracy for 1 half. : WROAOR
  • The Opponent throws lob passes for 1 half. : 5LAWO0
  • unlock the 1958 Colts Gold card. : B57QLU
  • unlock the 1966 Packers Gold card. : 1PL1FL
  • unlock the 1968 Jets Gold card. : MIE6WO
  • unlock the 1970 Browns Gold card. : CL2TOE
  • unlock the 1972 Dolphins Gold card. : NOEB7U
  • unlock the 1974 Steelers Gold card. : YO0FLA
  • unlock the 1976 Raiders Gold card. : MOA11I
  • unlock the 1977 Broncos Gold card. : C8UM7U
  • unlock the 1978 Dolphins Gold card. : VIU0O7
  • unlock the 1980 Raiders Gold card. : NLAPH3
  • unlock the 1981 Chargers Gold card. : COAGI4
  • unlock the 1982 Redskins Gold card. : WL8BRI
  • unlock the 1983 Raiders Gold card. : H0EW7I
  • unlock the 1984 Dolphins Gold card. : M1AM1E
  • unlock the 1985 Bears Gold card. : QOETO8
  • unlock the 1986 Giants Gold card. : ZI8S2L
  • unlock the 1988 49ers Gold card. : SP2A8H
  • unlock the 1990 Eagles Gold card. : 2L4TRO
  • unlock the 1991 Lions Gold card. : J1ETRI
  • unlock the 1992 Cowboys Gold card. : W9UVI9
  • unlock the 1993 Bills Gold card. : DLA3I7
  • unlock the 1994 49ers Gold card. : DR7EST
  • unlock the 1996 Packers Gold card. : F8LUST
  • unlock the 1998 Broncos Gold card. : FIES95
  • unlock the 1999 Rams Gold card. : S9OUSW
  • unlock the Aloha Stadium Gold card. : YI8P8U
  • unlock the Super Bowl XLI Gold card. : RLA9R7
  • unlock the Super Bowl XLII Gold card. : WRLUF8
  • unlock the Super Bowl XLIII Gold card. : NIEV4A
  • unlock the Super Bowl XLIV Gold card. : M5AB7L

  • #239 1985 Chicago Bears Gold

    Enter QOETO8 as a code.

    # 220 Superbowl

    Enter XLI RLA9R7 as a code.

    # 221 Superbowl

    Enter XLII WRLUF8 as a code.

    # 222 Superbowl

    Enter XLIII NIEV4A as a code.

    # 223 Superbowl

    Enter XL1V M5AB7L as a code.

    # 224 Aloha Stadium

    Enter YI8P8U as a code.

    Unlock All Cards


    All NFC Hall Of Fame Card


    All AFC Hall Of Fame Cards


    1972 Miami Dolphins

    Enter NOEB7U as a code.

    To Go Undefeated For A Season


    Unlocks Gold Madden Card #199: The Lame Duck Cheat

    Entry Location: Madden Codes under Madden Cards


    Unlock Card Codes

    Entry Location: Madden Codes under Madden Cards

    XL7SP1 - Unlocks the gold Madden card #200: the Mistake Free cheat 
    WROA0R - Unlocks the gold Madden card #210, the QB on Target cheat


    "Freak" Player Unlocks

  • "Freak" Halfback, Fullback, and Defensive Lineman : Madden Level of 15
  • "Freak" Kicker, Punter, Tight End, and Offensive Lineman : Madden Level of 10
  • "Freak" Quarterback, Cornerback, Free Safety, and Strong Safety : Madden Level of 30
  • "Freak" Wide Reciever, Middle Linebacker, and Outside Linebacker : Madden Level of 20

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