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Victory Dance

When your running for a touchdown, if you have a big enough lead on the other team, press the Triangle button at Ten yards and you will do a victory dance.


QB Cant Be Sacked

Enter "qbindaclub" at the code screen.


Fantasy team: clowns

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the code entry screen to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:

Result 			Code

5 yard first downs 		POPWARNER
20 yard first downs 		FIRSTIS20
10 pt. TDs; 7 pt. FGs  		DRBENWAY
100 yard passes  		PIGSKINSFLY
100 yard field goals  		BIGFOOT
Fast passes  		FASTFORWARD
Super speed burst  		NO2
Super stiff arm  		SMACKDOWN
Super jump  			SPRONG
More injuries  		PAINFUL
More fumbles  		ROLLERGIRL
More interceptions  		PICKEDOFF
No interceptions  		EXPRESSBALL
Receivers catch better  		MAGNASAVE
Less sacks  			QBINTHECLUB
Less penalties 	 	REFISBLIND
Points for defense [Note]  	FRAPLPRO
Quick fatigue  		FINALTIME
Harder to tackle players 	 	TEFLON
Electric sidelines  		STATICCLING
Floating heads  		TALKINGWHAT
Big versus small players 		MINIME
Camera follows football 		VERTIGO
Curved space and time  		MOEBIUS
4th And Incas stadium 		QUETZLCOATL
Alpha Blitz stadium 		PANCAKES
Cosmodome stadium 	 	SPACEBALL
Dodge City stadium  		WILDWEST
EA Sports stadium  		ITSINTHEGAME
Gridiron stadium  		KLAATU
Maddenstein stadium 	 	COUNTMADDEN
Nile Hi stadium 	 	DENILE
Salvagefield stadium  		TETANUSHOT
Tiberium stadium  		FEEDTHELIONS
Tiburon stadium 	 	WEPUTITTHERE
Tiburon Bros. stadium 	 	COTTONCANDY
Xmas Rush stadium  		XMASGIFT
1972 Steelers team 	 	DONTGOFOR2
1972 Raiders team 	 	GETMEADOCTOR
1976 Raiders team  		GAMMALIGHT
1976 Patriots team 	 	HACKCHEESE
1981 Dolphins team 	 	15MOREMIN
1981 Chargers team  		BUILDMONKEYS
1985 Dolphins team  		CHICKIN
1985 Bears team  		DOORKNOB
1986 Browns team  		KAMEHAMEHA
1986 Broncos team  		BLUESCREEN
1988 49ers team 	 	CALLMESALLY
1988 Bengals team 	 	PTMOMINFOGET
1990 Giants team 	 	PROFSMOOTH
1990 Bills team 	 	SPOON
1995 Steelers team 	 	STEAMPUNK
1995 Colts team  		PREDATORS
1997 Packers team 	 	TUNDRA
1997 Broncos team  		EARTHPEOPLE
AllMadden team 	 	TEAMMADDEN
All '60s team  		MOJOBABY
All '70s team 	 	LOVEBEADS
All '80s team  		BIGHAIR
All '90s team  		INTERNS
Comets team  		ONESMALLSTEP
EA Sports team 	 	WEARETHEGAME
Industrials team  		INTHEFUTURE
Junkyarddogs team  		MADMADDEN
Madden Millennium team 	 	TIMELESS
Marshalls fantasy team  		COWBOYS
Monsters team 	 	KTHULU
Mummies team 	 	WRAPPEDUP
NFL Millennium team  		ALLTIMEBEST
Praetorians team 	 	DOASWEDO
Sugarbuzz team 	 	TREMENDOUS1_2
Tiburon team  		SHARKATTACK
Toymakers team 	 	XMASFILES
Vipers team  		PLAYWTHHEART

Note: If the defense gets a sack, that same team will get 2 points. If the defense 
gets an interception, the team will get 1 point. The defenses get no points for 
forced fumbles, fumbles recovered, blocked kicks, or tipped passes. You will know 
that the game has put up points on the board when a "boing" sound is heard after 
a sack or the interceptor is tackled.


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Easter eggs

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