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Secret Teams

Go to secret codes option and type in only the code name, not the teams.

Marshalls team -- HANDSUP
Tiburon team -- INTHESUN 
Monsters team -- SCAREME 
Ecko team -- BUYME
Madden Millenium team -- MADDENMEN
Madden Super Bowl team -- SUPERMADDEN 
1976 Vikings -- POWEROFPURPLE 
1973 Vikings -- LONGLIVE 

Sugar Buzz Team

Go to secretcodes under files and type "sugarplease".

Cheat Codes

Select the "Settings" option, then choose the "Secret Codes" selection. Enter 
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


1957 49ers team  	GOLDRUSH
1957 Lions team  	LIONPOWER
1958 Colts team  	STABLES
1958 Giants team  	JOLLYGREEN
1962 Oilers team  	THEREWASAMAN
1962 Texans team  	GETEM
1966 Chiefs team  	MEGIVEYOU
1966 Cowboys team  	WHOSHOTJR
1966 Packers team  	CHAMPS
1967 Cowboys team  	TUNDRA
1967 Packers team  	SNOWPLOW
1967 Rams team  	BLITZER
1968 Colts team 	SHOCKER
1968 Jets team  	TVTIMEOUT
1968 Raiders team  	HEIDI
1969 Chiefs team  	NOFLUKE
1969 Vikings team  	AllFLUKE
1970 Browns team  	MNF
1970 Jets team  	DAMNYANKEES
1970 Vikings team  	PEOPLEEATER
1971 Chiefs team  	OVERTIME
1971 Cowboys team  	STARS
1971 Dolphins team  	LONGESTGAME
1972 Colts team  	AIRSHOW
1972 Dolphins team  	PERFECT
1972 Jets team  	AIRTIME
1972 Raiders team  	SOUR
1972 Steelers team  	LUCKY
1973 Bengals team  	JUNGLECATS
1974 Dolphins team  	DEFENDERS
1974 Raiders team  	STRUGGLE
1974 Steelers team  	STEELCURTAIN
1974 Vikings team  	TARK
1975 Cowboys team  	HAILMARY
1975 Steelers team  	MIRACLELEAP
1975 Vikings team  	PURPLE
1977 Colts team  	GHOSTTOTHEPOST
1977 Raiders team  	THEGHOST
1978 Chargers team  	ROLLER
1978 Dolphins team  	CANNEDTUNA
1978 Oilers team  	EARL
1978 Raiders team  	HOLY
1978 Steelers team  	DYNASTY
1979 Bucaneers team  	PIRATES
1979 Cowboys team  	COMEBACK
1981 49ers team  	THECATCH
1981 Bengals team  	TIGERS
1981 Chargers team  	IRONMAN
1981 Cowboys team  	NOCHANCE
1983 Raiders team  	HOMESICK
1984 AllMadden team  	MADDEN84
1984 Dolphins team  	DANTHEMAN
1985 AllMadden team  	MAD1985
1985 Bears team  	UPSET
1985 Falcons team  	FLYAWAY
1985 Patriots team  	BLOWOUT
1986 AllMadden team  	86MADDEN
1986 Broncos team  	THEDRIVE
1987 AllMadden team  	1987MAD
1988 AllMadden team  	MADDEN88
1988 Bengals team  	NOHOPE
1989 AllMadden team  	MAD1989
1989 Broncos team  	CRUSHED
1990 AllMadden team  	90MADDEN
1990 Bills team  	WIDERIGHT
1990 Raiders team  	ONEEYE
1991 AllMadden team  	1991MAD
1991 Falcons team  	NEONLIGHTS
1991 Lions team  	TOOMUCH
1992 AllMadden team  	MADDEN92
1992 Bills team  	COMEBACKKID
1992 Cowboys team  	HOWBOUTEM
1993 AllMadden team  	MAD1993
1993 Bills team  	NOTAGAIN
1994 49ers team  	BYTHEBAY
1994 AllMadden team  	94MADDEN
1994 Broncos team  	OUCH
1994 Chargers team  	CHARGE
1995 AllMadden team  	1995MAD
1996 AllMadden team  	MADDEN96
1996 Packers team  	ALMOST
1996 Panthers team  	DEFENSE
1997 All Madden team  	MAD1997
1998 49ers team  	THECATCHTWO
1998 AllMadden team  	98MADDEN
1998 Packers team  	NOLUCK
1998 Vikings team  	MISSEDCHANCE
1999 AllMadden team  	1999MAD
1999 Rams team  	NOWHEREMAN
1999 Titans team  	MIRACLEPLAY
1960 Eagles team  	GREENWINGS
1977 Cowboys team  	USATEAM
All 49ers team  	GOLDNINERS
All Bears team  	BROWNBEAR
All Bills team  	BLUEBILLS
All Broncos team  	BUCKINGBRONCO
All Chargers team  	BLUECHARGERS
All Chiefs team  	REDCHIEFS
All Colts team  	WHITECOLTS
All Cowboys team  	BLUECOWBOYS
All Dolphins team  	AQUAFINS
All Eagles team  	GREENEAGLES
All Falcons team  	BLACKFALCONS
All Giants team  	BIGGIANTS
All Jets team  	GREENJETS
All Lions team  	SILVERLIONS
All Packers team  	YELLOWPACK
All Panthers team  	BIGCATS
All Patriots team  	REDPATS
All Raiders team  	SILVERRAID
All Rams team  	GOLDRAMS
All Redskins team  	REDINDIANS
All Saints team  	MARCHINGIN
All Steelers team  	BLACKSTEEL
All Vikings team  	CONQUER
EA Sports team  	INTHEGAME
Mummies team  	KINGTUT


We have no unlockables for Madden NFL 2001 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Madden NFL 2001 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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We have no guides or FAQs for Madden NFL 2001 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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