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Easy Madden Tokens

Go to 2 minute drill and put the defence as the Texans. Put your team as the Rams. Press X to select your go-to guy and select Az-Zahir Hakim. Run the Az-Zahir Post and you will burn the defence and get easy touchdowns and get at least 100 tokens a game if you do it right!

Ball Holder Facing Right

Make sure your' field goal kicker kicks right footed. Put "Field Goal" as one of your' audibles, when you're lining up for an extra point attempt, keep choosing that audible until the ball holder kneels foward, at that time he will also be looking to the right(The kick won't be affected in any way). NOTE: This work on my GameCube version of Madden 2002, I can't garuntee it'll work for anyone elses.

Dancing Into The Endzone

Press L or R before running into the endzone and your player may do a dance.

Unlimited Money In Franchise Mode

First, select season mode. Next, choose a team, but do not select "Start" yet. Go to "Salary Cap" and change it to "No". Play all the games of your season. When a prmpt appears asking you to convert season to franchise, select "OK". Choose your team to play with again and resume to the off-season schedule. When you want to sign a player, you will see "No Cap" at the top. You may now sign anyone of your choice.

Easy Recovery

Use the following trick to always recover the ball when kicking. Go to a play where most of your players are on the left. When kicking, put the arrow to the bottom left and kick at full power. Your players will have a very good chance to keep the ball.

Easy Sacks

In easy mode, go on the other side of the line of scrimmage and stand in front of the quarterback. Remain there in front of him until he hikes the ball, then tackle him. Make sure you do not touch anybody while getting in front of him.

Easy Scoring

Turn penalties off. On the coin toss, choose kick. Then, select "Onside Kick" for a play . Pull Back + Right (if your kicker is left footed, pull Back + Left) and kick with full power then recover the onside kick. Choose your quarterback then scroll down and select "Hail Mary" as a play.

Easy 2-point Conversion

After you score a touchdown, select the "Ask Madden" button. He will almost always suggest kicking a field goal. Instead, go up one set of plays, and pick the play "RB Direct Snap". No matter what defense you are playing against, you will always get the 2-point conversion. Note: If you cannot get in immediately, press B to dive near the goal line.

Easy Punt Blocking

Choose the play Punt Return Right, Middle, or Left. Before everyone lines up on defense, take your LE and bring him to the right of the MLB. After you bring the LE over, press the C-stick Right so your line moves over. As soon as the offense hikes the ball, use your turbo and head straight for the Punter. Once you get close enough, jump (Y) and you will either block the punt or hit him hard. If you happen to miss the ball, you will usually end up taking a penalty. Refer to the following diagram (O is defense and X is punting). Before snap: Punt Returner | o MLB LE / oo oooooo oo xx xxxxxx xx x x x | Punter After Snap: Punt Returner | o LE MLB / oo o ooooo o oo xx xxxxxx xx x x x | Punter

Max Stats

go to the create a player screen make your player then you get to attributs you will notice that all your attributs don't go up to 99 don't mess with it go down to (continue) then press (create and exit) then go over to (edit player)pick your player then press (attributs) all your attributs can go up to 99 now

Score Limit

In Madden 2002 you can only score 255 points, if you score a touchdown it will show it in the stats but your score will not go up.

Infinite Creation Points

Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press A, then press A again.


New Year's Commentary

Set the system date to January 1 to hear New Year's commentary

Christmas Commentary

Set the system date to December 25 to hear Christmas commentary.

Thanksgiving Commentary

Set the system date to the third Thursday in November to hear Thanksgiving commentary.

Dancing Into The Endzone

When your player is wide open, press L or R before running into the endzone and your player will do a dance.


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