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  • August 20, 2001


Madden Tokens

Play as a really good team. Play against either a European team, or the Monsters or mummies. After the coin toss, set the A.I. in every category all the way up for you. And all the way down for the computer. Depending on how well you play, and if you play at All-Madden level, you should have about 600 to 1100 tokens.

Year 1 Free Agents, Ovr. 80+

Name          Ovr.    Pos.   Age.
L.CENTERS     88      FB     33
E.WILLIAMS    86      RT     32
J.PORTER      85      ROLB   24
L.FLETCHER    85      MLB    26
T.JONES       84      LT     35
M.POLLARD     83      TE     29
J.DUNCAN      83      MLB    26
W.FLOYD       82      FB     29
S.WOODEN      82      FS     27
D.WASHINGTON  81      CB     28
R.JONES       81      LG     27
K.HAMILTON    80      DT     30 
C.AHAOTU      80      LE     30
B.ARMSTRONG   80      LT     35

Year 2 Free Agents, Ovr. 80+

Name       Ovr.   Pos.   Age.
D.WOODSON  88     SS     33
T.TUPA     85     P      36
R.McDANIEL 85     LG     37
K.SHULZ    84     SS     33
J.HOLECEK  84     MLB    30
L.NEAL     83     FB     31
J.JOHNSON  81     RE     30
T.GREEN    80     QB     32

Tokens For Madden Cards

If you want tokens to get more Madden Cards just sell(if you have it) the card with John Madden on the front. When you sell it you get all the tokens plus, when you buy your next pack, you will get the card back! You can keep doing this over and over and over. It'll work everytime!

Punt Block

Blocking a punt is too easy! Choose to return a punt(center), never choose to block a punt. This is based on whichever side the opposing team has their last blocker before the punter. If he's on the right, you come from the left, if he's on the left, you come from the right. Shift your linemen to whichever side their last blocker is, take one of your outside guys from that same side, run him over to the opposite side, line him up about two body lengths away from the last lineman. At the snap of the ball press your directional pad down and hit the "O" button for a run burst. Keep going more than likely if you've timed it right, you will tackle the punter, if not you will have to jump and block it.

Sacks & More Sacks

If you want to pile up sacks in a game, use the 3- 4 deffense, choose OLB Blitz. Shift your linemen to the right, shift your linebackers to the left, take your middle linebacker and put him between the LG & Center of the opposing team. You will be this linebacker, do not put him as a down lineman, that's too close. As soon as the center snaps the ball hit your "o" button & press down on the control pad. You will run through the line and hit the QB quick! You will get blocked after awhile, if this happens, do everything the opposite way, instead of Linemen to the right, go left and so on.

Saving Cap Room

When signing your free agents, you can lower their requested amount a 100 thousand if you keep the contract short.

Two-Minute Drill Point Values/Accomplishment Points

Go out of bounds after gaining yards 50 Points 

10 yard completion 100 Points 
Extra point amount for every 5 yards beyond 21 on a passing play 100 Points 

4 yard run 100 Points 

First Down 100 Points 

Score an extra point after a touchdown 150 Points 
Extra point amount for every 5 yards beyond 16 on a running play 200 Points 

Extra point amount for every 3 yards beyond 41 on a field goal 250 Points 

15 yard run 300 Points 

21 yard completion 350 Points 

Recover a fumble 375 Points 

Two point conversion 375 Points 

Field Goal 525 Points 

Field Goal longer than 31 yards 675 Points 

Field Goal longer than 41 yards 850 Points 

Score 15 or more points Add 15% 

Score 22 or more points Add 30% 

Play at Pro difficulty Add 50% 

Play at All-Pro difficulty Add 100% 

Play at All-Madden difficulty Add 200%

Always Get The Ball

First under the settings turn off penalties. Then when you're in the game always do an onside kick. Move the arrow as far as possible to the left and down as far as possible. Then kick the ball you should always get the ball unless you kick it to hard and it goes out of bounds.

Get 300 Or More Tokens

Here is a very easy (I mean REALLY easy) way to get madden tokens. First go to the main menu and select rosters under options. Select any team and go to the edit player selection. Change all of the player stats to 15. Save your roster and go to Two Minute Drill. Choose the team you changed for the defense. Then choose a profile to save it to. Choose the Ravens (or a better team if you have on)and select All Madden level and begin playing. Find a good runing play and keep doing it if you score a touchdown. If the defense brings you down, then call timeout. If you scored about 4-8 you should have around 300 tokens!

Easier 5yds.-Touchdown Completions

First you the get the Giants, then you pick J. Fassel's playbook. After that, when your on offense, you pick singleback, then you pick WR Quick in. When you throw, throw to R1. But before you throw, go to the side that R1 is going to, then throw.

Dancing Into The Endzone

When your player is wide open, press L1 or R1 before running into the endzone and your player will do a dance.

Easier Compleation Or First Down

For an easier compleation, or first down choose J. Fassel's play book. Then choose the "Single Back" formon. Then, after choose the play "Corners." Before you get sacked throw it to the "O." Although the catch may go out of bounce its ok. You have till forth down. Note: This works the best if you use the giants and Ike Hiller as the reciever.

Always Get Coin Toss

After you first see the players running onto the field for the coin toss, start tapping X. Keep tapping X so that you pick HEADS right away and stop tapping once the ref starts to flip the coin. You will always win the toss but this only works if your the visting team.

Madden Takes A Closser Look

When your playing madden 2002 in any mode, you can get a cool camera view by jumping into the end zone at the corner closest to you. When the replay comes on you should see the black above & below when it is like that look at the replay. It will stop as you jump into the end zone and rotate (like the matrix) then start to move again.

Defense Kick

On a punt or field goal on the snap press triangle. If the person don't kick that mean you can't see or you are doing it wrong.

Get An Extra Blocker While Passing

Before you snap the ball, press the triangle button (hot route), then a reciever of your choice then R-2. This will give you an extra blocker while passing. You can even press a running back icon.

Run Fast At A Kick Off

When you kick the ball off to the team press triangle and you will run much faster.

Learn The Basics

Before trying to create a franchise you should learn the game first. You should go to practice first and that will help you learn plays, then maybe tryin trying 2 minute drill. If you spend quality time on those you will be ready to start to play.

Flashing Main Menu

When you get to the main menu, hold the down button and the screen will flash.

Change Player Appearance

Enter the options screen and select "Rosters", go to "Edit Player", then go to "Player Appearance". You can make any player in the NFL look different than they really do.

Better Catches

To do a better catch than the normal one, where the player throws his hands in the air at the last second and most of the time misses, simply press Catch a second or a half a second before you reach the target of the ball, or before the ball reaches the receiver. The player will do a better looking and more effective catch, such a one handed catch, a jump catch, a spin catch, an over the shoulder catch (good for lobs), or a better diving one if the ball is out of reach.

Easy Tokens

For easy tokens, go to the two minute drill screen. Choose two to four accounts, and the Admirals for defense. Choose your team and make sure you choose a profile to save to, then start playing. Keep throwing to WR2 and you should get a lot of touchdowns. It is possible to get a score over 33,000 with this trick.

Franchise Expansion Draft

In the off-season in franchise, save, then create a team. Load the franchise and enter the team in the expansion draft.


When everyone is far away from you, and you are running for a touchdown, hold X and hit either L1, R1, L2, or R2 and your player will do a dance.

Infinite Creation Points

Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press X, then press X again.

Houston Texans

After the first season in franchise mode, do the expansion draft for the Houston Texans.


Madden Historical Players

Having an historic player Card will unlock that superstar of yesteryear for use in the Free Agent pool. Once you unlock an historic player, you can sign him to your team.

  151 Carl Banks 
  152 Bill Bates 
  153 Jerome Brown 
  154 Jim Burt 
  155 Keith Byars 
  156 Dwight Clark 
  157 Gary Clark 
  158 Roger Craig 
  159 Richard Dent 
  160 John Elway 
  161 Boomer Esiason 
  162 Jumpy Geathers 
  163 Kevin Greene 
  164 Dan Hampton 
  165 Rodney Hampton 
  166 Tim Harris 
  167 Ken Harvey 
  168 Craig Heyward 
  169 Jay Hilgenberg 
  170 Merril Hoge 
  171 Keith Jackson 
  172 Rickey Jackson 
  173 Joe Jacoby 
  174 Pepper Johnson 
  175 Brent Jones 
  176 Seth Joyner 
  177 Jim Kelly 
  178 Jim Lachey 
  179 Steve Largent 
  180 Dexter Manley 
  181 Charles Mann 
  182 Dan Marino 
  183 Wilber Marshall 
  184 Clay Matthews 
  185 Jim McMahon 
  186 Karl Mecklenburg 
  187 Matt Millen 
  188 Art Monk 
  189 Joe Morris 
  190 William Perry 
  191 Tom Rathman 
  192 Barry Sanders 
  193 Phil Simms 
  194 Mike Singletary 
  195 Jackie Slater 
  196 Pat Swilling 
  197 Steve Tasker 
  198 John Taylor 
  199 Herschel Walker 
  200 Steve Young

Madden Player Cards

When you play one of these cards during gameplay, your player will get a ratings boost. There are three different versions: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze gives your player a 25% ratings boost for a single play, Silver gives him a 25% boost until the end of the quarter and Gold gives the boost until the end of the half.

  1 James Allen 
  2 Marcus Robinson 
  3 Brian Urlacher 
  4 Corey Dillon 
  5 Takeo Spikes 
  6 Peter Warrick 
  7 Sam Cowart 
  8 Rob Johnson 
  9 Eric Moulds 
  10 Mike Anderson 
  11 Brian Griese 
  12 Ed McCaffrey 
  13 Trevor Pryce 
  14 Rod Smith 
  15 Courtney Brown 
  16 Tim Couch 
  17 Wali Rainer 
  18 Mike Alstott 
  19 Derrick Brooks 
  20 Warrick Dunn 
  21 John Lynch 
  22 Keyshawn Johnson 
  23 Warren Sapp 
  24 David Boston 
  25 Jake Plummer 
  26 Frank Sanders 
  27 Darren Bennett 
  28 Doug Flutie 
  29 Rodney Harrison 
  30 Freddie Jones 
  31 Junior Seau 
  32 Derrick Alexander 
  33 Donnie Edwards 
  34 Tony Gonzalez 
  35 Eric Hicks 
  36 Marvin Harrison 
  37 Edgerrin James 
  38 Peyton Manning 
  39 Mike Peterson 
  40 Mike Vanderjagt 
  41 Dexter Coakley 
  42 Raghib Ismail 
  43 Emmitt Smith 
  44 Jay Fiedler 
  45 Oronde Gadsden 
  46 Sam Madison 
  47 Brock Marion 
  48 Lamar Smith 
  49 Jason Taylor 
  50 Zach Thomas 
  51 Hugh Douglas 
  52 Chad Lewis 
  53 Donovan McNabb 
  54 Corey Simon 
  55 Jeremiah Trotter 
  56 Troy Vincent 
  57 Jamal Anderson 
  58 Ray Buchanan 
  59 Shawn Jefferson 
  60 Jessie Tuggle 
  61 Jeff Garcia 
  62 Terrell Owens 
  63 Bryant Young 
  64 Jessie Armstead 
  65 Tiki Barber 
  66 Kerry Collins 
  67 Ike Hilliard 
  68 Jason Sehorn 
  69 Michael Strahan 
  70 Amani Toomer 
  71 Tony Boselli 
  72 Kyle Brady 
  73 Mark Brunell 
  74 Kevin Hardy 
  75 Keenan McCardell 
  76 Jimmy Smith 
  77 Fred Taylor 
  78 Wayne Chrebet 
  79 Victor Green 
  80 Mo Lewis 
  81 Curtis Martin 
  82 Vinny Testaverde 
  83 Desmond Howard 
  84 Johnnie Morton 
  85 Robert Porcher 
  86 James Stewart 
  87 LeRoy Butler 
  88 Brett Favre 
  89 Ahman Green 
  90 Antonio Freeman 
  91 Darren Sharper 
  92 Eric Davis 
  93 Mike Minter 
  94 Muhsin Muhammad 
  95 Wesley Walls 
  96 Drew Bledsoe 
  97 Terry Glenn 
  98 Ty Law 
  99 Willie McGinest 
  100 Lawyer Milloy 
  101 Greg Biekert 
  102 Tim Brown 
  103 Rich Gannon 
  104 Charlie Garner 
  105 Andre Rison 
  106 Tyrone Wheatley 
  107 Charles Woodson 
  108 Isaac Bruce 
  109 Marshall Faulk 
  110 Torry Holt 
  111 Orlando Pace 
  112 Kurt Warner 
  113 Aeneas Williams 
  114 Elvis Grbac 
  115 Qadry Ismail 
  116 Jamal Lewis 
  117 Ray Lewis 
  118 Michael McCrary 
  119 Jonathon Ogden 
  120 Shannon Shape 
  121 Matt Stover 
  122 Rod Woodson 
  123 Champ Bailey 
  124 Stephen Davis 
  125 Bruce Smith 
  126 Jeff Blake 
  127 La'Roi Glover 
  128 Joe Horn 
  129 Ricky Williams 
  130 Shaun Alexander 
  131 Cortez Kennedy 
  132 Levon Kirkland 
  133 Marcus Robertson 
  134 Anthony Simmons 
  135 Shawn Springs 
  136 Ricky Watters 
  137 Jerome Bettis 
  138 Jason Gildon 
  139 Kordell Stewart 
  140 Dewayne Washington 
  141 Blaine Bishop 
  142 Eddie George 
  143 Jevon Kearse 
  144 Steve McNair 
  145 Samari Rolle 
  146 Frank Wycheck 
  147 Cris Carter 
  148 Daunte Culpepper 
  149 Robert Griffith 
  150 Randy Moss

Madden Team Cards

Getting these Cards will unlock the team for Exhibition play.

  275 84 All Madden 
  276 85 All Madden 
  277 86 All Madden 
  278 87 All Madden 
  279 88 All Madden 
  280 89 All Madden 
  281 90 All Madden 
  282 91 All Madden 
  283 92 All Madden 
  284 93 All Madden 
  285 94 All Madden 
  286 95 All Madden 
  287 96 All Madden 
  288 97 All Madden 
  289 98 All Madden 
  290 99 All Madden

New Year's Commentary

Set the system date to January 1 to hear New Year's commentary.

Christmas Commentary

Set the system date to December 25 to hear Christmas commentary.

Thanksgiving Commentary

Set the system date to the third Thursday in November to hear Thanksgiving commentary.


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Easter eggs

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Created by: !.ACA.!. Read the full guide...

Created by: !.ACA.!. Read the full guide...

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