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  • November 17, 2004


How To Win The Super Bowl.

Make sure you are really good at this game. Go to season and choose the Kansas City Cheifs. Go to Rosters and trade Trent Green for Brett Favre (He should be on the packers). Then, trade Trent Green for T. Collins (Trent Green should be on the Packers). Okay here is my technique, Starting at week 1 look who your playing against and go back to the main menu and go to play now and play the team you are going to play against in season mode and keep on playing the team until you win. You should get to the Super Bowl and win it (this is really hard). Have fun!

Touchdown Celebration

Hold L to spike the ball after a touchdown.


If you are playing in season mode, to get more passing yardage use Directional mode. It will show when a receiver is open, and you can still throw the ball when a receiver is not fully open.


More Sacks


More Interceptions


More Fumbles


Harder Hits


Endzone Ball

Hold L after you score a touch down to spike the ball.

You Get Five Downs


Opponent Gets Three Downs


Madden Codes

J33I8F	Bingo! (increase defensive interceptions)
B61A8M	Da Bomb (unlimited pass range)
I76X3T	Da Boot (unlimited field goal range)
M89S8G	Extra Credit (get points for interceptions/sacks)
V65J8P	1st and 15 (opponent must get 15 yards)
V65J8P	1st and 5 (1st down yards set to 5)
R14B8Z	Fumbilitis (increase opponent fumbles)
L96J7P	Hman Plow (increase break tackles)
D57R5S	Lame Duck (opponent throws lob passes)
X78P9Z	Mistake Free (no fumbles or interceptions)
Y59R8R 	Mr. Mobility (qb cannot be sacked)
D59K3Y	Super Drive (increase driving distances)
V34L6D	Tight Fit (narrow opponent uprights)
L48G1E	Unforced Errors (opponent fumbles when juked)
Z28X8K 	3rd Down (opponent gets only 3 downs)
P66C4L	5th Down (you get 5 downs)
O85P6I	Super Bowl XL
P48Z4D	Super Bowl XLI
T67R1O	Super Bowl XLII
D58F1B	Super Bowl XXXIX
P67E1I	T.J. Duckett Gold Card

More Madden Codes (teams)

R79W6W	72 Dolphins
R12D9B	74 Steelers
P96Q8M	76 Raiders
P74X8J	58 Colts
G49P7W	66 Packers
C24W2A	68 Jets
G12N1I	70 Browns
O18T2A	77 Broncos
G97U5X	78 Dolphins
F77R8H	88 49ers
G95F2Q	90 Eagles
I89F4I 	91 Lions
I44A1O	92 Cowboys
Y66K3O	93 Bills
K71K4E	80 Raiders
Y27N9A	81 Chargers
F56D6V	82 Redskins
D23T8S	83 Raiders
X23Z8H	84 Dolphins
F92M8M	85 Bears
K44F2Y	86 Giants


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Easter eggs

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