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Warning! : very complicated, only for the experienced. First, download Firefox and Greasemonkey (if you don't already have it), Then download PS MWAP (Player Script Mafia Wars Auto-Player) I'm not quite sure where it is, so just look it up in Google, Yahoo, or Bing (remember, that's PLAYER SCRIPTS, no other auto-player will work correctly). After downloading the Auto-player, install it to Greasmonkey, and go to Mafia Wars. As you will notice, the way you veiw mafia wars has changed, (screen is skinnier, things that were on the top are now on the side, over the city you are in there is a "Auto-Player Paused") To setup your auto-player, first you will need to turn off any flash player, then (on the mafia wars screen) in the top right corner it should say "for Firefox, for Chrome, Resume, settings, help" Click on settings and configure the way you want the auto-player to play. When your done with that, you can click resume and the auto-player will start. Finally, you are now free to do whatever you want and not have to worry about mafia wars. BE WARNED! : This could get you banned (I might even get banned for telling you this) USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Fast Leveling

When you first start mafia wars at level 1, don't attack until out of energy and close to leveling, but put all your skill points into energy every level and do quests constantly. If you have friends and they send you energy packs use them after you level and you will level at least 1 level a day depending on how much you are on at a time. With energy packs then 2 levels a day min.

All Trophies

Go to every bank in the city or states bank and withdraw and deposit all the money you have 5 times each.

Save Money In Cuba

I found out that if your health is low and you can't fight and you want to heal yourself by going to the Hospital, instead of doing so while in Cuba (where your funds may be low)go back to New York where you probably have a lot of money because of all the time you spent there before traveling to Cuba. Anyways heal at the hospital there and then go back to Cuba and you still have all your Cuban funds. This is very convenient since the funds from New York aren't transferable to anywhere else and same with Cuba. Note: you can do this in Moscow, Bangkok and Las Vegas (when it opens up for business).

Go To Cuba As Soon As You Can

Once you reach level 35, you’ll have your first chance to go to Cuba. Do it right away, because you'll receive much better weapons and gain some experience.

Get Strong Weapons And Use Them First

There are many interesting weapons to choose from, but focus on the weapons that give you the most attack points. Always send your strongest weapons into a fight first to cause as much damage as possible.

Protect Your Family Members

Your family is a team, and you have to keep your team strong. If a family member is in trouble, you need to come to their aid.

Build A Strong Family

The only way to be successful at this game is by building a strong family. Buy weapons and the other items required to make every member of the family strong. You are strongest when your whole family is strongest.

Lots Of Rp

To get a lot of reward points, start out with the 12 you start out with and save to about 200 or so then bet 3 on the rp slot machine and eventually you will get the jackpot worth about 30000+.

Buy Property In Bulk

If you buy property in bulk, it's much cheaper than buying little bits at a time.

Don't Use Energy Packs Near The End Of A Level

If you're within 200 points of reaching the next level, try to avoid using energy packs. It's better to save them until you make it to the next level, where you can instantly re-energize them.

Don't Brag About Gifts

Giving gifts to other family members is always appreciated, but it can annoy other players (as well as attract undue attention) when the gifts are announced.

Play At Double Your Level

Make sure your attack and defense points are at least two times stronger than the level you're currently playing. So if you're on level 2, have your attack and defense points at 4.

Save Money To Buy Property

Work hard to get as much money as possible, and buy as much property as possible. Your money can be stolen from you, but property can't.

Keep Your Money Safe

This game is all about mobs. Keeping money on your person puts you at risk of losing it in a fight or by getting robbed. Put your money in a bank to keep it safe.

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We have no unlockables for Mafia Wars yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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