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  • February 12, 1997


Battle Trick

When you are in battle mode, and you get a itembox-trap , Hold Z and drop it where a normal itembox is. That will trick the other player/s do drive right at it. Note:This may cause you to drive in it too so remember where you put the trap.

Fastest Carts On 150cc

WARNING: Toad may/may not work.


In yoshis valley first find a thin yellow bump then if you press r when ur running over it you should jump twice as far as you normally do, it shuld cut a few seconds of ur time (Note this takes some practice.

Yoshi Valley

Have you ever wondered if you could ever make that big spinning egg disappear? There is a way! Before you arrive at the egg you must have a star. when you get to the egg, turn it on and go right through it. The Egg should blow up! WARNING: After you blow up the egg you got to turn around to see it not there, because after you blow it up,and you keep going, it'll be there the next lap around.

Wario Stadiums Big Jump

At the last jump on Wario stadium, (you need a shell(s) for this), get a good line up with some one in front of you and just before they go over the jump fire the shell and if done at the right time, you'll hit the opponet just before they go over the jump and they'll fall another 1/2 lap back and probly will be in last place.

Boost After Hit By Shell

To boost after getting hit by a shell, you must press the A button repeatedly and you should go faster. NOTE: SOMETIMES IT DOESN'T WORK.

Sharper Turns

To do sharper turns you have to keep pressing the R button, or jump up and down.

DK's Shortcut

This will help you on the donkey kong jungle level. When you get to the items (before you enter the bridge) make sure you get a mushroom, 3 mushrooms, or the super orange mushroom. I highly recommend the super orange mushroom, or at least 3 mushrooms, because this might not work if you have one mushroom. After you exit the bridge, you will enter a cave. The cave has a hill on the left side. Use the mushroom(s) to speed up the hill and you will be able to enter the finish line and save about 5 seconds of time instead of taking the long,regular way. AND if youre lucky and about 3 guys are ahead of you, yet very close to you, you will be able to pass all of them.

Luigi's Race Track

In Luigis race track, at the second speed boost on the bridge, turn left. If you do it just right you will land on the edge of the grass and fall into the water you will get restarted way infront of everyone. (Takes patience to learn)

Banana Jump & Grap Jump

If you know your going to land on a grab or banana press "r" and you'll jump right over it!

Motorcross Cheat

In The motorcross level at the beginning you enter the woops if you pull hard against the left wall and push "r" at the right time you will end up over the wall in a big lead.

A Different Title Screen

To get another title screen, beat all the cups on all the difficulty levels and win gold on all of them. You should have a different title screen.

Get Opponent Stuck

When the green light goes off, let the opponent get infront of you, then hold A,B, and Z for 10 seconds and when it happens the player(opponent) will go approximatly 15-20 yards causing you to go infront of him and become number 1.

Lightning Bolt Trick

In Wario stadium, if someone is right in front or behind you, use a lightning bolt at the big jump and then they will fall and do another 1/2 lap.

Fire Banana Peel

To fire a banana peel forward, hold up and use the banana.

Turtles Through Rainbow Road !?!?!

On rainbow road, get any turtle shells EXCEPT a spiny shell. When you come to a dip in the road, press R and fire your shell. It should go through the bottom of the road.

See The Castle

If you would like to see Peache's castle, then go to a track called "Royal Raceway". After you jump over the water. You should see a yellow path on to the right, when you land. Turn onto it and follow it. Now you can drive around the outside of the castle. But don't do this in a race or important time trial!! It can waste a lot of time!

Easy Battle Wins

The easy way to win a battle is to have a red shell, have it out but don't shoot it. Then get 3 green shells and on a straight path fire the red shell at the person then they'll stop. Take good aim with the green shells and fire one every time the player is about to move.

Easy Kill

On Battle mode be bowser and verses either Toad, Peach or Yoshi. Play on Double Deker and the light is green hold A. You should boost into your oppponent, keep holding A and your opponent will lose all three balloons.

Method 2

In Koopa Troopa beach, drive up the huge ramp and hit the item box. If you don't press Z you will get a Spiny's Shell.

Automatic Spiny's Shell Method 1

In Luigi's Racetrack, you will see a blimp floating up and down. When you go under it jump to get the item. If you don't press Z, then you will get a Spiny's Shell.

Quick Restart

After falling off a course, watch as Lukita places your kart back on the track. When your kart is two or three tire widths from the track, press A to immediately resume the race.

Banana Peel Recovery

When a banana peel is run over, immediately hold the brake for one second, then accelerate to avoid skidding or losing a balloon in battle mode.

Turbo Boost Slide

To slide around a corner, hold R and press the Analog-stick to steer in the direction of the turn, then to the opposite direction. If done correctly, the smoke from your kart will change from white to yellow. Continue to hold R and repeat the steering motion with the Analog-stick to change the smoke from yellow to red. Release R once the smoke becomes red. Now the speed of your kart should increase for a few seconds.

Turbo Start

At the instant between the dimming of the second light and the flashing of the blue light at the start of the race, press A to accelerate. If done correctly, your kart will rapidly accelerate ahead of the other racers. Note: Accelerating too soon will result in a spin out.

Air Increase

Line your kart up directly behind another next racer. Wisps of air will appear from the sides of your kart. The small speed increase that your kart will gain should be enough to pass the racer that is being followed.

Donkey Kong's Easy Lap

At the start of the race, turn around and go into the cave. Then get some speed and head towards the place where the corner of the cave and the ceiling intersect. When you reach this place, you need to jump. When done correctly, you'll pass through the wall and into water. When you're placed back onto the track, go back to the finish line to end the lap.

Banana Not Peeled

When you ride into a banana, simply press the brake button for to second and BOOM, you don't slip on it.

Turbo Boost In Koopa Troopa Beach

Go to Koopa Trooopa Beach. When you come upon the part where there are a ton of ramps look straight ahead and you will see a ramp and a cave opening. Get a booster or a star or go really fast and right as you are about to fall off the ramp press jump and you will be in a tunnel. When you come out turn right if you are doing mirrored courses and left if you are doing regular courses. This should put you in the lead or save you about 10 seconds on Time Trials. Good Luck! Take your time and learn how to do this before you race Mario GP!

Get Pushed Through Walls

First put it on two player. Then find a course where two walls come together. Get whoever you are racing to meet you there. Then drive in to the corner as hard as you can. Stop when you hit the wall. Have the person you are racing with bump your car from behind. You should go through and will splash in the water. WARNING: This code may not ALWAYS work.

Mario Race Way Jump

On the part of the mountain were it looks like you can jump over the brick fence, you can! Reverse on the mountain and jump right after the road and you will make a jump that will put you half way trough the course. a mushroom is needed for this.

Ramp Start

On G.P get a boost start and just as you hit the person infont of you press R and you should jump over all seven pepole and put you in the lead.

Reverse Track

Go to Mario GP and use 150cc and come in first and get the gold medalon the mushroom cup, the flower cup, the star cup, and the specal cup and you will be able to race the track backwards.

Kalimari Track Star

If you get a star in Kalimari Desert and your NOT on the third lap go on the train tracks go at th train (but not in front of it) right when you get into the tunnel use the star then you'll automaticly be on the next lap.

Shoot Big Green Shell Backwards

When you get a green shell, push on the analog stick backwards and push z. So you should push backwards anolog stick and z together. If you do this correctly, you will see the shell go behind you.

Don't Slip On Bananas

When you run over a banana peel, press b so you won't slip.

Getting Rid Of Useless Stuff

If you hate having green shells and stuff that can hit you, this is for you. You can only do this on Koopa Troopa Beach, Kalimari desert, Frappe Snowland, Donkey Kongs Raceway, Banshee Boardwalk and Rainbow Raceway. You Wait till you are at a part with no wall or fence between you and a thing of water or something then shoot it off. If you are at Rainbow Road, wait till there is a dip in the track and while ur at the top, shoot it at the side. It almost always goes over. If it doesn't, you did it early or late.

Easy Boost

Start the game. When you are at a race, when the light is on, when it turns blue immediately press the gass. You will get a big boost.

Beat Luigi's Ghost At Time Trials

On the turns in the course do turbo slides as many times as you can to get a boost ahead of Luigi. Note: He also does the turbo slides so you will have to be quick.

Get Leader Shell

On Luigi's Raceway, in the final two laps, there is a balloon right behind the first item boxes. Go around them and wait for the balloon to come down and you will get a blue leader shell.

Wario Raceway Hint

This is an extension to the wario raceway hint, after you performe the jump over the first wall at the start of the race it is possible to jump back over the wall and complete the track in about 7.0 seconds. To do this you must head strait toward the red and white striped wall and just as you hit the wall tap the R button to jump, but keep in mind you must be lined up correctly so that your Kart lands in front of the finish line. As you cross the finish line it will count as a completed lap. I have finished this track in 35.23 seconds using this method. Have fun!!! and good luck this trick takes some practice.


To hop you must tap the "R" button. This will increase your speed!

See Yourself In The Other Players Screen.

This will only work with 3 or more players in battle. When you kill one of your opponents go back to the place where you killed them. Then just drive up to it intil you see yourself in your opponents screen. Jump around to make your other opponents laugh and then when there not looking kill them.


Hold "b" and hold the controler stick down. This is fun to do while going down the big hill at rainbow road!


At Kalimari Desert, when you get to the railroad take a left on the tracks (make sure the train is in front of you) and jump the fence at the next railroad.

Mario's Race Way

When you try to beat Mario on Mario's Race Way you will notice that he is some what faster. There is a way to win. You have to use your mushrooms wisely. There is one place to use them. On the second to last turn of a lap on Mario's Race Way there is a big left turn. If you use your mushroom to go over the grass then you will save at least 5-10 seconds. Then if your not far behind you will be in the lead. When you go over the grass make sure you just go right by the wall without hitting it. If you do this for the entire 3 laps and time it right you can beat the course record and then the ghost.

Weapon Of Choice

If your quick enough you can choose what you get in your box by pressing Z when it comes upon the "weapon" you want to use it will stop directly on it. Note: sometimes it stops late, and you don't always get what you want.

Rainbow Road

At the begining of the track, there's a big dip. Pick up enough speed and press the R button while turning left with the analog stick. This will let you skip most of the track and totally blow away your components. It takes practice to get it just right, so sometimes you'll probably miss.

Koopa Troopa Beach

While racing if you get any stars or mushrooms save them until you come up to a jump that is facing the wall use the mushroom or star to give you an extra push so you can make it into a hole in the wall if you do it correctly you will cut threw half the course and do it another time you will be sure to win.

Course Ghost Racers

Enter time trial mode and complete a course, beating the time indicated below. 
Then, choose "Retry" to race the course again. The phrase "Now Meet the 
Course Ghost" will appear. The course ghosts are automatically saved to the 
cartridge for future replay without beating the course time again.

Course		Time

Mario Raceway	1'30"00
Luigi Raceway	1'52"00
Royal Raceway	2'40"00

View Mario Raceway Record

At the title screen, press R to see the best time trial record for Mario Raceway.

Mirrored Courses

Win the gold cup in the 150cc class. Then, reset the Nintendo 64 system. If done correctly, the title screen will change to confirm that mirrored courses are enabled. Enter the 150cc option under GP mode to access the courses. Note: When racing the mirrored Toads' Turnpike, you will be going against the traffic.

Wario Stadium

At the start of the race you will see little bumps in the road. If you turn left towards the wall and jump at the top of one of those hills. It will skip half of the track and you are sure to win.


Game Shark Codes

Press GS Button at Title Screen For Even Lower Flag	8818EDD8 0002
Press GS Button at Title Screen For Flag to Left	818EDD1 0002
Press GS Button at Title Screen For Flag to Right	8818EDD5 0002
Press GS Button at Title Screen For Tilt Flag Forward	8818EDCD 0002
Press GS Button at Title Screen For Move Flag Up	8818EDC9 0002
Press GS Button at Title Screen For Shrink Flag	8818EDC5 0002
Press GS Button at Title Screen For No Flag	8818EDC4 0002
Press GS Button at Title Screen For Big Flag	8818EDC2 0002

Game Shark Cheats

This is a easy one to remember. It is 8818EDEF 0002.


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Easter eggs

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