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  • August 30, 2005


Unlock Koopa Castle Stadium

Successfully complete challenge mode.

Unlock Monty Mole

Successfully complete challenge mode as Mario.

Unlock Hammer Bro.

Successfully complete challenge mode as Bowser.

Unlock Dixie Kong

Successfully complete challenge mode as Donkey Kong(D.K.).

No Curveball

There are two ways there will not be a curveball in a game. First, when Birdo, DK, Bowser, Wario, Bowser Jr, Pinta, Petey Piranha, and Hammer Bro are not stared and throw a star pitch. (Thats why it is easy to beat DK and Wario's team. ) Second, when any pitcher is tired stared or not stared and pitches regular not charge pitch.

Run Faster

When you hit the ball and you are running, just press B a lot of time fast and you will run a little faster.

Why No Star Pitch?

You know when your pitcher gets tired, well after at least 1 pitch, you won't be able to do your pitcher's star pitch. Instead, it will just be a slow pitch.

Petey Piranha's Powerful Arm

If you pick Petey Piranha always put him in center field. He has the most powerful arm in the game. I always get people out at home from center field.

How To Get Bowser Stadium

Beat the Bowser team in mushroom level.

Star Players

If you clear all of the star missions for a certain character, they will become a star player. When they're a star player, they will run a little faster, throw balls harder and further, and hit better. Remember! To use them as a star player on Exhibition mode, you have to beat the challenge session you cleared all of their missions on first!

Drag Bunt

Go back in the box with a lefty batter. As the pitch is thrown, move up in the box and bunt and you will have a perfect drag bunt. Make sure it is a fast person like Monty Mole, Yoshi, Diddy, the Babies, Noki, and Toadette.

Easy Wins

Ok, in this line up order: Yoshi, Luigi, DK, Mario, Wario, Petey Piranha, King Boo, Birdo, and Peach. That way it is balanced beetween power speed defense and pitching.

Better Teams To Win

The two top teams for Challenge Mode to win a lot of games are DK's, Bowser's, and Wario's team, because DK, King Boo, Petey Piranha, Hammer Bro., and Bowser can make a lot of home-runs for your team and you can win a lot and make a lot of mercies.

Automatic Homeruns

As the title says, you will hit a homerun except if you hit it foul. It is better to do it in practice mode because you need full stars. Okay when you go at bat don't move because luigi will pitch it straight down the middle. Charge up holding down R. Then just like using a special swing release the bat at the right time and you will hit a very far homerun. To make sure you do this correctly before the bal goes off the bat some star will appear on the right of your bat. This cheat is awesome you should try it.

M.V.P. Players And Profiles

Play only a "1 Player vs. Com." game in Exhibition Mode. Just pick any team captian and other players and proceed to the next step. After completing your fielding and line-ups, there will be a game settings. Play only up to 5, 7, or 9 innings and just win the game. It will show your M.V.P. and his/her profile in the Exhibition Mode Records in the main menu. The character's profile shows everything about that character from the past and now.

Toy Stadium Mini-game

In Challenge Mode, successfully complete all six mini-games (1 chance on any difficulty for each mini-game), then earn up to 500 coins(get some from the mini-games or win against Bowser jr.) and buy the Secret Map from the Toad Shop. A few seconds later, a green warp will appear in the middle of the island (near the bridge). Go to it and it will lead you to the Toy Stadium mini-game. Some of the characters have a mission on that mini-game such as Wario and probably other characters.

Unlock Grand Prix Mini-game

Go to the main menu and go to "Mini-Games", then successfully complete all six minigames either under the Star or Special difficulty setting.

Unlock Coin Derby Mini-game

Successfully complete challenge mode.

Unlock Bowser

Successfully complete challenge mode under the Special diffulty setting.

Unlock Toadette

Successfully complete challenge mode as Peach.

Unlock Petey Piranha

Successfully complete challenge mode as Wario.

Unlock Baby Luigi

Successfully complete challenge mode as Yoshi.


Home Run Bat

At the main menu type in R1, L1, Square, Circle, Triangle, L3.


Unlock Star Dash Mini-game

Complete star difficulty on all mini-games.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Mario Superstar Baseball yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Mario Superstar Baseball yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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