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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Atari
  • Teen
  • November 7, 2005


Extra Bonus

After you complete the whole game on easy, two cheats will be unlocked. And as you do harder difficulties others will be as well


One tip to fighting agents on the matrix path of Neo is simple. Notice when you go for a grab, the agent will stop you. Pull out a gun(if you have one), and shoot at the agent. While the agent is dodging it he is open for an easy and open grab. Be careful though don't use to many bullets, and remember focus only helps the situation.

Defeating Giant Smith

To defeat the giant agent Smith at the end of the game, 'evade' every time Smith tries to hit you and eventually an icon to 'Charge' will appear in the bottom-left hand corner of the screen, hold down A and you will break pieces off him, keep doin this until he is dead.

Upside Down

This next part of the game is the most confusing one. You'll find yourself in a world which defies the laws of the real world. Use code vision to tell useable doors from those which are not. You will be able to tell whether you took the right door when you are sucked into a white light. Head down the corridor and use the door at the far end. Jump across the gap to your right and use the corridor to the left (do not walk into the room-like thing with the movable crate, I'm talking about the corridor outside this room!) Now you will encounter one of those fun-to-be-with :P creatures that live there. Forget about fighting them without using fire! It is impossible and this is what makes tose torches. These will be your best friend for the next few minutes. Defeat your attacker with it and then head upstairs. Use the door to the right and ignore the crate. Two ants will be coming for you. I hope you still have your torch. In case you haven't: see these burning bowls? They are here to help you. Punch or kick them in order to cause them to fall to the ground. Now all you have to do is push those little creatures into the fire. This can be trickier than it sounds. ----------------------- Hard time getting rid of your ant problem? Once the burning bowl fell to the ground, keep jumping across it forth and back. Those little critters will try to follow you and burn to death.------------------------------------------- Once they are , climb the wall to the right (seen from the closed side of the room) and walk past the burning bowl. Ignore the stairs to the right and check out the edge to the left instead. See this hidden stairs leading down? That's where your supposed to go. Head down and use the door. Go down to the fountain and prepare to fight about six of those ants. If you have the time, you could move the vrate for the sake of the game, but you won't be able to use it anyway.Fight the ants until you hear the woman tell you she has found a way out. Now head to where the gate has been and use the door to the left. :CHECKPOINT: Almost out of this madhouse. You could fight these ants, but you might as well just run up either of the stairs and jump across to the platform with the door. There are to doors. The door you need is the one with the tiny platform. In the next room, use the bowls with the fire to get rid of your attackers (this could be a tough fight since there are a lot of them).------------------------ Too many attackers? Head straight for the door.-- ------------------------------------------------- See those floating cubes? Use code vision to see a red door on the last one. Jump across and use the door. I know, it doesn't look like the right one (no white light). But trust me, I've been through it. Now jump across to the next door and you will have made it. Follow the seemingly endless corridor and you will end up...back where you started from. Note: If your focus meter is almost empty and you hae the patience to do so check the left side of the corridor for a focus pick-up someshere along the middle of the path.

Defeating Agent Smith

To defeat Agent Smith at the train station, you must first weaken him. When you hear an announcement of a train approaching, grab a hold of him and throw him in front of the train.

Defeating The Witch

Use the Bullet Stop ability to throw the various items in the room at her. They each do a lot of damage. When she casts the Barrier spell, avoid her or your weapon will break and you will be stunned. Make sure to disarm her as soon as possible. Note: Try to make sure the Exile does not get killed. If the Exile is alive at the end of the fight she will show you the exit, but if she dies you cannot see the door with Code Vision. However if you go to the back of the room in the northeastern part (basically where the Witch is standing), you will see a door that you can walk through to get out of the level.


Skip Level

Pause game and enter Y, Y, Y, Y, Left, Down, Left, Right. This will let you skip the level.


While you are playing, hold L and R, then press B B UP DOWN X X Y WHITE. If you hear a sound it means it works.


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Easter eggs

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