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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • DICE
  • Electronic Arts
  • Mature
  • October 12, 2010


Tier 1 Advice: Level-by-Level

The Tier 1 Mode for campaign is one of the most intense first person shooter settings in existence, vastly increasing difficulty and pitting players online against each other. The primary objective is to complete missions with the fastest time possible. There are various strategies that mainly depend on your playing style. However, each mission has a definite necessity for technique, which will be outlined here. Included are various tricks that might do you some good.
Mission 1: First In: This mission is somewhat lengthy, so it is best to conserve your ammunition when possible. The best way to accomplish this is to use your pistol, which has unlimited ammo. You are greatly limited by the computer (your teammates), so efficiency is paramount. Make good use of clock stoppages by going for headshots and melee kills. The biggest opportunities for freeze time occur when you are: 1) in the building with the lights out, and 2) in the tunnel when attacking Bala Hisar Fort. In both situations, melee every enemy as quickly as possible. This will gain you a mass quantity of freeze time. It is very easy to get killed doing this, so do it quickly.
Mission 2: Breaking Bagram: This is the longest mission, so you must get as many headshots and kill chains as possible to improve your efficiency. Don't worry too terribly much about ammo conservation as many dead enemies will resupply your PKM. Make good use of 2 things especially: throw grenades from the elevated position with the grenade resupply onto the clumped mortar operators and shoot the gas tanks at the end of the level.
Mission 3: Running With Wolves: This mission is unique in that much of the level is done on an ATV, so be sure to be efficient in your driving (don't crash). Be sure to run ahead of Dusty and kill your targets ahead of time when possible. Take your time with the Barrett: don't waste time by chasing the running target. Melee anybody that's alone to get a free two seconds, including the one that is standing in the corner after you mark the last truck. Finally, save your grenades for when you have to take out large quantities of enemies in Menjawar on the way out.
Mission 4: Dorothy's a B***ch: Your teammates are absolute slow-pokes in this one: run ahead of them and shoot enemies as soon as you have the shot. Use your two grenades as follows: on the fireside camp at the beginning (a free five second stoppage if you get the grenade on the fire) and on the patrol walking toward you after blowing up the trucks with the AC130. Finally when marking the AQ camp with SOFLAM, just hit the targets and go.
Mission 5: Belly of the Beast: This is the most important level in which to conserve ammo, for you will surely need it for the last engagement. Immediately exchange your shotgun for an AK47 and pick up ammo for it from dead guys. Use your pistol when fighting in villages. Suppress the DShK with as few rounds as possible. Go for headshots as much as possible to conserve ammo and time. Target RPG gunners first to keep from getting pinned down with low health.
Mission 6: Friends From Afar: Rush the initial sniper scene. This will take some practice to nail down. When the bad guys show up after this scene use both your grenades to take them out quickly, as this part is the most time-consuming. After this, pick up an RPG. When you ambush the people looking at their wounded buddy, use it to end them instantly.
Mission 7: Compromised: This is the shortest level, so gain freeze time with multikills and headshots. Immediately switch to your M21, as it has 500 rounds of ammo. Save your grenades for after you blow up the village with SOFLAM. After you get the M60 simply run through and strafe enemies with it. They really don't like the pig. Get as many multikills as possible with the CH47's Tail gun.
Mission 8: Neptune's Net: This mission is the most difficult to improve your time in as it requires the most precision. At first, wait to melee the first walking target until he gets near the other two so you can get the 6 bonus seconds of freeze time. When taking out the camp, you might as well restart your mission if you get spotted. When you get spotted by the chechens with the floodlight, immediately charge the hill.
Mission 9: Rescue the Rescuers: This mission is the most difficult to survive. At first, use your M203 to get as many multikills as possible. In the cave, use the shotgun as it is the most effective there. Upon leaving the cave, exchange your shotgun for the SVD's on the ground outside. When you run out of M4 ammo, get a G3 and use the semi-auto setting to save ammo and improve accuracy. On the last MG nest, use the SVD to take out the RPGs and immediately charge forward, taking out the MG gunner every time it is occupied. Wildfire will destroy the position once you get to the second row of rock walls, so get there as quickly as possible. Use prone when fighting here or else you will get killed by the chechens very quickly.
And use cover! This isn't COD!

One Hit Kill

If you wanna get one shot kills then use the shotgun. But make sure you unlock the red dot sight first. If you miss on the first shot its usually you ending up dead. But hit your enemy once in the body and your killstreak should be Great!


We have no cheats or codes for Medal of Honor yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Medal of Honor yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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Trophy List

First Incision Singleplayer Complete First In
Multiplayer First rotation Play online for 15 minutes
Multiplayer Enlisted Reach level 2 in any class
Multiplayer Assault Training Play Team Assault
Smooth Operator Singleplayer In First In, Kill the Hostage Taker with a Head Shot
Welcome to the TOC Singleplayer Complete Breaking Bagram
Multiplayer Boot camp Play once as each class (min 2 min)
Multiplayer Mission Training Play Combat Mission
Develop the Situation Singleplayer Complete Running with Wolves...
Multiplayer Veteran Reach level 4 in any class
Unexpected Guests Singleplayer Complete Dorothy's a Bitch
Multiplayer Secure Training Play Sector Control
The Sledgehammer Singleplayer In Breaking Bagram, destroy 2 vehicles with a single 2000 lb Laser Guided Bomb
Multiplayer Tour of Duty Play online for 2 hours
Full Battle Rattle Singleplayer Complete Belly of the Beast
Dropping Deuce Singleplayer Jump 7.5 meters high on the ATV
Multiplayer Raid Training Play Objective Raid
Bad Guy Jamboree Singleplayer Complete Gunfighters
Have a Good One Singleplayer Finish all of Deuce's missions
Friends From Afar Singleplayer Complete Friends From Afar
Cliffhanger... Singleplayer Complete Compromised
S.E.R.E. Singleplayer Complete Neptune's Net
Never Quit Singleplayer Finish all of Rabbit's missions
Like a Surgeon Singleplayer While long range sniping, hit one of every bodypart
Eight Heroes Aboard Singleplayer Complete Rescue the Rescuers
Rangers Lead the Way Singleplayer Finish all of Dante's missions
The Battle is Won... Singleplayer Finish the game on Easy, Normal or Hard
Multiplayer Forward Spotter Deploy a missile strike support action (awarded at end of round)
Multiplayer Assault Specialist Play two hours of Team Assault
Right in the Grape... Singleplayer Get 7 headshots in a row with any weapon except the long range sniper rifle.
The Scalpel Singleplayer Achieve 20 total knife kills
Manic Suppression Singleplayer In Belly of the Beast, defeat the DShK in under two minutes
Multiplayer Triple Canopy Reach level 8 in one class
Multiplayer High Achiever Be top 3 on the scoreboard ten times
Feeding the Pig Singleplayer In Compromised, get 15 kills with the M60
Timber! Singleplayer In Rescue the Rescuers, chop down 5 trees with the Minigun
Multiplayer Mission Specialist Play two hours of Combat Mission
Pistol Pete Showdown Singleplayer Get a total of 30 pistol kills
Multiplayer Quartermaster Get 1000 support points
...But the War Rages On. Singleplayer Finish the game on Hard
It Takes A Village...Out Singleplayer Destroy 30 buildings in Gunfighters Village
Crowd Control Singleplayer Kill 5 enemies at once with a single hand grenade
Fear the Reaper Singleplayer In Dorothy's a Bitch, destroy the entire AQ Camp with the AC-130
Multiplayer Secure Specialist Play two hours of Sector Control
Multiplayer Heavy Fire Support Fire 1000 bullets in a round (awarded at end of round)
The Quiet Professional Singleplayer In Neptune's Net, eliminate 13 enemies without alerting anyone
Multiplayer Raid Specialist Play two hours of Objective Raid
Multiplayer Fire Controller Use each offensive support action once (awarded at end of round)
Multiplayer Tier 1 Reach top level in one class

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