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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Capcom
  • Everyone
  • March 10, 2003


Easy Way To Win

The easy way to get through this is to start with Cold Man, then go to Burner Man, after him head for Pirate Man, then to Ground Man, after him go to Astro Man, follewed by Tengu Man, Magic Man, and finally Dynamo (?) Man.

Easy Bolts

Go to Astroman's level. When you are at the place where the background moves, stay there and shoot at the enemies and most of the time you will get big bolts.

Weapon For Special Blocks

You will need one of the bossesí weapons for each of the Special Blocks. For instance: The Ice Block and Fire Block require the Burner Manís weapons and the Stone Block requires the Pirate Manís bomb.

Beat King Boss

Remain on platform and continue shooting while avoiding bubbles and other forms of attack. Do not use Treble. Use Bassís power-up for the Bass Buster and begin with bigger shots. You should jump and shoot diagonally. Switch to the critical boost when low on life. When you see the tank charge the red gem in the middle, shoot at its weak spot. Dodge bombs by moving around slowly on platform.

Use The Mega Buster As Bass

When playing as Bass, take out one of your special weapons and deplete all of its energy. Once you have run out of energy for that weapon, you will shoot Megaman's Buster shots. You cannot charge your Buster like Megaman does.


GameShark Codes

M]ust Be On 
6EC602C8 0D40F89A 606AAF7D EA409D08

F1BF4284 78909768 924DB768 533F77BE

Infinite Lives 
2112A580 21AD8135

Infinite Bolts 
FE1625F3 F1884841

Quick Gun Charge 
452C06C1 7DA232B4

Moon Jump 
E490A190 0B0C3DCC C1068C15 35C9B373

All Items 
6F50B3BB 3596FEF5 A322AE8B 5F8959F1

All CD's 
56217864 DB3ABD2E 6CF5BB09 65739998 3BFDE210 418B8F57 7340FFF8 D7058559

2F48A9A1 70E67E22

883A2E02 044A1284

57943322 FD661DA1

20509A8E AA78658A

651DA817 7EA8D958

7ED0DEE4 22226A3A

69F2E928 D52BAF7C

AD882920 9DD427A4

37B3CE0A ED87D1A7

E673A55F 77093442

42E43799 B662A222

Delete Database

Press Select + Start + A + B + L+ R to delete your database.


We have no unlockables for Mega Man & Bass yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Mega Man & Bass yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Wrong Names

If you look in the manual and in the game, you will notice that Proto Man is given the name "Blues", Treble is given the name "Gospel", and Auto is given the name "Lightott". These names are actually the Japanese names of the characters translated into English. Mega Man And Bass was originally released in 1998 in Japan for SNES as Rockman And Forte.


We have no guides or FAQs for Mega Man & Bass yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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