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  • Action, Side Scrolling Platform
  • Unknown
  • Capcom
  • Everyone
  • June 6, 2005


Navi PA Advances

ComsoPrison- Asteriod3 C, Asteriod 3 C, CosmoMan SP/DS C

WildBird- Katana1 S, Katana1 S, LarkMan SP/DS S

Football- MarkCannon2 F, MarkCannon2 F, GridMan SP/DS F

BigNoise- Pulsar3 S, Pulsar3 S, ShadeMan SP/DS S

PileDriver- GunDelSol3 D, GunDelSol3 D, Django SP/DS D

The Security Code

At the Queen Bohemia you need a security code to get inside the engine room. After the boat shakes you need to go to the engine room. Talk to the manager he tells you "Double 1 & 9 too makes tonight eleven". Not such big help huh. The code is 11922911. He means Double 1(11) & 9 (9)too(2)makes to(2)night(9) eleven(11).Hope I helped you.


Engine Room Security Code

The code is 11922911

Numberman Codes

Anti Elec* 35607360
Anti Fire* 73877466
Anti Navi V 05068930
Anti Sword R 10386794
Anti Water* 25465278
Anti Wood* 10133670
Attack Max(Yellow Navi Custom Program) 63231870
Beat(Purple Navi Custom Program) 79877132
Body Pack(Green Navi Custom Program) 30112002
Buster Pack(Purple Navi Custom Program) 80246758
Custom 2(Purple Navi Custom Program) 15595587
Custom Bolt 3 G 07765623
Dark Invis* 68799876
DjangoSP D 91098051
Full Energy(Sub Chip) 90914896
Full Energy(Sub Chip) 12118790
Gun Del Solar3 O  35321321
HP+200(Yellow Navi Custom Program) 90630807
HP+300(White Navi Costom Program) 13926561
HP+400(Yellow Mavi Custom Program) 45654128
HP+400(Pink Navi Custom Program) 03419893
Lock Enemy(Sub Chip) 29789661
HP+50(Pink Navi Custom Program) 31084443
HP+500(White Navi Custom Program) 
Speed Max(Pink Navi Custom Program) 36695497
Recovery 300 Y 18746897 

Number Codes

Anti Elec * 35607360
Anti Fire * 73872466
HP+500 72846472
Attack max * 63231870

Compression Codes

To remove 1 square from a Navi Cust Program, highlight it with the cursor and press and hold right on the d pad. Enter code to make it work.

BLBABLBBAA Compresses AirShoes 
LLLRRBARBL Compresses AttackMAX 
AABRABRLLR Compresses BatteryMode 
ABBRAABRBR Compresses BeatSupport 
BARABRLRRA Compresses BodyPack 
BABLABRLRB compresses bugstopper 
LLRARLBLAR Compresses BusterPack 
ALAARBRBAR Compresses ChargeMAX 
BRALARBAAB Compresses Collect 
AARLBABALB Compresses Custom +1 
BARLLRALBR Compresses Custom2 
RRBBRBRBAA Compresses Dandyism 
RLABBARALR Compresses First Barrier 
ALLBRLAAAL Compresses FloatShoes 
RRLBLLARBL Compresses GigaFolder1 
BBRALBLARR Compresses GigaVirus 
ABLARABLRL Compresses HumourSense 
RBBARBRARB Compresses KawarimiMagic 
BBABBRRLAR Compresses MegaFolder 1 
AABLARBLAA Compresses MegaVirus 
RLRARRLLLR Compresses Millionare 
RARLLRRABA Compresses RapidMAX 
RBLRBRLLRL Compresses RushSupport 
ALRABLRALR Compresses SaitoBatch 
RLRLRBBRAB Compresses SelfRecovery 
ABARALRBBA Compresses Shield 
RLLALLBABB Compresses ShinobiDash 
RABRALLRBA Compresses SuperArmour 
LBLABLABAL Compresses TangoSupport 
BABALRARAA Compresses the I'm Fish program 
LRLABLBBLA Compresses the JungleLand program 
LBRARLABLB Compresses the Oil Body program 
LLRBLLAALB Compresses the Reflect program 
ARBBRLRALA Compresses UnderShirt 


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Easter eggs

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