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How To Get Fourth Armor

First go to training mode and choose MegamanX. Beat Training mode and then go to start game and choose Magaman X and you should have the Fourth Armor.

Item Locations

Sub Tank#1: In SLASH GRIZZLY's stage, when you reach the 2nd car that is 
already exploding, the tank is at the end. You can't miss it. 

Sub Tank#2: At the end of the 1st part of DARK DIZZY's stage before you 
teleport, the tank sits on a platform above. Double Jump or dash jump to reach it. 

Weapon Tank: In THE SKIVER's stage when the elevator starts to carry you 
down, keep falling ahead of it until you see two missile shooting robots sitting on 
either side of a fragile floor. The tank sits in the middle of the floor. 

EXTRA ITEM: In IZZY GLOW's stage when you come to an area with wood 
above, use X's Ground Fire to burn it away. Jump up and collect it. The EXTRA 
ITEM increases your maximum life capacity of when you start from a game over 
from 3 to 6. 

ULTIMATE ARMOR/BLACK ZERO CAPSULE: In the 2nd Sigma stage when you 
see a small, stationary blue platform floating above a small pit, drop down it, and 
stay on the right wall, slide down, and eventually you'll fall into the wall where the 
capsule sits. 

Heart Locations

Heart Tanks:

SLASH GRIZZLY: When you reach the car with the spikes on top,  with the Gaea 
Armor,  advance to the pit at the center and climb up to the spikes.  Run to the 

SQUID ADLER: When you reach an area with spikes and black blocks on the 
ceiling above you near the end of the level,  with the Gaea Armor,  shoot the gold 
shutter until the yellow door in the ceiling opens up. Climb up, and dash against 
the blocks to move them or annihilate them with a charged blast. Shoot the gold 
shutter to open the gold door. 

IZZY GLOW: At the very beginning of the stage, knock down the door with X. With 
the Gaea Armor, drop down into the pit and run to the right.

DUFF MCWHALEN: After you fight the second mini boss, advance until you come 
across a shaft with spikes on the right wall. With the Falcon Armor fly up and to 
the left, and keep going. 

THE SKIVER: You can't miss it. Near the end of the stage when the elevator 
takes you up, it is on one of the floors with the bombs. 

AXLE THE RED: Enter the stage with the Gaea Armor. Advance to the black 
blocks at the beginning of the stage before you ascend the vines. Destroy the 
blocks and advance. You'll come across a platform suspended in the air and 
blocks all around. Destroy only a few blocks so you can knock a black block into 
a small niche ahead. Upon knocking a black block into the niche, move another 
black block as far as you can over the nearby pit. Don't make the block fall in, or 
you may have to restart the level. Jump on the block, and dash jump onto the 
small ledge with the heart. 

DARK DIZZY: When you reach the part of the stage where you can reverse 
gravity,  advance, and have X in his Ultimate Armor. You should see the heart 
soon above or below you after the second or third time switching gravity. Very 
carefully, jump from the nearest platform onto the small platforms with spikes 
above. Use a Nova Strike. If you do it right, you'll grab the heart, and then die. 

MATTREX: When you get to the part of the stage where Alia warns you of lava 
below, wait for a good time and jump down as either Zero or X. Run quickly to the 
left and drop down the hole. Grab the life and the heart sitting near the bottom, 
avoiding the dragon burner.

Defeating Rangda Bangda

To defeat the boss at the end of the second sigma stage with X, enter with the Gaea Armor. Shoot rapidly at any eyes that appear. Soon, the walls will close in, and spikes will appear on the ground, and sometimes on the walls. You won't take damage with the Gaea Armor. Shoot at the fireball that zooms around. It should be fairly easy to dodge with the Gaea Armor on. Once you destroy the fireball (it may take a while, because its time is limited) the walls will stop closing in. Do away with the eyes, which are fairly easy to avoid, and before you know it, the boss will be gone. NOTE: Getting through the level TO the boss will be extremely difficult with the Gaea Armor. Defeating Rangda Bangda with Zero: Slash away at the eyes, and stick to the walls when they close in. Beware of the spikes that occasionally appear on the walls, and you'll defeat him in no time.

Boss' Weaknesses

Boss		Weakness

Grizzyslash		spikeball/twindream beat axle the red
Duffmcwhalen	c-shot/c-sword beat grizzly slash
Squidadler		g-shower/f-splasher beat duffmcwhalen
Izzyglow		tri-thunder/e-blade beat squidadler
Darkdizzy		f-flasher/c-flasher beat izzyglow
Theskiver		darkhold beat darkdizzy
Mattrex		w-spiral/w-shreder beat theskiver
Axle the Red	ground fire/quake blazer beat mattrex 


Start As Ultimate Armor X

At character selection screen, highlight X and press Up(2) and Down(9) times. Make sure to put it in correctly, and slowly, if put in correctly, you should here a chime. X will start with his ULTIMATE ARMOR, you can do the Giga attack as many times as you want, good for defeating bosses easily.

Zero's Slash Combo

Press Square(2), Back, Square for a 4-hit combo which will work very good on some bosses.

X Buster's Super Nova Armor

At the character selection screen, highlight X Buster, then press Up(2), Down(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Circle. You will start with Super Nova Armor from Megaman X4.

Zero's Black Armor

At the character selection screen, highlight Zero, then press Down(2), Up(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Circle. Zero's Black armor will reduce damage slightly as compared to his Red armor.

Zero's Supreme Slash

Repeatedly press Forward + Square as quickly as possible. Note: This is the best move to use to finish some of the Bosses.


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Easter eggs

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