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  • Racing, Demolition / Combat Racing
  • Konami
  • Konami
  • Mature
  • July 1, 1998


Liquids Parachute

Atfer defeating sniper wolf for the second time. At the bottom right corner of the snowfield look at the east wall snake will look at it. Cambell will call up and you'll talk about that if that's liquids.

Snake's Tuxedo

Beat the game twice then start a new game all on the same file. When going up the elevator in your third game Snake will take off his gear and will be wearing a tuxedo. This will be his new outfit for the rest of the game.

Make Meryl Blush

To make Meryl blush, just stare at her for about 10 minutes. Wait long enough and you'll see her turn red.

Get Invisibility

Beat the game without saving the girl when being tortured.

Body Armor

When you enter the blast furnace and you have gotten to the other side. Go to the very bottom floor where the big door you are supposed to go through is located. DONT GO THROUGH IT YET! Go over to the oppasite wall and you wll see a room there. Go in that room and go all the way to the back. There should be some big pipes there. Crawl under them through the doorway behind them and you will be on a platform where the body armor is located.

Humorous Murder

Beat the game after submitting in the torture chamber to get the stealth camouflage suit. After you start the game again and have acquired C4, suit up in stealth and equip the C4. Go up to a soldier and plant some on his back. Move away (more fun if you're in front of another soldier) then detonate the C4. All nearby soldiers will run towards where the dude died! Hahahahahaha *picks up more C4*

Kill Psycho Mantis Easily

When you are about to fight Mantys wait untill the black screen with the "HIDEO" message appears, then change your controll in controller port 1 to controller port 2. Then instead of saying "I CAN read your mind" Mantis will say " I CAN'T READ YOUR MIND!!" and you'll can kill him easily.

How To Kill Vulcan Raven

Throw a chaff-grenade and Raven will not be able to move, then trow some grenades on the top of the armor car and you'll hit him, then do it a several times until you kill him!

Find Out Where The DARPA Chief Is Located

This tip is mostly for beginners but if you wanna see a short scene, follow my directions. When you get inside the Tanker Hangar for the first time in the game, go up the ladder and crawl through the duct. Once you see a vent on the bottom, a scene will begin. Snake will over hear the guards' conversation. They'll mention that they moved the DARPA Chief into the 1st Floor Basement of the Tanker Hangar. They'll also mention about a women and an intruder using Stealth that has killed 3 people already. Who's this women and this intruder? No time to think. Just turn back and rescue the DARPA Chief (now that you know where he's located).

Hidden Bomb

After you get to the underground maintenance base where Metal Gear Rex is, go to the Control Room and you'll find Ocelot and Liquid Snake. After the scene, Ocelot shoots Snake in the arm and Snake drops the PAL Card key. The key has fallen into a ditch on the 1st floor of the Maintenance Base. Go to the 1st floor. Once you're on the 1st floor, the Colonel will contact you. He'll say you'll need to use your Mine Detector to find the key (the PAL Key should come up on the radar as a blinking red dot). Equip the Mine Detector and go into the ditch located on the left side of the base enterance. If you see a camera, then you're headed in the right direction. Now go in the ditch and look at the radar to look for the PAL Key. Once you find it, go a little further and you'll see another blinking red dot. This is a bomb! Get the bomb. Notice that it is on a 12- second countdown. If you don't throw the bomb within 12 seconds, Snake will explode and it's GAME OVER! However, go to the Items Menu and look for the bomb. Press the CIRCLE button to throw it while the menu is still open. NOTE: When you go in the ditch, your LIFE Gauge will decrease. Make sure that you have some Rations eqipped.

Hidden Camera

After returing to the cave from the torture, you go into comm. towerA. Then when you enter a small room there will be a camera to the upper right corner. If you are seen, keep running until you have like 10-20 'guys' behind you. They came because the camera. Throw a chaff grenade before entering. P.S. be sure to have a FA-MAS and lots of ammo.

Tank Hanger Garage

When you contact Meral after you defeat Ocelot, she says she's opening the garage door. Go to the first floor and to the left a garage door should be opening.

Metal Gear's Weakness

When you start to battle the Metal Gear, throw chaff granades to disable all his abilities. Then attack him with the Stinger. Note: I reccomend you to aquire the bandana first so you won't run out of chaffs.

Trick The Guard

After you submit at the torture round with Ocelot, you'll find your self in the Medi Room, locked in a cell with the corpse of the DARPA Cheif. How are you going to get out of there? Well, when the soldier outside the cell goes to the bathroom, Otacon will appear in front of the door. He'll give you KETCHUP and a RATION. The KETCHUP is a useful item. After Otacon leaves, equip the KETCHUP and lay down and press the CIRCLE button. Snake will dump the KETCHUP all over him to make it look like he's dead. Once the guard comes back, he'll unlock the door and investigate the cell. Now's your chance to escape. Quickly get up and run out of the cell. The guard will follow you but strangle him using the SQUARE button. If you fail this trick there is another trick. Once the guard is sleeping or in the bathroom, crawl and hide under the bed that's very visable. Once the guard wakes up or comes out of the bathroom, he'll unlock the cell door. Now you can escape. If you fail the first time, keep trying! Also if you want to annoy the guard, go up the the wall and press the CIRCLE button. Snake will punch and kick the wall. The guard will keep telling Snake to shut up. If you continue doing this, the guard will get annoyed.

Naked Soldier

After you save the DARPA Chief you'll have to get out of the cell. But how? Well, during the scene you should've seen a lady doing her exercises. Who was that lady? You'll find out later. Anyway, just wait a few seconds and you'll hear punching and kicking. Then a guard will open your door. Why would the enemy do that? Well, you don't have time to think now. Just go out the door. During the scene, the soldier will sound like...A GIRL!! The girl from the other cell must have got out of her cell and knock out the guard. Then she must've put the uniform on to make it look like she's one of the terrorists! You can see the naked soldier after you fight the other terrorists.

Secret Passage

After you go up the elevator, go to the truck and their will be your first gun.

Hidden SOCOM

This tip is most likely for people who just started playing Metal Gear Solid. Anyway, at the very beginning, go up the elevator in the back. Then from the elevator on the next floor, go north and you should see a truck. Go in front of the truck and Snake will climb up on it. Then go behind the box and you should get a SOCOM Pistol.

Sleep Talking Guard

Go to the First Floor of the Tank Hanger. Then go to were you get your Socom Suppressor, but don't let the guard see or hear you. Then look with First Person view mode behind him, wait abou 2 minutes, and he'll say "Who's That while he's still sleeping."

Meryl Punches You

After meeting up with meryl in the ladies bathroom when your in the hallway punch meryl then shell wait a second and run over to you and punch you back knocking you down. Dont do it to much cause it takes a little bit of your life away.

Kill Enemies Without Weapon

Press square behind the enemies. It will choke him. Press square again and repeat 5-6 times and it will kill him.

Beat Ninja Easily!

All you have to do is throw Chaff Grenades whenever he gets up and shoot him with the Famas or punch him. (Caution: do this after you get the Bandana)

Make Meyling Mad

Call Meyling 8-10 times and dont save. One of those times she will not talk to you.

Beat Liguid Easy

While you are fighting liquid snake stay under metal gear rex and shoot for the jaw. This way he wont see you and you can beat him easier.

Ration In The Cell

When you get in the cell to save the DARPA chief, when your done talking to him crawl under the bed. There should be a ration bax there.

Rations By The Elevator

After you get out of the first part through the elevator, wait for all the little movie clips to finish. When they do and your behind the box, Go to the left part of the elevator. Go down the little path, you should see a box. Thats the rations.

Wolf Attack

If you hit Meryl after you get through the wolf cave, she will whistle, and the wolf will attack you.

Invincible Wolf Pup

After you get through the wolf cave, shoot the little pup, don't worry it will get up after each time you shoot him.

Quick Elevator

Go to elevator, press the button. If it doesn't open right away, press it again. It should open automatically.

Sleeping Bomb

When guards are sleeping, get close and put C-4 on them. You can put as many C-4 on them as you can or want, it is easy if you have the cloaking device.

Confuse The Guards

After beating the game and giving in and letting meryl die, you will have recieved stealth. If you walk through the snow and leave a lot of footprints, the guards will follow the steps all the way through and get really confused. Also by doing this, its a good way to kill of guards because you can make them follow your footprints until they come a mine or a c4 bomb.

Make The Guard Mad

When your are captured just after being tourtured and in your jail cell...craw along the ground or knock on the walls. This will make the guard mad and he'll start yelling at you. Then if you craw under the bed he'll yell at your some more.


When your in the scence where you fight the man in the tank and where the ground is covered in mines, if you craw through the mine field, there are a few items hidden along there that cant be seen.


When fighting the stealth ninja, use chaff granades. Since the ninja is electronic, it will cause him to stop moving for a few seconds, giving you a good chance to hit him many times.

Pee On Box

After defeating psycho mantis, and after you get all the way through the wolf cave, and when solid snake is standing with meryl and the wolves...punch meryl and quickly get into your box. The cub wolf will pee on the box alowing its smell to be on the box. So the next time you go through the cave, get into that box and the wolves will not attack you because you smell like the cub.


The bandanna gives you unlimited ammo, and no auto re-loads. To get the bandanna all you have to do is survive Ocelot's torture rack, then if you finish the game you will save Meryl and she will give you the bandanna. When the credits have finished, save your game and load it. Look in your inventory and you will see the bandanna.

2 Socoms

When you get the Socom in the truck outside of the building in the back of the truck, then you get the Thermal Goggles. But, if you were to not get the Socom in the truck, then where The Thermal Goggles were supposed to be, is The Socom. Then when you go to the truck, there's nothing there.

See Through Meryl's Eyes

Right before you enter the commander's room, (where you face Psycho Mantis) when Meryl starts acting wierd and says her head hurts press Triangle and you will see through Meryl's eyes.

More Items

In the first level, go to the elevator and press the B2 button to go to the Amory. Then when you exit the elevator, on the same wall, on either side of the elevator is some of the doors that were cemented over. Blow them up with C4 and take the items. Watch out, one of the rooms has traps on the floor.

Pantless Meryl #2

When going in to the vent where you rescue the DARPA Chief, look down through the vent where Meryl is. Then exit the vent and re-enter the vent and look down at Meryl. She will be doing one armed push ups. Repeat the same process WITHOUT rescuing the DARPA Chief and you will see Meryl doing exercises pantless.

The Easest Way To Win At Metal Gear!

First you must have the Stinger lancher to hit Metal Gear in the Sheild. Once you break the shield it will be blinded so it can't attack. Once you've destroyed its shield you must hit its center to destroy Metal Gear for good!


If you see that a soldier has access to a security level clearance higher than yours, you can use him as a card. You must sneek up behind him, press and hold square, causing you to drag him. Walk toward the door and face him toward it. The door will open and you must drag him into the doorway and choke him 2 to 3 times to knock him out. While he is dazed, run in and pick up the items you need.

Codec Frequencies

Name		Frequency

Campbell/Naomi	140.85
Mel Ling		140.96
Master		141.80
Otacon		141.12
Meryl		140.15
Nastasha		141.52
Deepthroat		140.48

Metal Gear Rex

When fighting Metal Gear Rex find a good place to hide at first. But when his radar passes you shot the stinger missile, and do your best to hide under him. And keep shoting and hideing. But on secound part of it when he lifts his foot, get away from it because,he's most likely going to kill you if you didn't obay the directions.

Hidden Ghosts

Take a picture of the following locations using the camera to view hidden ghosts 
who are KCEJ development team members.

Name		Location

Fujimura		Elevator in the Comm Tower B complex 
Fukushima		Heliport; looking out to sea from cliff 
Hirano		Elevator in Comm Tower B; deep in the shaft of top level
Ishiyama		Heliport top of building 
Ito		Inside elevator to tank hangar 
Jerem Blaustein	Sniper Wolf's corpse 
Kaneda		The mirror located in the Women's restroom 
Kimura		MG underground base; tip of Metal Gear 's railgun 
Kinbara		Dark area of stairs 
Kitao		Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse 
Kobayashi		Rock in canyon 
Kobayashi		Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief 
Kojima		Otacon lab; the picture frame to the right
Korekado		Men's restroom 
Kozyou		Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon 
Kutome		Observation room 
Makimura		Hidden armory store room; behind the weakened wall
Matsuhana		Hallway of corpses; outside Otacons lab
Mizutani		When fighting Metal Gear
Mori		Lowest point of elevator; Comm Tower B 
Mukaide		Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle 
Muraoka		Water in cargo dock 
Nakamura		In Meryl's blood pool; where she is sniped
Negishi		Sewage waterfall
Nishimura		Next to Baker's corpse 
Okajima		Maggots of the real DARPA Chef in cell 
Onoda		Where Baker is tied up 
Sasaki		Picture frames in the Commander's room 
Sato		Comm Tower A; roof destroyed by Hind D missiles 
Scott Dolph		Deep down in the dark from the walkway between Comm 
		Towers A and B
Shigeno		Heliport,security caera by staircase 
Shikama		Electric floor 
Shimizu		Wolf dog cave; first crawling point
Shinkawa		Deep in Sniper Wolf's hallway behind the second pillar
Sonoyama		Torture machine 
Takade		Ninja room; glass atedga 
Tanaka		Heliport; sleeping soldier 
Tougo		End of boiler room; in Blast Furnace with the steam 
Toyota		Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse 
Uehara		Edge of elevator; where the ravens are
Yamashita		Tip of nuke warhead in nuke storage room 
Yoshimura		Dead end of air duct 
Yoshioka		Bridge on the third floor of the blast furnace 

Easier Driving Scene

To get a better view when shooting at Liquid Snake in the driving scene, hold Triangle while shooting the gun.

Seeing Through Psycho Mantis' Eyes

When fighting Psycho Mantis, press Triangle to see through his eyes.

Defeating Psycho Mantis

Plug the controller into port two and press any button before fighting Psycho Mantis. The word "Hideo" will appear in the corner of a black screen. Use controller two to fight against Mantis to keep him from knowing your moves.

Annoy Cambell

Snipe the rats above where you first encounter Wolf or Snipe the ravens when at your second encounter with Raven.

Box Destinations

Equip a box while in the trucks to travel to the destination on the boxes.

Humorous Meryl Comments

Look at Meryl with the scope or camera.

Pantless Meryl

Follow Meryl into the Women's bathroom and reach the last stall in under five seconds. Meryl will be caught with her pants down during the next sequence.

Konami Game Surprise

Play the game using a memory card that contains a saved game from any prior Konami title (Castlevania, ISS Soccer, Silent Hill, Suikoden, etc.). Then when Psycho Mantis attempts to read your character's mind, he will mention various game titles.

Alternate Title Screen

At the title screen, press the D-pad to change the background color.

Alternate Costume

Successfully complete the game two times using the same saved game file, and getting a different ending both times by getting the bandana and stealth camouflage. Then during the next (third) time the game is played, Snake will change into a tuxedo in the elevator.

New Textures

Successfully complete the game two times using the same saved game file, and getting a different ending both times by getting the bandana and stealth camouflage. Then during the next (third) time the game is played, reach Ninja without using the bandana or stealth camouflage. If done correctly, Ninja will be red. There will now be new textures for Snake and Ninja and new bonus music during the ending.


Reach area B2 of the tank hanger. Then at the end of the hallway to the right of the door where you fight Ocerot is a secret room that is entered after using C4 explosive. In the room are security card level 4 and 6 doors. The camera is in the room behind the security card level 4 door. Alternatively, beat the game with submitting to Ocelot when being tortured. After you receive the camera there will be an "Album" option on the main menu, use this option to view pictures that have been taken.

Stealth Camouflage

Successfully complete the game with submitting to Ocelot when being tortured to not save Meryl. Then at the end of the game you will receive stealth camouflage. Save your game, then start a new game using the same saved game. Now when you equip the stealth camouflage enemies (except bosses) and cameras will not detect you.

Infinite Ammo

Successfully complete the game without submitting to Ocelot when being tortured to save Meryl. Then at the end of the game you will receive a bandana. Save your game, then start a new game using the same saved game. Now when you equip the bandana you can use an unlimited amount of ammo and will not have to reload your gun.

Technical Demonstration Mode

Successfully complete the following modes in order: "Training", "Time Trial", "Gun Shooting", "Survival". Note: Completing each mode will unlock the next mode in the sequence. Then, technical demonstration mode will be unlocked. Use it to watch the CPU demonstrate its best time with the gun.


We have no cheats or codes for Metal Gear Solid yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Metal Gear Solid yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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