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  • Action, Adventure
  • Konami
  • Konami
  • Teen
  • November 15, 2007


Get Additional Special Weapons

When you unlock old snake, you get the M4-SOPMOD. When you unlock raiden, you get the mk23. You can get more of these weapons if you want. To get them, let either one of those characters die during a mission, and complete the mission. Eventually, you will find them as a random prisoner. When you find them, you will get another one of their special weapons.

Tech And Med Bonuses

If you get your tech level to 99, all weapons you find on the field will be higher Quality. If your medical level is 99, all medical supplies found on the field will be Large (they have L after them).

Extra Equipment

If you drag a solider around and then drop him you will get extra equipment. Depending on the solider type and the difficulty you could get something from medical kits to extra weapons.

How To Find Secret Items

On some missions, you can hear a faint ribbiting sound. You can follow it around, or use a Mine Detector (if available) to track the sound down. Once directly on top of the source, hold down the X button until you´re on the floor. An item should now have popped up from the ground. The items can range from armor, to hi-tech cloaking devices.


MPO+ Soldier Passwords

Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding MPO+ soldier:

Soldier	Password

Alabama	BB6K768KM9

Alaska	XL5SW5NH9S

Arizona	ZHEFPVV947

Arkansas	VNRE7JNQ8WE

Black Genome	WYNGG3JBP3YS

Blue Genome 	9GNPHGFFLH

California	6MSJQYWNCJ8

Colorado	W6TAH498DJ

Connecticut	2N2AB3JV2WA

Delaware	AJRL6E7TT9

Female Scientist 1	3W8WVRGB2LNN

Female Scientist 2	FUC72C463KZ

Female Scientist 3	UCAWYTMXB5V

Female Soldier 1	UZZQYRPXM86

Female Soldier 2	QRQQ7GWKHJ

Female Soldier 3	MVNDAZAP8DWE

Florida	A44STZ3BHY5

Fox soldier 1	FMXT79TPV4U8

Fox soldier 2	HGMK3WCYURM

Fox soldier 3	6ZY5NYW4TGK

Georgia	VD5H53JJCRH

Green Genome	TGQ6F5TUHD


Gurlukovich’s Soldier	6VWM6A22FSS8


Hideochan soldier	RU8XRCLPUUT

High Official	ADPS2SE5UC8

High Rank Officer 1	DVB2UDTQ5Z

High Rank Officer 2	84ZEC4X5PJ6

High Ranking Officer 3	DTAZ3QRQQDU

High-Tech Soldier	M4MSJ6R87XPP



Indiana	L68JVXVBL8RN

Iowa	B8MW36ZU56S


Kentucky	LCD7WGS5X5




Maintenance Crew Member 1	T8EBSRK6F38

Maintenance Crew Member 2	YHQU74J6LLQ

Maintenance Crew Member 3	MFAJMUXZHHKJ

Male Scientist 1	ZFKHJKDEA2

Male Scientist 2	QQ4N3TPCL8PF

Male Scientist 3	CXFCXF4FP9R6

Maryland	L2W9G5N76MH7

Massachusetts	ZLU2S3ULDEVF


Minnesota	EEBBM888ZRA

Mississippi	TBF7H9G6TJH7

Missouri	WJND6M9N738

Montana	9FYUFV29B2Y

Nebraska	MCNB5S5K47H

Nevada	Z9D4UGG8T4U6

New Hampshire	7NQYDQ9Y4KMP



New York	6PV39FKG6X

Normal Soldier Long Sleeve	QK3CMV373Y

Normal Soldier Long Sleeve Magazine Vest	D8RV32E9774

Normal Soldier Short Sleeve	N524ZHU9N4Z

Normal Soldier Short Sleeve Magazine Vest	6WXZA7PTT9Z

North Carolina	JGVT2XV47UZ


Ocelot Female A	9FS7QYSHZ56N

Ocelot Female B	F94XDZSQSGJ8

Ocelot Female C	CRF8PZGXR28

Ocelot Unit	GE6MU3DXL3X


Oklahoma	ZQT75NUJH8A3

Oregon	HKSD3PJ5E5

Pennsylvania	PL8GVVUM4HD

Pink Genome	7WRG3N2MRY2

Red Genome	9CM4SY23C7X8

Rhode Island	MMYC99T3QG


South Carolina	ZR4465MD8LK

South Dakota	RY3NUDDPMU3

Tengu Soldier	PHHB4TY4J2D

Tennessee	TD2732GCX43U

Texas	QM84UPP6F3

Tsuhan soldier	A9KK7WYWVCV

USSR Female Soldier A	2VXUZQVH9R


USSR Female Soldier C	QXQVW9R3PZ

USSR Female Soldier D	GMC3M3LTPVW7

USSR Female Soldier E	5MXVX6UFPMZ5

USSR Female Soldier F	76AWS7WDAV


Vermont	L7T66LFZ63C8

Virginia	DRTCS77F5N

Washington	G3S4N42WWKTV


West Virginia	72M8XR99B6

White Genome	QJ4ZTQSLUT8

Wisconsin	K9BUN2BGLMT3

Wyoming	C3THQ749RA

Yellow Genome	CE5HHYGTSSB

Prequel bonus

Have a saved game file from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on your memory stick to unlock Boss Rush mode. 

Find Johnny from Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Metal Gear Solid 3 as a random prisoner in Infinity Mission to unlock Johnny. 

Naked Snake
Successfully complete Infinity Mission on the Easy difficulty setting to unlock Naked Snake. 

Old Snake
Successfully complete Infinity Mission on the Medium difficulty setting to unlock Old Snake. 

Successfully complete Infinity Mission on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock Raiden. 

Roy Cambell
Successfully complete Infinity Mission on the Extreme difficulty setting to unlock Roy Cambell. 

Tengu Soldier
Knock out the first Tengu Soldier you encounter, and carry him back to the truck unconscious to unlock the Tengu Soldier as a playable character. 

All Taunts
Find all 68 entries on the soldier list, then successfully complete an Infinity Mission round to unlock all sixteen Taunts. 

Skip the Codec call to capture
Bump your comrade's box while there is an enemy knocked out. The screen will turn black for a moment, and the "Soldier Captured" message will appear. This works with multiple enemies; you can pile them high (for example, on Special Stage 16). 

Arms magazine Nile Crocodile soldier (Japanese version)
Enter "TTOGZWSREYD" as a recruit password to unlock Arms magazine Nile Crocodile soldier. 

Dengeki PlayStation magazine soldier (Japanese version)
Enter "YLFSSVBCDLGO" as a recruit password to unlock Dengeki PlayStation magazine soldier. 

Famitsu magazine soldier (Japanese version)
Enter "ZKUJZUYXJUH" as a recruit password to unlock Famitsu magazine soldier.


Unlock Roy Campbell

Play the missions on extreme to unlock Roy Campbell.

Unlock Raiden

Complete the missions on hard mode.

How To Get Old Snake

Complete the mission on medium and you will get old snake

Easter eggs

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