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  • Action, Adventure
  • Retro Studios
  • Nintendo
  • Teen
  • November 20, 2002


The Easiest Way To Kill Ridly

An easy way to kill Ridly without wasting your precious missles which most of you wont have a whole lot. Use ure plasma beam to shoot riddly in his chest at the begining part of the fight. Once you knock out his wings though hes gonna get harder to beat he will charge you so you better dodge you will need energy tanks. Switch to your wave beam to shoot him in the chest after a few charges hell get even more mad and and start dashing so fast hell hit you 90% percent of the time so you must have some energy tanks. Remember don"t fire until his mouth is open and make sure its with a wave beam charge.


Queen Parsight: Space Pirate Fridge. 
Flaaghra: Chozo Ruins. 
Sheegoth: Phendrana Drifts. 
Thardus: Phendrana Drifts. 
Omega Space Pirate: Phazon Mines. 
Meta Ridly: Tallon Overworld. 
Metroid Prime: Impact Crater.

Yet Another Way To Beat Flaahgrah

If you are one of the people who can't beat flaahgrah yet (even with all the other techniques) Here is a sure way to beat him. First shot the first satellite with a missile, then turn into a ball and go into the opening and use ball bomb. Second time you will have to destroy 2 (dois) satellites (this is the technique you will use for the rest of the battle) Shoot the first satellite, after that hammer away at flaahgrah's ugly face with charge beams & missiles, dashing to the other satellite. Do this for the 3 & 4 parts of the battle. After you kill him you gt the varia suit.

Play NES Metroid

Go to the metroid fusion bonues and press L+X and you will see the NES metroid start screen.

Get Phazon Beam

First go to the Impact crater where is Metroid Prime, next beat his first form, when he is in his second form you will see Phazon, go to the Phazon and you will get the phazon beam.

Weaknesses For Chozo Ghosts And Metroids

Everybody knows that super missles are the way to go when fighting Chozo Ghosts, but in the event that you run out of them, a few shots of the charge beam will do the trick also. Same with Metroids, if you are out of missles, hit 'em with a couple shots of the charge beam. NOTE: this does not work against Fission Metroids unless you use the charge beam of the weapon of the color they split off to. Happy hunting.

Battle With Meta Ridley

Okay, if you're having a hard time avoiding the blasts and bombs Ridley uses when he flys around, just go into morph ball mode and use het boost ball to roll around the battle field. I know this is a stupid hint, but there are more obvious hints here.

Beat Flaaghra

First, just run to the first mirror, lock on, then fire a Missile. Roll into that tunnel shown in the cutscene, and you'll see a morph ball slot. Roll into it, then show it what bombs are for. It will flip two mirrors next. Then, lock on to Flaaghra itself and keep shooting with the Power Beam to keep it stunned (you won't deplete it's health) since it will flip the mirrors down if it gets a few seconds to recover. Keep dashing too. Then pick a different tunnel, because you destroyed that one. Repeat with three mirrors, then finally all four. Oh, and remember to scan it's tentacles too as well as Flaaghra itself.


Go to the Tower of Light in Chozo Ruins and use the missiles to brake down the columns. When you finish your wavebuster will be waiting you.

A Hint With The Omega Pirate

First, when you get to the Omega Pirate, SCAN IT. This is the only time you'll ever see one. Anyway, when it breaks out, you have to destroy 4 weak spot(The shoulders and the legs that have phazon on them.) Keep your distance not too far but not too close. To hit him, right before he does a Wave Quake, shoot either one of his phazon parts. When you destroy each part, he will call out some Troopers of random colors and will disappears using the Charmeleon Manta(Darn that Manta!!!). Don't kill the Troopers. They will waste time. Turn on your X-Ray Visor and keep dodging their attacks. Keep checking each of the phazon pools for the Omega Pirate. When you see him, shoot him once or twice Super Missile until he falls(When he falls, he can't get hurt). He will disappear to go to another pool of phazon. Keep looking in each phazon pool until he re- appears. Shoot him with the Super Missiles when you see him. If you're quick, than you might be take almost have of his health away until he regenerates his phazon parts. But there's still one problum: The Troopers are still there! It's okay. When the Omega Pirate does another Wave Quake, he will either kill them or seriously hurt them(I he doesn't kill them the first time, then two should do it) Repeat all of this until he is dead...

Get Ice Spreader

Go to Magmoor Cavers to Shore tunnel, use a power bomb in the tunnel, it will break and down the tunnel will be the Ice Spreader.

Heat Wave

Shoot any beam weapon repeatedly for about thirty seconds. When you stop, a heat wave can be seen in front of the arm cannon.

Get Unreachable Power-ups

If energy or ammunition is out of your reach, aim and charge your beam. The energy or ammunition will come to you.

Fire Missiles Faster

With the first gun equipped, rapidly press Y + A. As soon as the missile fires, the gun will switch back to beam weapon mode, but when you press Y again, it fires another missile. This can take down enemies in a shorter time, preventing them from having more attacks on you.

Alternate Ending Sequences

Finish the game with a 74% or less completion percentage for the normal ending sequence. Finish the game with a 75% to 99% completion percentage to view an alternate ending sequence. Finish the game with a 100% completion percentage to view the best ending sequence.

Defeat Prime Second Form Easy

When you begin the battle against Prime, she will attack with a Phazon Wave. Double jump it quickly and look at the pillars. They have health after Prime has destroyed them with the Phazon Wave. Save the health for later, you'll need it. Prime will batttle fiercly. Do not shoot at her or it will agitate her so dodge her attacks and sooner or later she will create a Phazon pool. Now she will become invisible. Switch to your X-ray visor and look for her. Hurry in to the Phazon pool and start shooting at her. She will be blown back but don't get too excited this pool will dry up soon. When Prime tries to ram you twice, she will become invisible again. Switch to the thermal visor. Jump on top of the dead first form Prime and focus on the second form. So you will not have to jump when she uses her Phazon waves. You will not be hurt because you are on the body. Remember, do not shoot her, she will get more agitated. After 5 phazon waves, she will create another Phazon pool. When she is in the process, go into Morphball mode (quickly). As soon as you see something move in the pool, use a Power bomb. It was worth it, you just killed Metroids. Now focus on Prime again. Go into the Phazon pool and watch out for her tackle. Start shooting and she will turn invisible again. Now go back to Combat visor and repeat the processes with the other visors. Keep on doing this and finally, you will conquer her. It's all worth it, you'll get hard mode.

How To Shoot Missles Faster

To shoot missles faster, Press A+Y to shoot missles at an outstanding rate!!!

Baby Sheegoth, Sheegoth Battle

When you start out 2 baby sheegoths will come down from a platform.Use your charge beam to distroy there ice shield on there back. But when one is killed another one comes down intill untill you kill 4. Then a Sheegoth comes out, go into morph ball form and go underneath the Sheegoth and lay morph ball bombs several times. After that get the wave beam.

Swing Around

After you get the grapple beam you can swing back and forth on the grapple point for as long as you can hold the button, but don't do this over lava or phazon (if you don't have the Phazon Suit) because if your finger slips you'll fall in.

See Beetles In The Ground

When you get the thermal visor, you can see yellow spots on the ground. (This is useful if you don't want to get surprised!!!)

All Power Bomb Expansions

1.Chozo Ruins: found in the Magma Pool, use the Grapple Beam to cross then at the back wall lay a Power Bomb to reveal a Power Bomb expansion and a Chozo Lore.

2.Magmoor Caverns: found in the Warrior Shrine, destroy the metal plate in front of the statue with a Power Bomb to reveal a tunnel, roll into the tunnel to find a room with a Power Bomb expansion.

3.Phendrana Drifts #1: found in the Security Cave (off Phendrana's Edge), after you find the Artifact of Spirit keep climbing up Phendrana's Edge to find a passage leading to a Power Bomb expansion.

4.Phendrana Drifts #2: fornd in Ice Ruins West, look for a frozen spot on the top of a building near a stack of crates.  Blast the ice with the Plasma Beam and drop in the hole to find a Power Bomb expansion.

Kill Ice Troopers Easily

When you are attacked by an Ice Trooper, instead of killing it with regular slow ice-beam shots you can charge up the ice-beam and freeze it like a regular enemy. Then just shoot a missile and it's dead.

All Chozo Ruins Missile Upgrades

This is a list of where all the missile expansions in the Chozo Ruins are (in order of when you can get them). There will be the area, then the required upgrades.

1. With Missile Launcher
2. Ruined Gallery: Missiles
3. Burn Dome: Missiles & Morph Ball
4. Watery Hall Access: Missiles
5. Dynamo: Missiles & Morph Ball w/Bombs
6. Vault: Morph Ball w/Bombs
7. Ruined Nursery: Morph Ball w/Bombs
8. Ruined Gallery: Morph Ball w/Bombs

Kill Fusion Metroids Easily

Alright so you've finally gotten to the Impact Crater! WAHOO! But it's not easy street. In the room known as the Phazon Core you'll encounter a new breed of Metroid known as "Fusion Metroids." Oh sure they look like normal Metroids except for the grayish color, but they are much different. Once you destroy the first Metroid, it will split into TWO Metroids! And the only way to kill those Metroids is by matching the color of the Metroids with the color of your weapon. However, there is a way to destroy a Fusion Metroid without it splitting. As soon as you see a Fusion Metroid, switch over to Morph Ball Mode and roll right under it. Wait till it is nearly on top of you and lay a Power Bomb. The Power Bomb will obliterate the Fusion Metroid and no division takes place. Happy Hunting!

Defeat Meta Ridley

Okay it's simble you defeat Meta Ridley, It just takes time. Okay Charge up you POWER BEAM and whenhis chest is wide open for shooting shoot a SUPER MISSLE. Repeat until he flys off and comes ack can either bombs you or throw-up on you. Jump. Keep shooting super missles at him. Then he falls and his wings are gone. Then he trys to ram you. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Then he will stretch his neck and open his mouth. Shoot a Charged POWER BEAM at his mouth. Then his chest is free. Shoot a SUPER MISSLE OR CHARGED POWER BEAM. Then at the end it aint so easy, he becomes faster and tougher. Dodge and when he opens his mouth shoot. The chest will not be open long enough for a SUPER MISSLE but you might get lucky. Then you go to the Impact Crater.

Survive Impact Crater The Simple Way

Required: 100 Missles, Flamethrower, Wavebuster, Super Missle, and A GOOD BOUNTY HUNTER. Okay, once you enter, save, its beside the entrance. Then head for the Phazon Core, dont touch the orange Phazon cuz you'll die. I know you have the Phazon suit but SHUT UP. Okay, in the Phazon core you meet 2 cute Metroids. Think again. THEY ARE THE HELL BRINGERS. So avoid being captured by one. Avoid killing them and you save more health. Go to the first door you see as your climbing and get more missles. Then go to very top and enter. You see the Metroid Prime, not like you expected I know. IT runs away and you go after it. Whatever color IT goes, change your beam weapon too. Use the charge beams whenever. Do not use your missles or the Super Missle, Wavebuster, or Flamethrower yet. Then when she comes towards you get into a ball and go to one of the three dugouts. Repeat, She runs away go after her.keep repeating until your in the Fourth Sunchamber. Use your Super Missles Wavebusters and Flamethowers. She dies quickly. Then you go WAY down and fight the REAL Metroid Prime. This is the only place where you get to use the PHAZON BEAM!!!!!!! Jump all of her Ground Barriers and then when you see IT make a pool of Phazon go to it and SHOOT IT'S BUT DOWN. IT may disappear so use the X-Ray Scanner and Therma Scanner.It dies. Takes away your Phazon Suit. Then the ending.

Saving Time On Flagaahra

Its not nessicary to hit the red taget at the bottom of the mirrors. Just hit the bottom half of them and they will flip up. Its also not nessicary to stun Flagaahra if your a sharp shooter. Just aim using the R button at the bottom half of the mirrors and suffle around to hit all of them, you may lose some energy but you save tons of time.

Samus's Face

To see samus's full face (longer then in fire fight), for some reason this works the best in the sun dome, go underwater and charge a shot release as close to the wall (the wave beam fired rapidly works the best) you can play with it and reveal her full face for minutes. It was love at first sight.

Protect Yourself From Thardus

When you are fighting Thardus (the big rock guy) there is a cove against the wall of the room. Rock covers the bottom half of the wall. If you jump up on to the top of the rock you can protect yourself from about 50% of Thardus's rolling attacks, and 100% of his ice attacks because the ice attacks remain on the ground and depending on the direction he's rolling he will bounce off of the wall to your right.

Kill Space Pirates Easy

Once you have the ice beam, shoot the space pirate once then fire a missile, and that's it!!

Health Absorption

You know when you NEED health! But you just can't reach over the cliff! Well, I've got the solution. First, you'll need the boost shot. All you do is power it up, and the health will ocme towards you.

Unlock Art Gallery 4

Get all 49 Missile packs, 14 energy packs, 4 bomb packs, every single weapon add on and charge shot, and all suits and extras.

Unlock Art Gallery 2

Scan 100% of the logs in the game to unlock the second Art Gallery.

Unlock Art Gallery 1

Scan 50% of the logs in the game to unlock the first Art Gallery.

Multiple Endings And Bonus

Beat the game at 74% or less to get ending 1. Beat the game at 74-99% to get ending 2. Beat the game at 100% to get ending 3.

Hard Mode

Beat Metroid Prime to unlock Hard Mode. In this mode, enemies attacks are more powerful than normal.

More Missles

If you want to add 5 missles to your inventory, go to where you landed on tallon overworld. Go behind your ship in morph ball mode, you will see a hole with those moving weeds in it, inbetween the weeds is a missle upgrade.

Original Metroid

Note: This trick requires a copy of Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance and a Game Boy Advance link cable. Successfully complete Metroid Fusion, then connect the Game Boy Advance (with the Metroid Fusion game in it) to the GameCube with the Game Boy Advance link cable. You will now be able to play the orignal NES version of Metroid.

Metroid Fusion Suit For Metroid Prime

Note: This trick requires a copy of Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance and a Game Boy Advance link cable. Successfully complete Metroid Prime, then connect the Game Boy Advance (with the Metroid Fusion game in it) to the GameCube with the Game Boy Advance link cable. The Metroid Fusion suit will now be available at the "File" menu in Metroid Prime.

Power It Up!

To charge your gun get the charge. To use it hold down the gun button. Then you let go or just let it charge up then press the button!


We have no cheats or codes for Metroid Prime yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Metroid Prime yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Metroid Prime yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


A Neat Glitch (info On The Thermal Visor)

This is really just kinda neat nothing more. After you get to Tallon IV pause the game then go to you're inventory, then go to visors, go down past the Scan Visor you should be on something that looks like this "? " . Press A and you should be looking at the info. Note: This may not work in the Metroid Prime Tillage.

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