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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • World Computing
  • 3DO Company
  • Teen


Find The Altar Of Mind, Spirit, Body

It is in Deyja.

Find The Altar Of Accuracy, Speed

It is in Deyja.

Find The Altar Of Endurance, Might

It is in Barrow Downs.

Find The Altar Of Personality, Intellect

It is in Nighon.

Find The Altar Of Fire, Earh, Air, Water

It is in Erathia.

Find The Perfect Bow

It is in the Titan Castle/stronghold. (AvLee)

Find The Book Of Divine Intervention

It is in the breeding zone.

Find The Lantern Of Light

It is in BARROW 2. (Barrow Downs)

Find The Altar Of The Angel

It is in the Bracada Desert.

Find The Altar Of The Watchman

It is in AvLee.

The 14 Obelisks

The 14 Obelisks are in -

Barrow Downs
Bracada Desert
Evermorn Island
Land Of The Giants
Stone City
The Pit
Tularean Forest

Find Haladar's Remains

They are in THE MAZE.

Find The Light Altar Piece

It is in the Temple Of The Light.

Find The Dark Altar Piece

It is in the Temple Of The Dark.

Find Zokkar's Skull

It is in the Nighon Tunnels.

Find The Case Of Soul Jars

It is in Castle Gloaming.

Find The Altar Of The Eagle

It is in Tatalia.

Find The Angel Statuette

It is in THE MAZE.

Find The 3 Portraits

Here is a list of the portraits and how to find them -

Archibald Ironfist Portrait - Castle Gryphonheart
Roland Ironfist Portrait - Castle Gryphonheart
Angel Portrait - Haunted House (Barrow Downs)

Find ALL The Golem Parts

Here are ALL the Golem parts and how to find them -

Head (dented and un-dented) - Bracada Desert
Chest - Barrow Downs
Right Arm - Tatalia
Left Arm - AvLee (Titan castle/stronghold)
Right Leg - Deyja
Left Leg - Deyja

Find The Map Of Evermorn Island

It is in the Tidewater Caverns.

Find The Watchman Statuette

It is in the Temple Of The Sun.

Find The Eagle Statuette

It is in the Temple Of The Moon.

The 3 Druid Circles

The 3 Druid circles are in -

Evermorn Island

Get To New World Computing Dungeon

For those who know the New World Computing Dungeon in M&M6, there is one in M&M7 too. But you can only get there late in the game. When on Shoals Map (underwater map) you will find a sunken pirate ship in the middle right side of the map. There is a chest hidden behind some rocks at the bottom of the ship. In the chest is a bottle with a temple inside. Right-click on the temple in the bottle and do what it tells you to do. You will then be teleported to the New World Computing Dungeon. Have fun!

Find The Second (Expert) Dark Guild

The second Dark Guild (Guild Of Twilight - Expert) is located in the roof of the church in Deyja. Fly or jump is required to get there.

Find The Master Guild Of The Mind

The Master Guild Of Mind is located in the second floor of the Tatlia Inn. Fly or jump is required to get there. Just look up and and walk around the second floor until you see a hole in the fence. Jump into the open space and walk to the Master Guild Of The Mind.

Get To Evermorn Island

First complete the Cleric to Priest quest. Once you do, you can take ships going to Evermorn Island. Ships leave Erathia, Tatalia and the Tularean Forest on Sundays and the Bracada Desert on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Money! Money! And More Money!

To get LOADS of money, after killing something that gives you a lot of money, (IE - A dragon) save your game. Then click on the dragon's corpse. If the dragon remains visible, loot it again and save it. (If not, then reload and keep trying again and again until it is still visible) Now reload, loot it, reload, loot it and so on and so forth. You should get so much money like this that you'll be buried under it!

Golem Arm

Is inside one of the chests you can see right after you enter TITAN CASTLE.

White Dragon


Hit Points Galore

To get a heck of a lot of hit points, first become a Dark Magic Grandmaster and learn the spell 'Souldrinker'. (Easier said then done) Then find a creature with A LOT of hit points. (EG - Dragon, Titan) Just cast Souldrinker on the dragon to get ALL its hit points divided equally among your characters and to kill it in one shot!

Light Magic Guild

The Light Magic Guild is located in the Bracada Desert and you'll probably need the spell jump or fly to get there.

Extra Stuff

Right where you start off at Harmondale in the second level, your castle is behind you. If you go around the castle to the back of it you will find two chests which contain a spear, etc. etc.

Learn Wizard Eye ASAP

Learn the spell 'Wizard Eye' as fast as you can because it shows where enemies are on the map and IS REALLY HELPFUL when trying to predict when your next enemy will come rushing towards you trying to kill you.

Thieves' Guild

The Thieves' Guild is located in the sewers of the city Erathia.

Archery Expertise Quest

To get the quest to become an archery expert, go to the BRACADA DESERT and visit all the houses. One of the people living in a house will gives you the quest to become an archery expert.

Perfect Combination

When choosing characters, choose a PALADIN, SORCERER, RANGER and ARCHER. Its the best combination in my opinion.

BIG Money

Sell gems you find to shops to get atleast 300 gold pieces!! Gems are found by killing trees in the TULAREAN FOREST which hurl fireballs and in the vast BRACADA DESERT!

Red Potion In Treasure Hunt

You will find a potion bottle in a crate and a red berry to make the potion in another crate. The crate with the potion bottle is near where you started and the red berry crate is in the west side of the island.

Floor Tile In The Treasure Hunt

The floor tile is located in a library in the TEMPLE OF THE MOON.

Longbow In Treasure Hunt

The longbow is located in the red dragons den.

Ore - Ickle

Collect as much ore as you can because if your characters have the right skills they can make ore into gems, weapons, armor, potion bottles and god-knows-what- else!!

The Hat In The Treasure Hunt

Talk to town citizens. One of them will try to sell you the hat.

Get To Titan Castle

To get to Titan castle, first get to AvLee. Then kill all the Wyverns on the left side of the island (If you are facing the ship) and when you look down on the other side of the Wyvern hill you will see TITAN CASTLE guarded by water sprites, etc. etc. Run through them and enter TITAN CASTLE. But be prepared! TITANS are as bad as dragons!!

Get In Fairy Mound

First get to FAIRY MOUND and then go around it in a circle once and a doorway should open allowing you to enter FAIRY MOUND.

Obelisk Treasure

Visit all the obelisks and get to Evermorn Island at midnight to get the OBELISK TREASURE!!

Inns Are GREAT!

If you sleep at an inn, all damage done to you is taken away so do it as frequently as possible! (But it does not remove special conditions like insanity, paralysis, etc. But it does cure weakness!)

Harmondale Hint

In Harmondale, in one house some old man will give you a task to find out what happened to his lost brother or something. Make sure you take it as you'll find Acromage cards next to his dead body deep in a CAVE guarded by goblins. Get the Acromage cards as you can make a huge fortune playing ACROMAGE!

Bracada Desert Hint

In Bracada Desert, be sure to search it well. Lots of GEMS and GENIE LAMPS are all over the place.

Barrow Downs Hint

If you are about to open a treasure chest in BARROW DOWNS, then be sure that all your charcters have FULL HEALTH because these chests EXPLODE! And they take away a lot of your health! Be fully prepared!


Red Potion = Cure Wounds
Yellow Potion = Cure Weakness
Blue Potion = Magic Potion 
Red + Yellow = Cure Disease (Orange)
Red + Blue = Cure Poison (Purple)
Yellow + Blue = Awaken (Green) 

Master Potions

Use the following combinations to create Master level potions:

Green/Blue + Orange = Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Blue + Green = Personality Boost (White)
Green/Blue + Purple = Swift Potion (White)
Green/Blue + Green/Yellow = Divine Power (White)
Green/Blue + Orange/Red = Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Blue + Orange/Yellow = Body Resistance (White)
Green/Blue + Purple/Red = Mind Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow + Orange = Cure Paralysis (White)
Green/Yellow + Green = Intellect Boost (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple = Noxious Potion (White)
Green/Yellow + Orange/Red = Fire Resistance (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple/Red = Divine Restoration (White)
Green/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Water Resistance (White)
Orange/Red + Orange = Speed Boost (White)
Orange/Red + Green = Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Red + Purple = Shocking Potion (White)
Orange/Red + Orange/Yellow = Divine Cure (White)
Orange/Red + Purple/Blue = Air Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow + Orange = Accuracy Boost (White)
Orange/Yellow + Green = Cure Paralysis (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple = Flaming Potion (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple/Red = Earth Resistance (White)
Orange/Yellow + Purple/Blue = Divine Restoration (White)
Purple/Red + Orange = Shocking Potion (White)
Purple/Red + Green = Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Red + Purple = Might Boost (White)
Purple/Red + Purple/Blue = Luck Boost (White)
Purple/Blue + Orange = Freezing Potion (White)
Purple/Blue + Green = Swift Potion (White)
Purple/Blue + Purple = Endurance Boost (White) 

Grand Master Potions

Use the following combinations to create Grand Master potions:

Orange/Yellow + Orange + Green = Pure Accuracy (Black)
Green/Blue + Green + Purple = Pure Personality (Black)
Green/Yellow + Green + Orange = Pure Intellect (Black)
Orange/Red + Orange + Purple = Pure Speed (Black)
Purple/Red + Purple + Orange = Pure Might (Black)
Purple/Red + Purple/Blue + ??? = Pure Luck (Black)
Purple/Blue + Purple + Green = Pure Endurance (Black) 

Expert Potions

Use the following combinations to create Expert level potions:

Green + Blue = Recharge Item (Green/Blue)
Green + Yellow = Harden Item (Green/Yellow)
Green + Red = Bless (Green/Red)
Green + Orange = Cure Insanity (Green/Orange)
Green + Purple = Remove Curse (Green/Purple)
Orange + Red = Haste (Orange/Red)
Orange + Yellow = Stone Skin (Orange/Yellow)
Orange + Blue = Preservation (Orange/Blue)
Orange + Purple = Remove Fear (Orange/Purple)
Purple + Red = Heroism (Purple/Red)
Purple + Yellow = Water Breathing (Purple/Yellow)
Purple + Blue = Shield (Purple/Blue) 

Easy Experience

Battle a monster that is worth a large amount of experience points, such as a red or blue dragon. After killing the creatures, do not search the body for items. Then, cast Paralyze on the dead monster, to bring it back to life. It may now be killed with one successful hit to collect its experience points. Repeat this to rapidly accrue experience.

The Golem Head

When collecting parts for the GOLEM you have to build make sure you use the good head instead of the dented one because otherwise you GOLEM will attack you!


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We have no unlockables for Might And Magic 7: For Blood And Honor yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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