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  • Mr. Mosquito
  • Action, Adventure
  • Fresh Games
  • Eidos Interactive
  • Teen
  • March 12, 2002


Popping The Bubbles

If your on level 4 and want to see something else than Rena's boobs try this. See those bubbles up in the air, fly through them and the will pop.

More Lifes

When your on level 5 fly up to the table and you'll see a microwave. On the right side the microwave is cracke open. Once inside you'll be asked to get all items inside in 30 secs. Their are rings near the top and near the bottom in a circle formation. Then grab the heart in the middle and race to the entrance. If you don't do it in time the Yamada Family will have a side of mosquito with their dinner.

All Skin Colors

Beat all 12 levels.

Ex. Tube Loacation:

1. Beind some boxes to the right. 2. In a crack of a box to the right. 3. By remote on coach. 4. On back of tub beind the person.

Locations Of All Extra Blood Tanks

1.Behind the Tapes in Rena's Room
2.Bottom Shelf of Bookcase in Storeroom
3.Left Arm Rest In Living Room
4.a.Inside Washbasin in Bathroom
b.Behind Rena's Head in Bathroom
5.Inside the pan that is upside down in Kitchen
6.Behind shoebox witch is behind bug zapper on 
shelf in Rena's Room
7Near ceiling, in a small alcove with the vase 
and plate display in Japanese Room
8.2 tanks on the table in Rena's Room
9.Under the exercise equipment in the Mater 
10.On top of wardrobe near bug zapper in Rena's 
11.Under Piano in  the Living Room
12.a.3rd step in Yamada Home
b.Ceiling lap over stair case in Yamada Home
c.Boxes on top of second flight in Yamad Home

Extra Colors

To get Extra colors all you need to do is start a battle and beat the set time.

Cycle Minigame

At the Main Menu, hold L2, then rotate the right analong stick 30 times in a clockwise direction.

Level 6

Once you are on level six,you will be probaly wondering where Reana's blood-sucking points are at. Reana will not show hers no matter how long you wait. On Reana's bed, there will be a cellphone that she owns and a red square where you can beep it at. When it rings, Reana will be distracted and will answer the phone. There will be a blood_sucking point on the left side of her neck and on her left middle finger. Get to them quickly though because she will only eb on the phone for about 5 seconds!


Two Player Mini-game

Hold Start + Select on controller two after turning on the system. Press Square to move forward, X to jump, and Triangle (when the power meter is full) to do a super attack. Alternately, hold L2 and continuously rotate the Right Analog-stick clockwise at the title screen.

Father Mosquito

Enable the "Mother Mosquito" code. Then, hold L2 and press Up, Right, Left, Down, Square(2), R2(3) at the character selection screen. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a shout.

Mother Mosquito

At the character selection screen, hold L1 and press Up, Right, Left, Down, Square (2), R1(3). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a shout.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Mister Mosquito yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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