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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Bandai
  • Teen
  • August 7, 2001


Easy Way To Beat Char On Last Level

After your ahead of the group and proceed forward on the last stage, there are two cage like buildings that have a hole in the top. Go into the first hole with the wall all around it after you destroy the enemys that are around the area until Char comes out. While in the hole, wait until Char comes to you and is right on the other side of the wall. When he is so close to the wall that you can barely see his arms going through the wall a little, start shooting with your weapon until he runs away (If he jumps in there with you just jump out on the opposite side of Char and follow the same directions).

Easy Grades

To easily get an S+ or S- on any level, first go to options and put on auto save. Then after you beat a level see what grade you got. If you didn't want that grde hit reset and the game will be saved so you can try again.

Unlock All B.G.M. Songs

To unlock all songs depends on how far you get in the game. Once you get all the mobile suits in Tactics battle mode and get alot of videos in the Gallery. You will probably have all of them.

How To Beat The Zock

To beat the Zok is lock on to the Zok save beam rifle of bazooka ammo.Then use the R1 and L1 buttons and run and shoot at it till it dies. I don't know the exact number of shots it takes to kill it.

More Mobile Suits In Tactics Battle

To get more mobile suits is easy. All you have to do is beat the three levels with a certain mobile suit in tactics battle mode, and get a star for each level. Don't fail the mission or you won't get a star. To get all the mobile suits, spot as many different ones as you can in story mode. But you won't see them all, and you can still get them by just beating tactics battle mode. You can only play as them in tactics.

Kill The Gaw Carrior In One Hit

On the third stage of the story mode pick the hyper Hammer as your weapon. During the stage when a Gaw comes you can jump on top of it. Once there, lock on to it and hit it with the hammer. The hammer will go through the ship killing it in one hit.

How To Get Garma's Mobile Suit For Tactics Battle Mode

In Mission Two of Story Mode, shoot down at LEAST five Dopps. Then instead of a Orange Dopp, Garma comes in his Zaku. Defeat him and finish the mission as usual. *TIP* When the Mission begins just wait a little till the White Base comes into the Battle Zone, then jump on top of it and shoot down Dopps from there with your Beam Rifle.

G-Fighter Instead Of A C-Booster

Destoy every enemey in Ramble Ral's attack. Then Destoy the guff. On the next level and the every level after that you'l have a G-fighter instead of a c-booster.

Get Blue Destiny

To get blue destiny I suggest you use Gundam. Get fairly close to blue des and fire beam rifle till the 1st mag runs out. Then get your beam saber and slash away. Be aware this is for you who have tactics battle only for federation!!!

Tactics Battle Mode

Successfully complete story mode to unlock tactics battle mode at the main menu. This mode allows you to play as Earth Federation on the Principality of Zeon.

Char's Zaku 2 (for Tactics Battle Mode)

Defeat Char's Z'Gok in hard mode in under four minutes.

Garma's Zaku 2

When playing mission 2 in story mode, shoot down at least five of the Dopps that try to shoot down White Base. To make this easier, jump up on to White Base and shoot down the Dopps as they fly toward you. Once you have accomplished this, and the level progresses, instead of flying in by a red Dopp, Garma will be in his Zaku. Defeat him and successfully complete the rest of the mission to unlock this mobile suit in the gallery. If you have all the Zeon suits unlocked in the tactics battle mode already, then just finish a level to unlock this suit in the tactics battle mode. If not, just progress through tactics battle mode as usual.


Alternate Suit Colors

At the suit selection screen in tactics battle mode, highlight a suit, then hold L1 + L2 + X, R1 + R2 + X, or L2 + R2 + X to alternate the suit color.


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Easter eggs

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