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  • Action, Adventure
  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Teen
  • September 30, 2007


The Khezu Quest

To kill a Khezu, you must get a weapon that has a fire attributs like a gatling hammer, gatling lance, djinn, etc. Always aim for the head with any weapon and dont stay too close or too far for long otherwise the Khezu's attacks will be harder to avoid.

Lao-Shan Lung

The weak points on this monster are the belly, head, and back (the part you can jump on). BUT when you carve from its back, it gains health. Thats why you use the Anti-Dragon Bomb on its back. Also when you are on the bridge, stand by the second ladder at the top of it. It can't hit you there.

Bonus Items At Start Of Game

If you have monster hunter freedom (the original) then use the sd card with the save data for that game when you start and the game will offer to import the person on the other game. You will get some of the money you had and get all of the items that are in both games. Also for every item you can't use in this game you get a ticket which can be used to buy equipment remember this only works if you have a monster hunter freedom save file.

Fighting A Rajang

A Rajang usually starts an attack from it's left so stay away from that side and approach it on it's right (which is your left). If you're using a close-range weapon, I would recommend hitting it between its legs. After attacking it with a combo, always roll away. The Rajang turns relatively fast and will start attacking if you take your time. If you want to break its horns, attack the head only when it's shooting the kamehameha attack thing. My final piece of advice is this, if you're fighting a Rajang for the first time, it's best to just run (clockwise) when the Rajang is in Rage mode.

How To Make Pitfall Traps

You can make powerful traps by using this tactic: first, save your spiderwebs, you need to use them for combining. Second, combine your spiderwebs with ivy to make nets. Then combine the nets with trap tools to make pitfall traps. If combination makes garbage, try it the other way around.

How To Unlock Buildable Weapons

You have to kill bosses more then once and you get new weapons and armors.

Trading Items Trick

If you play with another friend, this trick comes in handy. First, give all of your useful items that have a rarity of 3 or lower to your friend. Then, exit the monster hunter game and restart it without saving, you will still have the items that you traded to your friend, and your friend will will still have the items you gave him or her. I would recommend trading things like potions, max potions, ivy, etc. so you can double your items without gathering the materials first.

Easy Money

Go to the pokke farm, and send Trenya to the Jungle or the swamp. Do some quests, and go back to him. He might have Dragonmoss and/or dragonwood. Sell all of these since all you can make from it is wooden stuff, which is pretty much useless. The dragon stuff sells for about 1000z each, and you get them in a large amount.

Lao-Shan Quest

When you fight the Lao Shan, use a longsword and hit it's belly. This works best with a devil slicer, centeranian dagger, or tigrex longsword. If you are by yourself, Lao-Shan should retreat at exactly 0:00 seconds, which counts as a victory.

The Hot Air Baloon

When you can see the hot air balloon go on gestures face it and wave at it it will show you where any wyverns are kinda like a phycoserum it will only work once per quest

Beating The Piscine Liver Level

to beat this level you have to get about 4 to 5 sonic bombs and the revenger blade hit near the Piscine with the sonic bombs and charge at it with the blade and keep hitting it and it should die in 7 hits.

The Jungle Kut-Ku

To kill the Kut-Ku, you have to get the white serpent blade and hit the Kut-Ku head on and because of the extra ice damage it should die in 30 to 40 hits.


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Cephadrome Training

To unlock the special Cephadrome Training, you must complete all of the Kut Ku and Congalala training. Also, completing this special training unlocks it in the group training online. Happy hunting!

Secret Final Invitation Quest

To unlock the Final invitation quest in the village, you have to beat the Shen gaoren quest. After doing that, it will pop up in the urgent quests. You can fight two Rajang in the great arena in this quest.

Easter eggs

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