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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Capcom
  • Teen
  • June 22, 2009


How To Be Drunk On MHFU (Gathering Hall Any)

For this to work you need to go to gathering hall (optional) see if you are on a psp this will work if you go to sit down and press circle about 20 time sand drink every time when you stand up you will be fatigued if you talk to anybody like the guild manager it will go away so if you stay still while being drunk you will fall down and sleep. It will not stay if you go on a quest.

Slaying Fatalis (any)

In order to slay fatalis, and I mean any of them, you either need a bow, heavy bowgun, or a sharp weapon. U also need good armor with high dragon resistance, thunder for the white one. An example for this would be the obitary bug armor, or the gypcearos x armor. Also your weapons need to a deceant dragon, or thunder attribute on them. The first one you face will be the black one. You meet him at the castle. (note you can only face fatalis at the high ranked or g-ranked guild quests). The black one is also the easiest because you get to use the ballistas, heavy cannons and the dragonator on him. The red one of the mid most difficult because you don't get to use the weapons that you get to use at castle, and he has an excellent control over the fire attribute so don't use the gypceros armor for him. You also need a lot of cool drinks because you face him at the volcano. The white fatalis is the hardest one to face. He has an exilent control over thunder and dragon so use the obitary armor. The only weapons you can use are bowguns and bows. Make sure that your bows have a high dragon attribute on them or it wont work. U face the white fatalis at the ancient tower. I hope this information help for you being able to conquer the fatalis.

Felyne Warriors

Felyne warriors are a new addition to MHFU. Picking the right one is a key component in order to win many battles. These cats seem like they don't do a ton of damage but they do with the right attributes when facing a monster. When you're about to purchase a felyne warrior, make sure to read what they like to use, weapon and bombs, mainly weapon, mainly bombs. Mainly bomb type felynes are very useful to gunners and archers. Weapon and bomb are good for all weapon classes and mainly weapon felynes are good for blademasters. Make sure NOT to get any felynes that have a double KO feature. That means when they are KOed, they stay underground and can't help you for a longer period of time. Don't pick a warrior based on a cool name or color. When you're not battling, make sure that the cats are strengthening up their defense, attack, fodness, and reflexes. This makes for a good warrior. Make sure to switch exercises every once in a while in order to keep a balanced warrior. You may notice that you earn comrade point when you complete a quest, these can be used for the cats weapons and other items such as health flutes and armor flutes. The warriors cannot be used in Multiplayer since you have other players with you. Good luck with felyne warriors and happy huntings! Remember it's hunt or be hunted!

Ash Lao-Shan Lung

When you get to the mission that says lao-shan draws near, that is the quest that you face ashen lao. It is the first level 8 quest in the high ranked guild quest. In order for you to beat him, your going to want to make a weapon with a high attack power or with a high dragon attribute, because ash lao is weak to dragon. Attack the head until he flinches once. Then attack his belly until he leaves the area. Do this same tactic at every area until you reach area four. Hear you need to go onto the bridge and jump onto his back and put on the anti-dragon bomb. Then at the last area use the ballista ammo and shoot his head, feet and back. Once he rears up, wait until the third step to fire the spear cannon. If that doesn't kill him, then use the rest of the time to attack his stomach. He should retreat at the end of the quest. Witch counts as a victory. If he doesn't retreat, then that means you didn't do my tactic right.

Easy Yian Kut Ku Kill

To easily kill the yian kut ku while keeping damage as close as 0 as you can (using a bow and arrow) hit him with a paintball when you first see him then lure him to sections 3 or 4. 3 because there is a ledge that you can get on that the kut ku's fire spit attack can't reach you if you stand far back enough. 4 because its a wide open space so you only have to worry about his charge attack. When you do enough damage to it and it waddles off throw a sonic bomb its way to stun him for a couple more hits. When he flys off and if your paintball ran out at this point go to section 6 it will be there resting from there on avoid its attacks and you'll have victory.

Easy Kut Ku

First you should use a bow light/heavy bow gun and you should bring power coatings and poison for the bow. Just stand back and shoot it will barely hit you if your lucky when it goes to sleep place large barrel bombs next to its head and shoot them this will make them blow up and after that just keep shooting it and it will eventually die.


We have no cheats or codes for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Unlock Gallery Movies: Monster Intro

To unlock a monster's intro, just encounter that monster and watch the gallery movie.

Unlock Monster Ecology Movies

Babakonga ecology  	Slay a Babakonga
Kusharudaora ecology 	Slay the kusharudaora at the Mountain area
Zazami ecology 	Slay the zazami in the desert crab urgent quest
Diablos ecology 	Slay a Diablos
Akantor ecology 	Slay an Akantor
Plesioth ecology 	Slay a Plesioth
Rathian ecology 	Slay a Rathian
Khezu ecology 	Slay a Khezu
Tigrex ecology 	Slay a Tigrex
Gravios ecology 	Slay a Gravios

Monster Intros

Babakonga Intro  	Encounter a Babakonga
Diablos Intro 	Encounter a Diablos
Dodobrango Intro 	Encounter a Dodobrango
Dos Fango Intro 	Encounter a Dos fango
Gizami Intro 	Encounter a Gizami
Gravios Intro 	Encounter a Gravios
Khezu Intro 	Encounter a Khezu
Kusharudaora Intro 1 	Do the purple dress lady urgent quest
Kusharudaora Intro 2 	ncounter a Kusharudaora in the mountains
Monoblos Intro 	Encounter a Monoblos
Nana Teskatory Intro 1 	Do the Nana teskatory urgent quest
Nana Teskatory Intro 2 	Do the Nana teskatory quest at the tower
Rathalos Intro 	Encounter a Rathalos
Rathian Intro 	Encounter a Rathian
Velocidrome Intro 	Encounter a Velocidrome
Yian Kut Ku Intro 	Encounter a Yian Kut Ku
Zazami Intro 	Encounter a Zazami
Kirin Intro 	Encounter Kirin at the Mountain Area
Lao Shan Lung Intro 	Do the lao shan lung quest requested by the legendary blacksmith
Oonazuchi Intro 	Encounter Oonazuchi at the Forest & Hills Area
Teo Teskatoru Intro 	Encounter Teo teskatoru at the Volcano Area
Akantor 	Encounter Akantor
Fatalis Intro 	Encounter Fatalis
Crimson Fatalis Intro 	Encounter Crimson Fatalis
Ancient (White) Fatalis Intro 	Encounter Ancient Fatalis
Ucamulbu Intro 	Encounter Ucamulbu
Hypnoc Intro 	Encounter Hypnoc
Yamatukami Intro 	Encounter Yamatukami
Narugakaruga Intro 	Encounter Narugakaruga
Volganos Intro 	Encounter Volganos
Rahjan Intro 	Encounter a Rahjan in the Elder Dual Rahjan quest
Giadrome Intro 	Encounter a Giadrome
Cephadrome Intro 	Encounter a Cephadrome
Gypceros Intro 	Encounter a Gypceros
Yian Garuga Intro 	Encounter a Garuga

Unlock Special Trailers Gallery

To unlock the alternate intro movie and the game credits, kill Nana Teskatory at the tower.

Unlock Gallery Movies: Areas

To unlock the area movies, just complete one quest in that area.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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