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  • Action, Adventure
  • Tecmo
  • Tecmo
  • Everyone
  • November 15, 2003


The Joker

Create a wicked looking monster with the DVD Primal Fear starring Richard Gere. The Joker is a flying monster that holds a sicle. If you like spooky, you'll love his laugh.

Easy Bonding And Stats

Bonding a monster will increase chances of your monsters stats. If you combine two monsters with a strong bond, you will have half of the bonding and it will be easier to raise. Also you can change their temper, etc, for example. If you combine first a Joker (cool temper), second a RedShortsApe (High Tempered). You will have a RedShortApe (cool temper). Finally, also extra moves. (Instead 2, you get 4.)

Easy Training

If you have a new monster that has trouble in adventures, use this trick to get it leveled up faster. Go to an adventure, it does not matter where. Make sure you have a powerful monster in your party. Battle an enemy, and instead of KOing them with the powerful monster, weaken them so that they only have a sliver of life renamining. Then, switch with your weaker monster and allow it to finish the monster. The experience will be rewarded mostly to the weaker monster. This is an easy way to give it experience and allow it to gain new attacks and abilities.

Easy Wins

A very easy way to go through the storyline quickly is to get a monster dedicated to Power and Accuracy, Train it in Power and Accuracy mostly, but have all its other stats at level 10. The power and accuracy easily raise to level 20 to 30. Most monsters through E, D, C, B, and A classes will not be able to dodge your attacks, and they will be KOed in one to two moves. This works well against Bosses and in dungeons, since they attack rarely which leaves them wide open for quick attacks that will do devastating damage. Having 700 Power and Accuracy makes the final Boss very easy to defeat in both forms. Note: Monsters such as Bleakons are perfect for this, since their Power and Accuracy are raised quickly and easily.

Special Monsters

There are certain monsters you cannot make through combinations and must get through discs. They usually have a unique look, relating to the disc they have been spawned from. Name Type Media Disc Dino Zuum/Unknown PlayStation game Monster Rancher 1 Dolaine Antlan/Unknown PlayStation2 game Kingdom Hearts Goku Garu/Unknown PlayStation2 game Dragon Ball Z Budokai GuanYuDuck Ducken/Unknown PlayStation2 game Grand Theft Auto 3 Joker Joker/joker CD Silent Hill 3 soundtrack Kagemusha Duran/Unknown PlayStation2 game Omnimusha 2 Kasumi Pixies/Unknown PlayStation2 game Kasumi Miku Pixe/unknown PlayStation2 game Fatal Frame MushTan Plant/Unknown PC game Most computer games Nightsickle Ripper/Unknown PlayStation2 game Final Fantasy 10

Adventure + Mode

Successfully complete the game. Once done, wait three weeks. After the third week you will get a visit from Mr. Karnab. He informs you that new passageways have opened in the ruins that you have. Go to adventure and press Right or Left to switch from normal adventure to Adventure +. Adventure + is much harder then normal adventure. All the wild monsters are "S" rank, and the ruins have many levels (about 10). Of course, the items are much better in Adventure +.

Train Pheonix

Successfully complete the game and save it once the credits are done. Then, reload your game. Two weeks after you completed the game, a feather from Suzaku is left behind. He asks you to train a Pheonix, and tells you that the feather allows you to revive a Pheonix from a disc. From this point on you can revive Pheonix monsters.


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We have no unlockables for Monster Rancher 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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