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  • Strategy, 2D Turn-Based Strategy
  • Unknown
  • Tecmo
  • Everyone


Special Monster

Put in 1+1 and regenarate it and then you will get a monster that you need AGIMA's Permission to use.

Good Training

Due to the Auto-save feature of the game, a cool semi-glitch is avalible. If your monster had a bad day of training turn of the gameboy before the next week. If you did it correct you will be at the same week and can re-train your monster that week. Sometimes your monster will even get a great training day!

How To Get Monster's.

You must type in four letters or numbers or any thing on that screen you must do it at the Shrine.

Tablets (and Lots Of 'em)

Monster type / tablet

Saga / America
Durahan / WARWAR9
Punisher / LIKETEA
Chrono / KEEPSLY
Fur Dragon / 22222222
Crevasse / Shea
Rocky Mew / WARWAR6
Angolmor / 100%EVIL
Golem / 00000000
Lilim / EVIL
Mint / Burlison
Pixie / :~)
Zan / 98%SPEED
Mystie / PAL
Dragon / pal

More Levels

After winning the AGIMA S championship there are more levels.

Hero Kick

Get a Chrono and do special and go to tech. (2) then power (1) and if you learn attacs for all of them then you have learned hero kick. It's an S rank in damage. Look above this hint and it shows you how to get a Chrono.

Get Chrono

To get this monster you need to be an a rank person. There is an easy way to get it and a hard way. The easy way is to put in KEEPSLY. The hard way is to defeat the monster that robbed her the monster is called robber. When you beat it she gives you the tablet that has KEEPSLY written on it.

Hit Easier

There are three ways you can do this. The first way is to go to the near attack and attack. This usually works. The second way is to attack when the ??? are above the opponents monster. The third way is to have more guts. The more you have the better chance you have to hit.

Take No Damage

This doesn't always work but you can try. If the enemy monster doesn't have an attack in a spot (near, middle, or far)stay there and attack. Use the attack that uses the least amount of guts to attack by pressing B to change attacks but if the other attack too less guts than the other than change it back by pressing B again.


Get A Dragon

Type in 35STORM to get a Dragon.

How To Get Suezo

At the Shrine type in TAPE in capital letters.

How To Get Nut Arrow

At the Shrine type in FIRE in capital letters.

How To Get Pixie

Just type in AMAR

How To Get Kelmadics

Go to the shine and put in the letters GHNNINOO or GHNNNOO.

Get A Dragon

To get a Dragon monster type in the word "pal" without the parenthesis.


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Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Monster Rancher Advance yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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