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  • September 20, 2005


How To Get Kitana

To get Kitana you need to have the double-jump move, Now go to the tower where you follow Kitana find the half broken piller near the two statues that block the entrance to the portal. Now jump on the half brocken piller and jump on the roof then go all the way to the back and that's where you will find Kitana.

Defeating Shao Khan

This is really hard,you must first go defeat Kano in the downstairs dungeon to get a health upgrade. Then when you go to the arena yhere will be a second health increaser. Do NOT get it till you fight Shao Khan. When your health is low then get it. Start shooting your projectiles at him and stay away from him. when he brings out his hammer. Throw Kintaros head when ever you can. Then when he swings the hammer make sure your energy meter is full and long jump away from him. When he is tired and kneeling down throw a projectile and then as fast as you can grab the head and chuck it. Do this repeatidly and with a little luck you have a good chance of winning.

Platform Koin

In Goros lair after you long jump across the top brige befor the wooden brige go left and there shouled be a gap in the wall fall off. p.s: don't jump.

Get More EXP With Kung Lao

If You're Playing as Kung Lao and want EXP, walk up to an enemy hit triangle three times so they fly up, then jump and repeatedly hit square. When Kung Lao comes down uppercut (triangle button) Your enemy, then jump again and hit square repeatedly. Repeat until enemy is dead. If you didn't break the combo, you should have gotten a multiplier of about 2-8 depending on how many enemies you defeated and how much health they had.

Special Kung Lao Spinning Move

You have to unlock all levels of the bladed hat and the spinning move. When fighting enemies, you might want to get rid of a lot of them so you will find a place to hold down the spinning hat move for 3 sec (L2 + circle). When the hat is spinning aroung you, wait ill your energy bar fills back up then unleash the multi spinning move ( L2 + tapping triangle).

Fight Kano

First if your at the door of shao khans arena do not go in there are two doors on each side one on left has jhonny cage he talks like an idiot the go to the right talk to kitana 4 times guards will come in kill them then the door they came out of is open go in walk down the stairs then after you defeat kano jax will give you a medium health when you go into the arena there it will be save it for shao kahn do not press r2 around it or else I made that mistake before ihad to fight you will too first shang sung then second kintaro goros enemy ps has four arms two then shao kahn the your good to go interact with the health then its over.

Kung Lao's Super Spinning Move

First of all you have to unlock all the bladed hat levels and spinning move levels. When you are fighting hold down L2 and circle down for three secs. When your hat is spinning around you wait to your energy bar fills back up the Hold down L2 and keep tapping Triangle. You will see that you unleashed a super spinning move.

Wall Run

To get wall run you must first get the fist of ruin then go to the Wu Shi academy go to the place where you need to put out the fire. The fire should already be put out. Go to the statue blocking your way. Break it with the fist of ruin. Then follow the water to an end then go off the edge there is a flaming coin. Pick it up then you will obtain "wall run". Have fun! Stay healthy! Eat right! And be safe! (note:Wall run does not work in vs mode. ).

Full Health

If your health is running low go to a saving point and your health will be restored, and you don't have to save.

Game Mistake

During the opening sequence, you will see Lui Kang and Kung Lao fall through the floor into Goro's lair. If you are playing as either Scorpion or Sub-Zero, you would not have fallen through the floor, however when the sequence ends, you are falling with Kung Lao. Raiden then looks to you and says 'You won the first Mortal Kombat tournament', yet neither Scorpion or Sub-Zero won its very stupid goro smashed scorpion.

How To Defeat Mileena, Kitana, And Jade

Once you beat Kitana herself, she will go into a portal. Follow her. When you meet up with her, you will see that she has two other assasins named Mileena and Jade. Kitana will be captured in a power field and you have to fight Mileena and Jade. If you want to beat them, I suggest that you continuously do pop up attacks and while they are in the air, jump with them and attack them. Then Kitana will be freed, attack her and try to dodge and attack the other two later. If they get on your nerves, go for them and worry about Kitana later. I'm not saying to leave her and let her kick your butt, but you will notice that she will be slower than before and weaker. Once you defeat Mileena and Jade, they will look woozy and sort of dead and cannot attack you, finish Kitana and do the fatality.

Defeating Kano

During this fight Jax will help you beat Kano. This fight is somewhat easy. When Kano becomes a cannonball make sure you either evade the attack or jump away quickly. Also if he throws knives you have to try to get out of the way. Focus on launch attacks and combos. Then when you defeat him use the fatality.

How To Get To Kano

When you get to the place where you can you can fight Shoa Kahn first go to Kitana. Interact (talk) with her for 4 times. She'll say oh no the guards heard us the forth time. Then some guards come from the right and start attacking you. Fight them and go through the door they came from. Then go down the the stairs and go to the little area. Then watch the little video. After you get to fight Kano.

Defeating The Warlord Faster

Keep dodging his attacks and after like 3 attacks he will fall to the floor for like 5 seconds. Around you is rocks pick up these rocks and throw it at him. It will take like 10- 15 shots to kill him.

Defeating Goro

At the beggining i would stay far away and use your projectiles at the highest upgrade. When he shoots projectiles dodge them as best you can. You can also block them. Jump when he gets ready to hit the floor. If you don't jump when your at a short distance you will get hurt. Eventually he gets a pillar, i still suggest to use projectiles at this point and jump when he holds it vertically above his head. Also stay really far from him this time. Eventually you will be able to do the fatality and beat him

Defeating Scorpion: Round 3

After you go to the door to leave he comes back as Inferno Scorpion! Make sure you dodge his different spear attacks, shoot projectiles, and watch out for when he takes of his mask and spits fire out onto the ground. You also have to watch out that he can raise flames from the ground like Round 2 but while fighting! Eventually you'll be done and Scorpion is GONE!

Defeating Scorpion: Round 2

This part is hard. After you go to the platform you see Scorpion raising his hands. So what you do is double jump when the ground is cracked so you can get away from the fire. After three times his spear gets stuck, grap it with the throw button and do the test your might, if you win he comes back and copy what you did in the first round, if you don't you'll have to jump away from the fire again. Eventually he goes back upand starts raising his hands again. Just follow the process and when you defeat him leave.

Defeating Scorpion: Round 1

Scorpion is real tough so this will be long. At this point it is crucial to lose low health. I would stay away, dodge his spear, and shoot him with the highest upgrade for projectiles. If you hit him with the projectile that is a circle he goes on flames, at this point you run to him and do a launching attack and then jump towards him and hit him with a power attack which uses real damage. After you've damaged him enough he leaves to a new area find your way around the flaming area and you'll reach a new area for Round 2.

Defeating Reptile

To defeat Reptile, first at the beginning get real close and try countering which means to guard and then attack some of his moves. If he raises a glowing fist in the air, i'd suggest to jump away. If he creates a glowing ball of energy be ready to jump over the projectile. When he goes on top of the area in the backround you should go to one of the corners away from him and jump whenever he shoots at you. Later he turns invisible, the best option is to splash water everywhere, jump and use ariel attacks, or use the green energy coming from the attacks. Using Lui Kang's projectiles cound help you as well.

Defeating Bakara

First use a block then counter fighting style, then pound him with lots of attacks. Using launch attacks after you block is your best bet. Later on he throws flaming monks at you, hit the monks with projectiles. After that you can follow with the block counterring thing again. Then when he shoots projectiles at you dodge them and then hit him with your own. it's best to hit him when he is in the middle. Eventually to green swords appear, grap them and slice Bakara, if he blocks a lot of the attacks jump away and try hitting him again. After hitting him enough you will get test your might challenges, if you go far enough grap the second sword and do the same as the first, eventually you can finsh him off.

Defeating Kitana And The Outworld Assassins

First you fight Kitana, I suggest launching attacks and distance attacks. When you've damaged Kitana to about halfway she goes into another portal. In that portal is where you face Kitana, Mileena, and Jade. Concentrate on Kitana avoiding the outworld assassins. Running attacks and quick throws are the best to use. When you damage Kitana at a certain point she will be thrown into the trap you saw earlier. Now the assassins wiil try and save her so try to avoid them from going up to the pedestal. The spell time takes about a minute. Next worry about the assassins when Kitana falls. Use launching attacks, throws, and power attacks. Be sure to keep blocking when you aren't attacking because they attack out of nowhere. When you lower one of there health they go into a pit. Go to the test your might switch to inflict a lot of damage. Keep attacking them until they both get woozy and do the fatality down, down, down, left, and square. You'll win the battle.

Defeating The Oni Warlord

First drop down to the pedestal and grab the sword, if you miss it don't worry. Then repeatedly attack him. If he raises his club get out of the way! and jump when he brings doen his club. Using aerial attacks can also help especially Kung Lao's aerial kicks to avode him from touching the ground.


Unlock Scorpion

Hold L2 press: Square, Up, L1, R1, Left, Right, Square release L2.

Kung Lao Buzzsaw Fatality

Right, Right, Up, Up, Circle.

Fatality 1 - Lou Kang

Down, Right, Left, Left, Square

Unlock Sub-Zero

Hold L2 press: Square, Down, Up, L1, L1, Up, Square release L2.


Hold L2, and press square, down, up, L1, L1, up, and square.

Fatality 1 - Scorpion

Hold L2, and press square, up, L1, R1, left, right, and square and then release L2.

Sub-Zero Fatality #1

Press Right, Right, Down, Right, Square.

Mutality - Kung Lao

Up, Right, Down, Left, Triangle

Fatality - Kung Lao

Right, Right, Right, Right, Square

Brutality - Lou Kang

Right, Up, Down, Down, Circle.

Sub-Zero Fatality #2 Spine Rip

Right, Down, Right, Right, Square.

Multality - (Hat Control) Kung Lao

Left, Right, Right, Left, Square.

Fatality 7 - Lou Kang

Left, Up, Up, Right, Square

Fatality 2 - Scorpion

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Square.

Multality 2 - Lou Kang

Right, Left, Up, Up, Triangle.

Multality 1 - Lou Kang

Up, Down, Up, Down, Triangle.

Fatality 5 - Lou Kang

Right, Up, Right, Up, Square.

Fatality 4 - Lou Kang

Right, Left, Down, Down, Square.

Fatality 3 - Lou Kang

Left, Left, Left, Up, Square

Fatality 2 - Lou Kang

Down, Left, Right, Up, Square.


Long Jump

To get long jump you have to beat some oni's then fall off the edge of a bridge then the oni warlord will burst through the wall. Beat him then a coin then you acquire long jump (note: the oni warlord is in the wastelands too).

Unlocking Baraka... The Easy Way

To unlock baraka the easy way you have to go to the soul tombs. Go through the first room then go through the second room then in the second room there's a door that looks like a portal go in it. Then wall climb up a wall then use the fist of ruin on the statue then jump on the broken floor then there's some wood sticking out jump on it then you will see a red sphere jump to it that unlocks baraka. Well have fun! (note:ONLY IN VS MODE).

Fist Of Ruin

To get the fist of ruin you have to beat kitana, mileena, and jade.

Unlock Scorpion

Defeat Shao Kahn in Single.

Unlock Sub-Zero

Defeat Shao Kahn in Ko-op.

Easter eggs

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