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  • Racing, Motocross
  • Unknown
  • Activision
  • Everyone
  • March 3, 2004


Is There Really A Difference With The Bikes?

The game has an online mode and some are asking is there really a big difference between bikes? For example if you have a Puma 250cc four stoke and another person has a Yamaha 250cc four stoke, is there really a huge difference in the way the bikes will react? Also is there a huge advantage to earn and unlock other bikes? The answer is yes. There is a big difference in the way they will compete. Now of course you can have the best bike in the game and if you can't drive, a little 125cc will kick your butt. However, there is a difference in the stock and team bikes so it is worth unlocking the better bikes. You should have a company bike before leaving the second 125cc class and once you sign on with a team you can't switch back until another deal is offered to you. Some have asked about this and if you use the tips given in the racing section, you should have a decent bike to compete online with. Of course better bikes are available later and new parts etc.

Getting And Keeping Two Sponsors For The Same Gear?

You will get offers from sponsors as you progress. You do not need to reject an offer simply because you already have a contract with another company. If you use this trick, say the sponsor is another helmet company simply buy the two different helmets and unlock them and save the game. At the start of the series wear one helmet. After the race, save the game then switch your helmet to the other sponsor and race the next race and repeat the process. At times a lesser known company will pay you more than a big time sponsor will. This way you do not break the contracts. To see what sponsors you already have deals with just check your PDA. A list will show up of contacts and the companies they represent. You cannot have more than one exclusive deal with a bike company. You will get chances to change teams but cannot use this trick with the bikes.

A Few Tricks To Use In The First 125cc Series

You start off in the "MTX" 125cc event first. Short for Motocross event. The four tracks are challenging and all are outdoors. Of course that is why it's the "MX" series. You can earn a few points other than victory points here if you know how. Try getting the hole shot. It's worth money at the end of the race. Also all races in this series are two laps. In the second lap if you're in the lead, try and pull off a few easy tricks during the race. This will advance your show boating score and may even get the attention of a new sponsor earlier than you think. The key places to attempt tricks are the end of the lap and anywhere there is a crowd. Although any place will count, keep in mind to use the"X" button to launch off the jumps and watch the gauge on the right of your screen. If the shocks are not showing red, you are forgetting to hold down the "A" button. The key to win the race is not just hitting the hole shot but using the clutch around the turns and let the gas throw your bike around the turn. Do not use the brakes unless you have no choice. Getting first place is your main goal in all four events. If you finish second or third in any event, no need to restart. You can still win. After each race, check your email messages. You will get info on the results and messages from others. You should be able to get two sponsorship deals in this single series. Also you may want to race the series and lose on purpose the first time to build up some easy cash. This will not count against you but will count on your win record in the stats. All the tips also apply to the first and second 125cc and 250cc "SX" series the Supercross races. So to save time just keep the same tips in mind for these events as well.

Learning Tricks And Adding Them To Your Trick Book

At the stunt area you will see a track of sorts with two ramps. Just drive by one of the guys jumping the ramps and the new task icon will appear. Again just hit the "Triangle" button and then the "Circle" button for the explanation. Even though tricks are not the main focus of the game you need to learn as many as you can for the Freestyle modes in the game. When the task begins, the racer will make the jump and pull off a trick and the buttons and joystick pattern will be shown before you hit the ramp. You need to pull off the trick after leaving the ramp and in the air to be added to your trick book as well as earning the points. If you do not pull off the trick the right way or too early or late, you will hear try again. You will get it soon. The task will not end unless you wreck. The trick is to get the timing down and after adding a few tricks you can choose to end the task and every trick you pull off successfully will be added to your trick book. You can go back but you will start with the same tricks until you reach the last one you stopped at. You still earn the "MTXP" points for those tricks so it's also an easy way to rack up points to unlock other areas of the game. Again the key is timing. Watch the rider and how he pulls off each trick. Soon you will learn all that the rider has to teach you in this area. If you check your trick book later and a trick is missing, chances are you missed a trick in this area first. Getting this area down is crucial to beating the other trick areas in the other compounds in the game.

Reaching Travis's Mountain Top

You will trigger a task that will explain that Travis is up in the top of the mountain. A place he uses to relaxes and think about things. The course is a nasty and steep track up the mountain and you must pass the flags in between the two trees in the time allowed to complete this task. To beat the task you will need to know how to use the clutch as well as the gas to control the bike. You will notice when they show the course that there are little paths that look slightly different in color. This is the path you will need to stay on slip and you will roll off the mountain and need to repeat the task. Look for the little paths and stay steady on the gas. Do not use the brakes when turning. Instead hold in the clutch "Left Trigger" and lay off the gas then turn and release the clutch slowly while giving the bike some gas. You will see each path to climb as well as a few gates along the way. The hardest part is right at the top of the mountain since there are two paths you can choose. One will take you to the finish line and the other will take you to far beyond the finish line. Keep to the right side and you should make it in the first or second try. This task is to learn control of the bike and how to use the clutch and also how to make the bike turn without using the brakes. If you seem to have problems reaching the right finish area, just hit "X" to have the explanation and the course shown to you again.

Beating Travis In The Second Race Against Him

You already faced Travis once and beat him. Now he is hanging out by the stunt practice area. Look for him between the two ramps. He will be riding around. Just pass near him and a new task will show up on your screen. Hit the "Y" Button. Travis will congratulate you on beating him the first time and then challenge you to a race around his special course around the compound. While he is talking, the options will say hit "X" for more details or hit "Triangle" to start right away. Do not hit the "Triangle" Button! Travis will explain the course, the checkpoints, and the rules. It will also go through the course so you can find certain land marks. Once you are ready hit the "Triangle" Button to start the race. Allow Travis to take the lead if you are not sure of the complete course and then take the lead when you want to. A red arrow will direct you to each check point. Make sure you always have the "X" button pressed down to allow you to hit the jumps and get that needed air. Simply time the jumps and right as you are about to leave each ramp or jump let go of the "X" button for massive air. Remember to press and hold the "X" button once you used this. You can choose to use the joysticks and time the jumps and push up on the joysticks but the "X" button works the best. Travis will always make a mistake and let you take the lead. The important part in beating this task is knowing where each check point is located at. You may need to run the race more than once to know the course and to get the timing down on each jump. The jumps are not as easy as before and will test you. The other problem is the track is not a straight track Travis built it and uses it to train. After knowing the course, then hammer the throttle and go for each ramp or jump. Use straight approaches and make sure to use the jump button. The finish line is where most will let off the gas and allow Travis to sneak by. If you beat him, there is no need to re race the task although the course is great for training and learning the bike and the controls.

Free Ride Tips Travis's Compound

Although the game has several free ride areas, this one is the most important since you need to get a good start and will earn some crucial things in this area. There are a few tricky tasks in this area so here are a few pointers for the harder tasks.

Jump Over 600 Feet In The Everglades

From your starting point on the dock, back up slightly and look to your left. Ride over to the set of jumps that are at the other end of the barges. Once in the area, ride over the jumps to your left until you reach the jump that is directly left of a palm tree. Past this jump are two landing slopes; one that is directly in front of the jump next to the palm tree, and one that is behind it and to the left. Ride over to the second slope and face the right hand corner/side area of it. Continuously ride into this area, trying to push your way through it. With some speed and the proper placement, you should be able to ride through the corner of the slope and ''fall'' through the ground, eventually re- spawning back onto the dock where you started. During this ''fall'', you will also be able to string together as many tricks as you wish for an insanely huge multiplier without the fear of crashing; when you re-spawn back onto the dock, the game still acts as if you are in the air, Note: Be careful with the gas and brake/reverse, as the game also acts as though you are on the ground as well. When you are done with your multiplier, speed off into the level as usual. If done correctly, when your jump distance meter appears it should read more than six hundred feet. Note: Repeated use of this glitch to increase your multipliers may cause the game to crash. Make sure to save your place immediately after you have achieved your new jump distance. As with any glitch, use it at your own risk.


Successfully complete the entire Freestyle career to unlock the Trickbot.

Speed Demon

Successfully complete the entire MX career to unlock the Speed Demon.


Slipknot Maggot

Enter 86657457 as password at the options menu.

Speed Demon

Enter 773H999 as a password from the options menu.

All FMV Sequence

Enter 23F7IC5 as a password from the options menu.

Officer Dick

Enter BADG3 as a password from the options menu.

Nokia Trickbot

Enter HA79000 as a password from the options menu.

Super Speed

Enter JIH345 as a password from the options menu. The only way to disable this code is to reset the game. Note:This code will cause your bike's handling to decrease considerably at higher speeds.

Maximum Air

Enter BFB0020 as a password from the options menu.

All Tracks

Enter BA7H as a password from the options menu.

Left Field Gear

Enter 12345 as a password from the options menu.

Sobe Gear

Enter 50B3 as a password from the options menu.

Sky Camera

Enter HIC as a password from the options menu.

Butterfinger Gear

Enter B77393 as a password from the options menu.

Super Speed

Put in JIH345 in the cheat codes menu to get super speed.


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