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  • Racing, Motocross
  • Unknown
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • July 3, 2001


Higher Jumps

When you are getting close to a ramp go full speed and hold L2. Don't hold it to quick or it will not have any affect. You can see the power of the jump it's the colored bar on top of the MPH bar.

Chick On A Big Rock

Go to Vulture gulch level when you start out on the trailer turn left and follow the darker road go threw the cave turn right when you get out of the it and there should be lots of tall rocks look for the tallest one towards the back it should have a big jump in front of it, go off of the jump make sure to preload if you land on the top there will be a chick in a bikini - enjoy!

Extra Time In Bus Jump

When you are in bus jump, to earn extra time go towards the hill and jump the middle of the left burm. It will give you extra time but you can't do it passed 125 feet.

Easy 100 Points

When you are riding in the whoops (continues bumps), just hold back a little to do a wheele. This earns you a easy 100 points.

Ride In The Stands At Shaffer Areana

From the starting point in Shaffer Areana, go to the far left corner of the stadium. There you will find a dirt ramp against the wall that you can use to launch yourself into the stands. Make sure you have plenty of speed and use your jumping meter. It helps to pull the nose of your bike back as you launch it into the air. Sometimes you have to try it more than once.

Go To The City On The Bus Jump Level

Go to the top of the building. Then go to the farthest ramp on the left. Go about halfway up and stop. Do a bunny hop(hold L1, Down, X, and R2 until your jump meter is full then let go of L1). You should end up on the uther side of the fence. If not, try again.


Go to the San Diego Freestyle track. When you start out go out the entrance SLOWLY. Turn left and run near the walls halfway around the track. When you approach the dirt ramps get as much speed as possible and make your meter full. Take the Second ramp not the first one. When in the air just push down and hold R2 and watch him do a Double Hartflip. Need at least 50mph when taking off in order to do this. If it doesn't work the first time then just try again til you get it right. It will work.

Guide Lines

In some courses and freestyle tracks there are white lines that lead you to ramps, show you where to land, show you where to hit the ramp, and show you where to turn. These lines really help you in races. They can help you to not lose speed.

Jump Standing Still

Make sure your completely stopped then quikly hold "x" and back on your control pad or analog stick while your doing this quikly hold and release the preload button "R2". After this you should jump but it takes a while to get the hang of it. Later on once you get the hang of it you can try to do Heart Breakers or to put it simply backflips. I do them all the time standing still now.


To back up all you need to do is hold Square and hold back on your control pad or analog stick.

Additional Bikes

To unlock the option to choose between 125cc and 250cc, go through the game in career mode until the last level. Once there, acquire first place to unlock the option to change your cc's on your dirtbikes in any mode.

Faster Speed

While racing press and hold L1 for about five seconds then let go.

Easier Tricks And Bigger Air

When you are about to go off a ramp hold R2 and look over at the speedometer and you will see something charging keep holding until you reach the top of the ramp or when the meter is full. If you only want bigger air just hold R2 until the meter is full and you are about to the top of the ramp let go.


Get some air, then hold the Trick button and press the indicated button(s) to do 
the corresponding move:

Bar Hop: Press Triangle(2). 
Can Can: Press Square(2). 
Cat Nac: Press X, Circle(2). 
Catwalk: Press Square, Triangle. 
Cliff Hanger: Press Circle, Triangle. 
Coffin: Press Triangle, Circle. 
Cordova: Press Circle, Triangle(2). 
Disco Can: Press Square(3). 
Heart Attack: Press X, Triangle. 
Heart Breaker: Hold Analog-stick Down until you have done a complete flip. 
Heel Clicker: Press Triangle. 
Helicopter: Press X, Triangle(2). 
Indian Air: Press X. 
Kiss Of Death: Press Circle(2). 
La-Z-Boy: Press Circle, X. 
McMetz: Press Triangle(3). 
Mulisha Air: Press X, Square. 
Nac Nac: Press Square. 
No Hander: Press Circle. 
Nothing: Press Circle, Square . 
Pendulum: Press Square, Circle. 
Rocket Air: Press X, Circle. 
Rodeo Air: Press Triangle, X. 
Saran Wrap: Press Triangle, Square. 
Seat Grab: Press X(2). 
Suicide Flip: Hold Analog-stick Up until you have done a complete flip. 
Superman Indian: Press X(3). 
Switchblade: Press Square, X. 

180 Rotate

Get some air, then turn the bike 180 degrees left or right.

360 Rotate

Get some air, then turn the bike 360 degrees left or right.

Tail Whip

Get some air, then move the tail of the bike 90 degrees to the left or right and straighten the bike before landing.

Suicide Flip

Get some air, then hold Up until you have done a complete flip.

Heart Breaker

Get some air, then hold Down until you have done a complete flip.



When you go off a ramp, continuously hit the R2, L2, L1, and R1 buttons. You should jump off your bike.


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Easter eggs

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