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  • Racing, Motocross
  • THQ
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • June 27, 2002


A Triple Back FIip

Doesn't matter what rider (just need's a lot of speed). Go to the caynon level, go up the hill where the tunnel is and go up every gap until your on the big pillar where it has that old cowboy sign, got to the edge and go right to the ramp, before you fly away hold the shocks. You will for sure get a double back flip, and probably a triple backflip. P.S. Try to land in the crater, it's hard to land in there, but more time to land it.

Propeller Spin

When you go off a jump, hold R and press y,y,x and you`ll do a propeller spin. You need a pretty big jump to do this trick.

How To Get Sal The Alien

Enter the Fox Creek freestyle course. Jump over the canyon via the ramp, but aim your jump to the left of the ghost town. After you land, continue going along the side of the buildings. You will soon should see an opening and lots of rocks. On the ground is one rock that looks like a two sided ramp. Go into the rock field about 75 to 100 feet. Floor it, swerving around several rocks and hit the ramp. Make sure you are heading toward the buildings. Hit the ramp and aim your jump so you land on the awning cowering the porch of the back of the building. There will be a small separation, but this will not cause any problems. Cross it and there will be a ramp on the other awning. Jump it and land on the roof with the hole in it. Go past the hole, turn around and you will see another ramp. Jump this one to get to the highest roof. This may take several attempts. After you land on the roof, position yourself so that when you jump the last ramp you land on the rock bridge. Jump down onto the ledge leading into an open mine shaft. Continue to follow this path until you reach Sal's UFO. Continue past the ship into the next room and you will see Sal, along with several companions, in suspended animation. You will get the "Find Out The Truth" trophy and unlock Sal as a playable rider.

Custom Cow Motorcycle

Complete the "Brave The Vertical Drop" challenge.

Get Bigger Air Off Ramps

Go to Freestyle then goto any track Pick any rider. Then when you start go to a jump. Right before it push And hold R2. At the top of the jump let go of R2 And You will get bigger air and distance

How To Get Elrod The Viking

Go to the Rock Ridge freestyle track. Go to the left until you notice the chair lift. Head downhill to the lower tower. Look for a stone ramp which will lead to a tower thats all black (the tower with the yellow roof is just to throw you off). Get your speed to about 45 mph and jump on to the tower and stop then you'll see two cables attached to the tower ride either of them doesn't matter. Once you ride to the higher tower on the cables it should say special trophy awarded. Then Elrod the Viking is a playable character

Special Zebra Motorcycle

Complete "Brave the vertical drop Challange"

Play As Sal The Alien

Complete the "Found Out The Truth" challenge. Another way is to go to fox creek, jump through the fence, across the canyon, and into the ghost town. Stop at the church and bunny hope into the graveyard (hold clutch, rev motor, preload suspension, hold back release clutch and preload when the suspension is loaded to the max). Jump on the lower over the doorway of the first shop and jump from roof to roof until you reach the end.Jump to the back of the building's that you were just on.The last ramp will lead you to a rock and a bridge (very difficult to land). Jump from the bridge to the entrance to an ope mine shaft. Continue down the path to the military base and down to sal's spaceship. Run past the ship to the room were sals is being held in suspension animation. This will unlock sal the alien as a playable rider .

Wheelball Mini Game

Complete the "Mega stunt" challenge

Balloon Toss Mini Game

Complete the "Safety First" challenge

Play As Superfly

Complete the "Crane Eye Challenge" challenge.

Play As Elrod The Viking

Complete the "Lift Tower Challenge" challenge.

Special Tiger Motorcycle

Complete the "Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season" challenge.

Special Fire Motorcycle

Complete the "Dominate 250cc Freestyle Season" challenge

New Z Arena And Floating Platform

Complete the "Cross Training" challenge.

Play As Cameron Steele

Complete the "World Longest Jump" challenge.

New Ramps

Complete the "Impossible Wheelie" challenge

New Movable Objects

Complete the "Impossible Stoppie" challenge

New Barriers

Complete the "Dramatic Entrance" challenge


Unlock Everything

At the main menu, press X, Y, then L+X, then X, L, Z, then R+Y to unlock all of the tracks, mini- games, bikes, and characters.

Experimental Olympian

To do this get a big jump and push A, B, Y and you'll swing your legs around your bike.

Experimental Swang

To do this push B, X, B and you'll grab the back end of your bike, do a flip, cross your legs, and hop back on your bike.


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