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  • Racing, Motocross
  • THQ
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • February 18, 2004


Go In The Barn

Go to the small barn by the tractor, there will be a hole that allows you to go in it.

Easy Double Back-Flip

When you preload to get more air[down up before both wheels take off from a jump] and you backflip go off a ramp of jump press Down up up down QUICK before both wheels take of and you preload and backflip giving you more air to do another NOTE: it might take some practice and many times.


To do a bacflip push FORWARD on the left analog stick AT THE BASE OF A JUMP, next at the top pull BACKWARD. And there's your backflip. (hint:to score more points ADD tricks during the backflip).

Bunny Hop

When riding on flat land, Press Up/Left or Up/Right + Square while going in a circle.


Go to Morenci Mines. Head to the Run 1 circle, the stop in it. Go almost NW from from there and you will find a bunch of eyeballs.

Getting Up Steep Hills

If you are in the freestyle mode and find yourself on a steep hill, hit the R1 button and then the gas just briefly and you will pop a wheelie enabling you to make it up the steep hill.

Unlock Freestyle Tracks

L1, L1, X, X, X, X, Square, R2, R2, L1.


Unlock Everything

When you are at the main menu go to options and in cheatcodes type in "clappedout" no spaces needed.

Unlock Everything!

Go to cheats clickable on the options menu and type in "clappedout".

All Supercross Tracks And All National Tracks

For Supercross, enter STUPERCROSS, and for Nationals, enter ECONATION in the cheat entry screen under "Options"

All Machines

To get all machines, type MINIGAMES in the cheat entry under options.

Dune Buggy

Type in sandman under options.

Bowling Mini-game

Enter WRECKINGBALL as a code. Alternately, play the Ocotillo Wells track in freestyle mode. Get to the purple stunt competition marker then look for the nearby row of power lines. Follow the power-lines to the west to reach the bowling lane.

500cc Bikes

Enter BIGDOGS in the cheat entry screen.

All Freestyle Tracks

Enter BUSTBIG in the cheat entry screen.

Unlock 500cc Bikes

X, X, X, X, Square, L1, L1, R1, R2, R2.

Pro Physics Cheat

Go to options -> cheats and put in code SWAPPIN

50cc Bike

Enter squirreldog at the cheat screen to unlock the 50cc bike.


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