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  • Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja 4 and Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden
  • Fighting, 2D Fighting
  • Namco Bandai Games
  • Namco Bandai Games
  • Teen
  • March 17, 2009


Play As Nine Tailed Fox

Click L1 down on character select.

How To Escape From Death Of Night Phoenix

To escape death of night phoenix. You are supposed to get hit one time. When you get up use rotation with hinata, neji, or hanabi. Then find out what happens. Use rotation or something like that. Remember it is done in free battle with infinte chakara.

Death Of Night Pheonix

Press down, down, o in the air keep pressing it and watch what happens. (it is supposed to be in free battle and with infinite chakra).

Battle With Itachi Uchiha

You have to beet kisame like 3-4 times before you can fight itachi and you must fight HIM 2-3 times. And it is as hard as a s rank mission. Battle 1:you play as sakura haruno and it is a lot easier than the next battle. Battle:2you play as kakashe hatake and itachi`s speed and strength are up.

How To Get Sasori

To get sasori you must beet the shadow demon at the end of chapter 1. And you must have beaten diedara. Also you fight sasori right after diedara.

Critical Modes

You know that if you taunt you get an awaking. But if you do an ultimate jutsu and get critical damage on it by pressing the button to the end of the grudge and you will get a different awaking with different moves.

Speed Clashes

You and your opponent need to hit each other at the same time but not with a jutsu or a ultimate jutsu just a regular hit then you will start to go super fast and you will just see black lines hitting each other and you see like sparks when the black lines hit each other and then you will see you and your opponent in the air and you both are throwing a punch and you will see paper scissor rock hand signs at the bottom and the winner hits the opponent or it can be a draw and you both get hit note:the black lines are you.

Cheracter Modes

When you are in a battle, taunt by pressing up and hold it for 5 seconds and then you see that you will start glowing in a color and that gives you extra strength and changes your moves to better ones and some times it changes your jutsuse like kakashi he gets mankikoy sharingan and itachi makes every thing purpel and your opponent moves super slow. Also if you taunt with gara or you make a sand thing ulder you and you start to fly and also for diderai the akatku member.

Second Form

Go to a character that has a second form and press and hold the select button on it and you will see their second form and still holding select press x and when you start the battle you will all ready be their second form.


Unlock Most Characters

From the main menu holding R1 and R2, press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle. Next, release R1 and R2, then hold L1 and L2, press Right, Up, Right, Up. Finally, let go of L1 and L2, then press L3 and R3. The game will make a noise if you enter the cheat correctly. Most characters will be unlocked. (except for Hyuuga, Hanabi, and Yondaime (Hokage 4)

Play As Demon (Kyubi)

To play as a character's demon (kyubi), hold R1 and press O to choose the character.



Defeat him in hero mode.

The Yellow Flash (Yoindiame)

Complete hero mode.

The Second Hokage

Complete the leaf destruction Arc in hero mode.


Defeat him in Master Mode.


Defeat him in hero mode.


Defeat him in hero mode.


Defeat her in hero mode.

The First Hokage

Complete the tsunade search arc in hero mode.


Defeat him in hero mode.


Watch the movie burning will in hero mode.


Watch the video burning will in hero mode.

Kabuto Yakushi

Defeat him in hero mode.


Watch the movie guts never to give up in hero mode.

Itachi Uchiha

Defeat him in master mode.

Granny Chiyo

Complete master mode to unlock her.

Temari (Hero)

Watch the movie "Man with zeero motivation" In hero mode.


Defeat him in Hero mode.

Zabuza Momochi

Defeat him in Hero Mode.


Defeat him in Hero mode.

Gaara Of The Sand

Defeat Him in hero mode.

The Third Hokage

Defeat orochimaru in Hero mode.

Kankuro (Hero)

Watch the movie "Shino against Kankuro" In Hero mode.

Konohamaru Ninja Squad

Complete the Genin Arc in Hero Mode.

Kisame Hoshigaki

Defeat him in master mode.


Defeat him in Master Mode.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 4 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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