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  • October 10, 2002


Easy Way To Steal The Ball

When your opponent is bringing up the ball, get a good Point Guard and press your opponent who is bringing up the ball using L3 and moving the cursors up and down. While doing that, press the square button every time you get in front of your opponent. You should be able to strip the ball from your opponent's hand. (This will only work on your opponent's side of the court)

Dancing Cheerleader

Select franchise mode, pick any team, and finish the season. Make sure you make the playoffs. Simulate or play all of the games until you get to the finals. Play the last game of the finals. You can play if desired, but if you think you are definitely going to win, go to the pause menu then choose "Quit" Then, go to simulate until the end. When the game is done, you will see a dancing cheerleader. Then your franchise's team's name will say "Champion" around it.

Easy Shooting Foul

To draw an easy shooting foul, get the ball on offense and hold L2. While holding L2 press either Left or Right, then press the same direction again. The defender should jab at the ball. While they are doing so, press Square. You should draw the foul and get two shots at the charity stripe.

Easy Lay-up

While doing a dunk, press Square in the air to do an easy lay-up (similar to how the CPU does it).

Cheating AI

If the computer is "cheating" for example shooting a must higher percentage, especially if it is a sorry team you should lower their sliders. This is how you do it 1. You pause the game 2. Go to gameplay 3. Then go to gameplay sliders and if they are home take their shooting percentages down as far as you want(the same if they are away). You can also do this for your team (you definetly don't want to lower yours) but you can higher yours as much as you want.



Enter "SPRINGER" as a case-sensitive code. Trash will be blowing around during games in street mode.

Duotone Graphics

Enter DUOTONE as a case-sensitive code to have your player in color with all other players in black and white.

Bonus Teams

Enter "MEGASTARS" as a case-sensitive code to unlock three bonus teams.


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