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How To Beat Micheal Jordan 1 On 1.

The way you want to beat M.J. one on one is you have do a spin move around him to score a point, or if that doesn't work than jump at your highest point than shoot. The best players to be when you play him is Vince Carter,and Allen Iverson. So good luck!

Steel, Punch And Kill The Other Players

When thay have the ball press right-c buy them and you will punch them and steel the ball.

Note: This dosent work with MJ.
Note2: you have to turn of the rules.
Note3: They can do it to you to.(but it doesn't happen often)

Easy Scoring

Start a one-on-one game with a friend. Pump fake to get him/her to jump. Then, just go right around you opponent for a dunk or to do a nice lay-up.

Isaiah Thomas

Get fifteen steals in a game in superstar mode to unlock him on the roster.

Michael Jordan

Defeat Michael Jordan one-on-one in superstar mode to unlock him on the roster.


Legend Players

At the "Game Setup" screen, press Circle to display the quick menu. Highlight the player icon, press Right and press X to select the "Create Player" icon. Enter one of the following first and last names and press X to accept the entries at the "Create Player" screen. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Press Start to return to the "Game Setup" screen. Press Circle to display the quick menu. Highlight the star icon and press X to display the Unlock Legends screen. Highlight a Legend player that has been unlocked and press X to add him to the free agents pool. The Legend player may then be signed to any empty slot on a team.

Player		Era	First name	Last name

Andrew Phillip	50's	Whiz	Kid
Bill Sharman		50's	Charity	Stripe
Bob Cousy		50's	B-Balls	Cooz
Bob Pettit		50's	Crash	Boards
Carlo Braun		50's	Hard	Wood
Cliff Hagen		50's	Hook	Shot
Dolph Schayes	50's	 Set	Shot
George Yardley	50's	Yard	Bird
Harry Gallatin	50's	Iron	Horse
Larry Costello	50's	Cross	Over
Paul Arizin		50's	Pitchin' 	Philli
Richard Guerin	50's	Play	Maker
Bill Russell		60's	All	Defensive
Elgin Baylor		60's	Offensive	Force
Hal Greer		60's	Jump	Shot
Jerry Lucas		60's	Lucas	Layup
Jerry West		60's	The Mr.	Clutch
Lenny Wilkins	60's	Player	Coach
Oscar Robertson	60's	Bucks	Big O
Sam Jones		60's	Bank	Shot
Tommy Heinsohn	60's	Flat	Shot
Walt Bellamy	60's	No	Comment
Willis Reed		60's	Soft 	Touch
Wilt Chamberlain	60's	Big	Goliath
Bill Walton		70's	Shot	Blocker
Billy Cunningham	70's	Leaping	Kangaroo
Bob Lanier		70's	Big	Foot
Dave Bing		70's	The	Duke
Dave Cowens	70's	Red	Head
Earl Monroe		70's	Magic	Pearl
John Havlicek	70's	John	Hondo
Nate Archibald	70's	Big	Tiny
Pete Maravich	70's	Passing	Pistol
Rick Barry		70's	Foul	Shot
Walt Frazier		70's	Cool	Clyde
Wes Unseld		70's	Glass	Cleaner
Charles Barkley	80's	Mound of	Rebound
Dominique Wilkins	80's	High	Light
Earvin Johnson	80's	Magical	Guard
George Gervin	80's	Chilled	Iceman
Hakeem Olajuwon	80's	The Dream	Machine
Isiah Thomas	80's	Bad Boy	Zeke
James Worthy	80's	Big	Game
Julius Erving	80's	Doctor's	In
Kevin McHale	80's	Sixth	Man
Larry Bird		80's	Celtics	Pride
Michael Jordan	80's	Come Fly	With Me
Moses Malone	80's	Free	Throws
Robert Parish	80's	Celtic	Chief
David Robinson	90's	Spurs	Admiral
Gary Payton		90's	Human	Glove
Grant Hill		90's	Class	Act
John Stockton	90's	Jazz	Man
Karl Malone		90's	Mailman	Delivers
Mitch Richmond	90's	Live	Coverman
Patrick Ewing	90's	Player	President
Reggie Miller	90's	Outside	Threat
Scottie Pippen	90's	Complete	Game
Shaquille O'Neal	90's	Little	Warrior
Shawn Kemp		90's	Power	Dunker


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Easter eggs

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