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  • Action, Adventure
  • Infinite Machine
  • THQ
  • Pending
  • February 19, 2002


Defeating Xao Gong

To defeat Xao Gong, use the Chain Blade. When he is making clones of himself, hit him and they will disappear. To hit Xao Gong, jump and press X or B. Then, press B(2), X(4). This will take awhile. When you defeat him, he will transform to a bigger monster with five lives. After he transforms there will be a ramp leading to a higher level. Collect all five elemental weapons. After you collect them, Xao Gong will be easy to defeat because the five weapons are his weakness. Make sure you move a lot -- if not, he will hit you with a blue spell that takes almost all your life away.

Defeating The Fire Boss

Defeat the first set of enemies by using the Ax Hammer when the "magic" appears (indicated by the blue spinning light on your life meter). Do not use it until you reach the Fire God. Start by using the "Triple Winds" weapon and go straight out the door to the left. Jump over, and run to the wall. Use this for cover when he shoots fire. When he gets close, activate the special attack (Y + X) for lightning. Stay close until he falls, then get away until he gets up. Repeat this two or three times until magic wears off. He will then go down to the middle. Switch to the Ax Hammer. Go down and press B(4) to hit him quickly. This should hit him three times. The third time will take considerable power from him and he will fall. Get away while he gets up, then repeat. Hide under the walk ramps going up during his fire attacks and jump immediately before he lands. Any time he comes down from the air, continue to hit him with the three hit combo and get away before he gets up until you regain "magic". Switch back to the Triple Winds and finish him off. To defeat the Fire Boss easily, use the Triple Wind and the Ax Hammer. First, jump over him immediately after you go out the door and jump down. Be careful or you may lose life. Then, go under the walk ramps and fight there so he will not be able to heal most of the time. Be careful not to fall off. When he does a fire attack, jump out from under the walk ramps then go back down. Use the Triple Wind when you have a special. Use the Ax Hammer to fill up the special (use special Y + X or Y + B). When using the Ax Hammer, press B(4) when he falls. Get away or you will get hit. About two Triple Wind Specials and the Ax Hammer attacks will kill him.

First Person Mode

You center the view then hold and push up on left thumbstick in the close view hold down.

Double Cover

Look on the back of the cover insert for the game to find an alternate version of the game art.

Easy Way To Beat The First Boss

Keep running around those big "racks" to get full health, do this repeatedly to beat him.


We have no cheats or codes for New Legends yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for New Legends yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

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