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  • Action, Adventure
  • Team Ninja
  • Tecmo
  • Mature
  • March 2, 2004


How To Kill Bad Guys

Jump on the wall near them and press Y or X. Keep doing this. It is also good to decapitate with this move.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 3-Method 2

After unlocking Ninja Gaiden 2, when you are in the Peristyle Passage, Mario jump between the first and second columns to the left of the entrance (when facing the entrench). On top of the broken column is NG 3.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 3-Method 1

Achieve master ranking in all chapters on hard or very hard difficulty.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 2-Method 2

After earning Ninja Gaiden 1, head to the clock tower plaza in Tairon (you can do this in successive play, if you want) and aim your arrow at the clock face on the tower. Head through the door to the clock down and get to the opening to find the chest with NG 2 inside.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 2-Method 1

Achieve master ranking in all chapters of normal difficulty.

Unlock NES Ninja Gaiden

Collect all 50 scarabs.

The Unlabored Flawlessness

Get the Wooden Sword and upgrade it to the maximum. It will become a weapon known as the Unlabored Flawlessness. It looks like a giant boat oar with chinese inscriptions on it. A very useless weapon during regular play. But when you face a boss, instead of using your Dragon Sword or even the Dahbilharo (whatever it's called) use the Unlabored Flawlessness instead. For maximum effectiveness, at any opportunity you have to strike the boss with your weapon, attack the boss by jumping toward it and pushing the X (not the Y) button. It will unleash a very powerful combo attack that Ryu does in mid-air. It makes killing bosses a LOT easier. Enjoy.

Unlock Mini Ryu

Succesfully complete the game then when you are playing pause the game then there will be an option that you can get mini Ryu.

Unlock Movie Gallery

Complete the game once fully on any difficulty mode to unlock the Movie Gallery. This allows you to watch the FMVs in the game.

Classic Games Menu

To be able to access the classic NES games from the main menu, simply complete the game with one (or more) of the NES games in your inventory.

Endless Gold Essence

To get all the gold you want or ever need, simply go to the bats! In any level, especially levels 7 and 10, travel to a room where there are a large number of bats. Then, kill the bats and take the Gold Essence. Next, leave the room, then return. The bats should reappeare and have all the gold essence still in them. Note: Using Ultimate Attacks is also a great way to get larger essence from the bats, by holding the Y button and absorbing 2 small yellow essences, or 1 blue essence.

Plasma Saber 2

Beat the game on very hard difficulty.

Stage 5: 3 Red Monsters/Tentacle Boss

Two part battle. If you have practiced the A + Y attack as you've progressed to 
this point, taking care of the 3 red monsters won't be a problem. Be prepared 
because they NEVER stop attacking.

The tentacle boss is quite manageable. First go after its two tentacles with jump 
attacks. The A + Y attack works well here. But tentacles will leave energy. For 
best results, suck both energy spheres (though you have to be fast so the energy 
from the first sliced tentacle doesn't go away) to unleash a charged attack. Keep 
repeating as the creature will eventually sprout another pair of tentacles. The 
creature will also do a mild energy shower to take you out so keep an eye out for 

Stage 6: Boney Dragon

Here is a boss that's clinging to dear life by grabbing cliff ledges. So all you 
have to to is attack it's various hands/feet. You'll have access to one hand/feet 
one at a time. The most effective strategy is attacking across the screen with 
the A + Y attack, going back and forth with the hand/foot in between. 

The dragon will throw bones at you so have your block ready at times. Also, when 
it pulls it's head back, that means it's about to try to bite you. It always goes 
for the center of the area during the bite so a simple run to the right or left 
will keep you safe. You'll know the dragon will change hands/feet when you've 
bloodied up a hand/foot enough. It will shift around and ever try to sneak in a 
tail attack, so watch out.

Falling of the ledge doesn't seem to be an issue for the player. I fought the 
boss about three times and I never fell off.

Stage 8 Boss: 4-Party Boss

The object of the stage is to get past a closed gateway. It's the one with the 
two gun turrets that weren't in use in stage 4. Sure enough, they're in use now. 
When you approach the area/courtyard, make a break for the gate, even though it's 
still locked. Grab the arrows from the fallen ninja. You should be deep enough in 
the entryway that neither gunner should be hitting you. Now pick one side of the 
wall and start inching you way out to exposure until you can see and pick off a 
gunner with a bow & arrow. Repeat with the other side of the entryway. As you can 
guess, this reduces the amount of gunners you have to deal with to one at a time.

The next part involves an attack helicopter. I actually never attacked it myself. 
It would go after me and I would take the blows from its missile attacks, heal, 
and eventually try to make a break from the door I came out of earlier when I 
started this section. Eventually the helicopter went away, but that door would 
remain locked.

That's where this fourth attacker comes in. In the building opposite the gateway, 
there's a guy launching missiles from a window. He's an okey shot but you should 
be able to to take him out with the bow & arrow. After you kill him, the door 
will open and the building the rocket launcher guy was in will be revealed to 
have an open window. To get in that building, use the skull key you got in the 
previous stage to unlock that skull door in this stage. Once you're at that open 
window on top of the building you'll be notice there's a target on the top of the 
gateway you're trying to get passed. Hit the target and you're on your way out.

Stage 9 Boss: Attack Helicopter + Radio Tower

The attack helicopter fight reminds me a lot of the harrier duel in the Metal 
Gear Solid games. It will fly back and forth while you're in the middle on a 
bridge. By this time you will have come across two kinds of upgraded arrows. Be 
sure to use both of them. The helicopter will attack with a vulcan gun and 
missile. I just took the vulcan bullets and healed, and I worried more about the 
missiles. The missiles can be avoid with side-ways jumps and well-timed forward 

Shortly after this you will come across the radio tower. You'll have to make 
short work of a couple enemies first. After that, you can focus on the tower. 
While the tower has it's own share of enemies, they have a habit of synchronizing 
their missile launches. Simply keep dodging their missiles and wait for the brief 
lull when they reload so you can attack. Your targets are the white sections on 
the top of the tower. There should be 9 sections.

After that, there's a little bit more game before the stage ends. Nothing too 
demanding. Mostly enemies in tight hallways and stairwells. By now you should 
know to use walls to your offensive advantage. Especially when one group of 
attackers are rocket equipped in a tight hallway, you can dodge their salvos by 
approaching them via a wall run. Better yet, hit either X or Y to attack off your 
wall run.

Stage 7: Rachel's Sister

I never used my fireball attacks much before this. That seemed to be a good idea since Rachel's sister takes the fireball attacks hard. She'll dash, fly, throw projectiles, and grab you, so be ready to flip, run, and block. Study her pattern and look for the moments when she won't be moving left or right. That's when you launch the fireball. If you're close enough after she takes a fireball, you can charge at her with a couple quick hits as she's trying to gain her senses from your fireball attack. For me, it took about 8 fireball attacks with a number of quick hits to take her out (dependent on the difficulty level you are playing at).

Stage 4 Boss: Introduction To Black Ninjas

This isn't exactly a boss battle but they require a strategy to beat them because they can be difficult. Be sure to buy the Level 2 Sword upgrade in the Blacksmith section in the shop. That should be the first thing you buy there. This will give you the mid air dash attack It's a quick button sequence of A then Y. It allows Ryu to execute a mid air dash attack (eventually resulting in decapitation) as well as an overhead flip (both moves depend on your proximity to the target). You'll be finding yourself using this move a lot for most of the game.

Stage 3 Boss: Laser Cannon Boss

This boss only uses three attacks against Ryu: 1) Laser, 2) Back kick & 3) Grab. Learn how long it takes for him to charge up his laser. Once you know that, time a simple X button combo before he starts firing. Be ready for a back kick at the end of your combo. Thankfully it's blockable. There's also a good chance he'll go for a grab so run/jump away and repeat the whole process. When he does get his laser firing, just run in a circle around him to avoid his shots and be ready to come in for another combo.

Stage 2 Boss: Horse Rider / Respawning Monks

You will have to multi task this boss battle. Pay attention to the monks. The trick is to take out a monk at least every ten seconds. Pick up their health to keep you alive, suck the rest of their energy to time a charged up attack towards the horse rider.

Special Attack

Press Y + B to unleash a super attack that will seriously hurt anyone.

Very Hard Difficulty

Successfully complete the game on the normal or hard difficulty settings to unlock the very hard difficulty setting.

All FMV Sequences

Successfully complete the game on the normal or hard difficulty settings to unlock all FMV sequences.

All FMV Sequences

Successfully complete the game on the normal or hard difficulty settings to unlock all FMV sequences.

Plasma Saber

Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting. A new sword called the Plasma Saber (which resembles a lightsaber from Star Wars) will now be unlocked.

Alternate Costume

Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock an alternate costume. Then, hold L while selecting the "New Game" option at the opening menu.


Ninja Gaiden 1 Passwords

act 1:  L,X,A,Y,A,X
act 2:  A,X,X,R,Y,A
act 3:  X,Y,B,R,L,X
act 4:  B,R,A,B,Y,Y
act 5:  X,A,Y,X,L,L
act 6:  R,Y,R,L,A,X

Ninja Gaiden 2 Passwords

act 1:  A,A,B,X,Y,R
act 2:  X,L,R,B,B,A
act 3:  L,Y,B,A,R,R
act 4:  A,L,X,Y,Y,B
act 5:  R,A,A,B,X,L
act 6:  Y,L,R,A,Y,R
act 7:  B,B,X,Y,A,L

Ninja Gaiden 3 Passwords

act 1:  B,Y,R,L,X,A
act 2:  A,R,R,Y,A,L
act 3:  L,B,R,Y,L,Y
act 4:  R,R,B,A,Y,X
act 5:  Y,A,B,X,R,X
act 6:  B,X,X,A,X,Y
act 7:  X,R,X,Y,Y,L


After you beat the game once, go to that game, pause the game, hold L+R and press Y, A, Y ,A, Y.

Skip FMV Sequences

Press Start, A, Start to advance past an FMV sequence. Note: This does not work all of the time.


We have no unlockables for Ninja Gaiden yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Ninja Gaiden yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Ninja Gaiden yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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