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  • August 22, 2005


Advance Tricks

There are dozens of secret moves you can teach your dog. One of the coolest is the backflip. Get your dog to sit down then to jump. Another trick is woddle. Get your dog to beg then tell it to spin. It will take a couple times. There is also playtime. When your dog is shaking it's butt, touch the icon and tell it to do playtime. Note: Woddle and backflip might take a over a 10 minute time period!

All Memory Deleted

If you hold down A, B, X, Y, R, and L at the same time while you turn on your DS it will delete all memory on your DS.

Get A Santa Hat

If you set the date to December 25th, you may have the opportunity to find a santa hat (in a ? box) on one of you walks.

Windup Toy And Natural Dog Food Bag

Get these when you have 10,000 trainer/owner points.

Easier Way To Get Trainer Points

Go to the screen where you can brush your dog. Take the brush and put it on your dog. Leave it there for a few hours. As long as the brush is on him or her, you get 1 trainer point for every 1 minute. Leave the game on overnight and you will have a lot of Trainer Points. Be sure to keep the DS in the charger, keep the backlight off and the volume down if you're going to do this so the battery doesn't drain.

Shiba Inu In The Kennel

Collect 4000 Trainer Points.

Shetland Sheepdog In The Kennel

Collect 14,000 Trainer Points.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi In The Kennel

Collect 10,000 Trainer Points.

Miniture Pinscher In The Kennel

Colect 35,000 Trainer Points.

Get A New Breed Of Dog During Bark Mode

To get a new breed of dog like a lab, or chihuahua, do bark mode with lab and friends, chihuahua and friends, or dalmatian and friends. If the person your doing bark mode with has a breed that's not available in your kennel, it will be in the kennel after you get back home. (NOTE): This only works if you are using the DS you use regularly while you play.

Long Walk

Your puppy always gets tired or board at your house. So why not take it for a walk! If you want a short walk, only use a little stama. But if you want a long walk, keep taking it for walks each day and its stama will grow and grow until you're walking all around town!

Obedience Trial

If you want your dog to be an obedience dog, follow these instructions. First, you must say the trick out loud in a quiet place or else your pup might not understand. Secondly, make sure your dog knows the tricks. And keep practicing all the tricks with your pup and soon, he will be a champion!

Water Bottle

This bottle of water is sure to keep your dogs quenched, for a while.


This balloon will be your dog's favorite toy, until it pops!

Dog Biscuits

Nothing says good dog like old fashioned dog biscuits.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you compete in an agility trial, take a walk to the gymnasium and try out all the different types of obstacles. Your pup will need plenty of coaching the first time through, but after a few runs, it'll be cruising through the course like a pro.

Sprinting Doggy

Take your dog on a walk and tug the leash forward and your dog is sprinting!

Sneezing Pups

To make your puppy sneeze just simply rub his/her nose, simple huh? Then click on the light bulb in the upper right hand corner and say sneeze.


There are 3 main competitions: Agility, Obedience and Disc. You will face off against other dogs for cash. Competitions are your main source of income, so it's important you learn how to master them.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

When you take your dog for a walk, it will stop and try to eat trash. To avoid this unpleasantness, tug on the leash.

Shower Cap Disc

It may look like an ordinary shower cap, but it's actually a waterproof flying toy.

Life Ring Disc

Not only can this life ring save lives, but it makes a good toy for playing with your dog!

Make The Smart Choice!

Let's say you have two dachshund puppies and you plan to get rid of one. One of them is so cute you HAVE to keep it! But the other one is the smart, champion. You can't let it go! I did this exact thing and was stupid by getting rid of my champ! I kept the cute one but I'll never have a new puppy like the champ again!

Always Sunshine

If you get 50,000 dollars, buy the Seaside room. Set your DS time for around 10:00pm. The sun never goes down! There's always sun in the Seaside room.

Dancing Doggy

To get your pooch to dance give the beg command and then give the spin command. It may take a couple tries at first, but then your pooch will dance for you and earn you extra points with this move in the obedience trials.

$2,000 Dollars

If you have an item that is worth $200, rarely take walks! If you do you might find a parrot. If you give it the $200 dollar item he'll give you a gold bar. "How much is it worth?" you might ask. It's only worth $2,000! That could get you 3 dogs! Or you could save it up for something big. like re-designing your house. That's what I'm saving for. Living in outer space, or at the seaside! That would be NICE!

Run-away Dogs

When your dog runs away, don't worry. It will come back and possibly bring a present with it. As soon as it comes back, put your other dogs at a hotel, then play with your dog and have some quality time.

Juice Bottle

Stay away from Juice Bottles. Sell them if you find them. If you throw them at your dog. If you try to play with at your dog, they'll get hurt and hate it.

Make Your Dog Do Flips!

In order to be able to make your dog do flips you must have learned these simple commands: Roll Over, Jump, and Sit. There are two different types of flips, a Ground Flip and a Backflip. For the Ground Flip, first make your dog roll over on its back. Then give it the 'Jump' command. After a few tries your dog should flip up onto its feet after lying on the ground. The second flip is the Backflip. For this one you will need your dog to sit down. Then tell it to jump. After a few tries the dog should do a Backflip.

Unlimited Walks

When you take your dog for a walk go to the park. Before you go to the park try to go through many ? as you can. When you reach the park change the accesorie on your dog. Then it will save. Once it saves turn of your DS then turn it back on now you can take your dog for a walk again.

Calm Your Dogs Down

I know it might get annoying when your dogs are so active and jumpy, so if you have the "Naptime" record, play it and your dogs will go to sleep.

Raising More Than 5 Dogs

The Nintendogs booklet says that you can only own up to 5 dogs. The Dog Hotel will hold up to 5 dogs at a time. This does not include the 3 you have at home, so you can really own 8 dogs.

Rare Unmarked Gifts

When you are walking on a walk, sometimes there are unmarked presents, tug on the leash a little to run, but if there IS an unmarked present if your going to fast you may miss it you cant go backwards so dont go too fast these are rare gifts!!

Make Your Dog Eat The Idea Lightbulb

When your dog performs a trick in the game, a lightbulb will appear over it's head. Drag this lightbulb to your dog and he or she will eat it. You can also have your dog eat bones that appear above it as well. This makes a good reward for your dog.

Make Used Rooms Free

After you have a new room remodeled, you can buy the same room you had for free so you don't have to spend alot of money again. The remodeling takes time.

Urban Living Room

Collect 40,000 trainer points.

Seaside Room

Collect 12,000 Trainer Points.

Outer Space Room

Collect 18,000 Trainer Points.

Northern European Room

Collect 25,000 Trainer Points.

Unlock Desktop Room

Collect 6000 Trainer Points.

Pick Up Un-marked ? Boxes During Walks

When you're walking your dog, look on the map. When the little dog icon doesn't move while the real dog moves, that means it's either going to be some garbage or a rare gift. When you see this, be ready to warn your dog if it's a ? box by pulling the leash. If it's garbage, pull your dog away from it.

Earn Trainer Points

Try spending time with your dog like taking them on walks or give them baths. Doing this will help you earn Trainer Points. To see how many points you have, go to Trainer Info.

Get Other Breeds Easier

Do Bark Mode with a dog in a breed that you don't have. Example: Do Bark Mode with a Chihuahua and after you do Bark Mode with that dog, you will be able to buy the Chihuahua breed at the kennel. This only works the first time with each different version of the game. So you can do this trick one time with Labrador & Friends, Chihuahua & Friends, and any other version of Nintendogs.

Yorkie In The Kennel

Collect 2000 Trainer Points.

Toy Poodle In The Kennel

Collect 22,000 Trainer Points.

Miniature Schnauzer In The Kennel

Collect 16,000 Trainer Points.

Lab. Retrieiver In The Kennel

Collect 50,000 Trainer Points.

Jack Russel Terrier In The Kennel

While you walk your puppy, it may find a rare present with a Jack Russel Book inside. After that, a Jack Russel Terrier will be in the kennel.

German Shepherd In The Kennel

Collect 30,000 Trainer points.

Dalmatian In The Kennel

While you walk the dog, your puppy may find a rare present with a Firemans Hat inside. After that, a dalmation will be in the kennel.

Cavalier K.C. Spaniel In The Kennel

Collect 8000 Trainer Points.

Boxer In The Kennel

Collect 20,000 Trainer Points.


Clear Data

If you hold down A, B, X, Y, R, and L all at the same time at the start-up screen, you will clear all of your game data.



To get a Pomeranian you need 20000 trainer points witch means that you will be a star handler.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Created by: damon91735. Read the full guide...

Created by: damon91735. Read the full guide...

Created by: damon91735. Read the full guide...

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Created by: Zate Keyblade Holder Sim. Read the full guide...

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