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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Westwood Studios
  • Electronic Arts
  • Teen
  • February 16, 2000


The Keeper Of The Souls

As A wizard don't waste time shooting Missiles of Magic at him. Hit the FIREBALL hotkey and kill him in less than a minute. As a warrior, you don't need MY help. Just whack him. Here's the Catch, now what GOOD offensive spells do you have as a Conjurer right now. Meteor him and whack him. Protect from Shock helps a lot. Place Bombers (T) at his teleporting points. They are in the middle of the hall seperating the mana Obselisks. So he teleports to those points every once in a while, giving you extra damage. This prevert you from wasting an half hour sitting and casting pixie swarm again and again and again...

Is Jandor All-knowing?

As a warrior in Brin, free the Maidens, clear Grok Torr, and run as fast as you can away from the maidens. When you arrive Jandor says "Congratulations, Lad!" Well the Maidens are nowhere in sight, How does he know?

Ogre Axes Suck

They're fragile. They sell for 60-100 gold. They're almost as heavy as Breastplates. Keep them only when in need of gold or have very little weight on you.

Wizard Traps: Usually A GOOD Thing

Now you might think "Wizard Trap! Better go slowly around..." In solo that's smart, But in quest? Go ahead and step on them, your're nearly invincible. Most of them open secret areas.

Sulpherous Flare Staff... Of Recharge?

As a Wizard in quest, you start with a Sulpherous Flare Staff that says 144. It is of recharge but can only charge to 144.

Summoning Creatures

In Quest mode, you can get a Dyrad Scroll. Now you might say "I've got this spiffy Mechanical Golem scroll, Why summon a pitiful Dyrad?" Wrong. Look more carefully at the scroll- Size:Medium So right now you've got yourself two pretty buff creatures. Each one knows Invisibility, Meteor, Pixie Swarm, Inversion, and Counterspell. So in other words, you've got a total of six pixies, 2 Meteors, and are safe from other spells.

Ring Of Fire

Clusters of summoning obselieks can be annoying. Use Ring of Fire to wipe out a lot of them and do damage to the rest.

Energy Bolt Spell

Wizard game, second level. Go to the Griffen's nest and knok the walls. In on of the rooms a secret door opens. Hit another wall in the secret room. It breaks and reveals a room with a Spell Book containing energy bolt.

Dead Men DO Tell Tales

Begin a game as a Warrior. Proceed to the Gauntlet Run in town. Note: you will have to do Gearhart's quest before you can enter. Go to the room where there is another challenger. Wait for him to die, then go up to his skull and talk to it. It will reply: " I'm dead, I can't hear you. " Once you say good bye, you won't be able to 'talk' to the skull again.


To get easy money, whenever you kill an enemy with a weapon pick it up and sell it.

Place Your Spells Under Hotkeys

Putting your spells under the hotkeys (A,S,D,F,G) is much more efficient.


Sweet Sword

Begin a game as a warrior. Press F1 and type in 'racoiaws' and then type in 'set god'. Then, proceed to the lava river. Go left through the lava( dont worry, your invincible. ) and you will come upon a sword in a ring of fire. Pick it up and you will be weilding a Sturdy Iron Sword Of Embers. It's not great, but at the begining, it's awesome.

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press [F1] to display the console, then type "racoiaws" to 
enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:


God mode			set god
Full health			cheat health
Full mana			cheat mana
Reset abilities		cheat ability
Set all spells to indicated level	cheat spells
Display cheat list		help cheat
Add indicated amount of gold	cheat gold [number]
Advance to indicated waypoint	cheat goto [waypoint name]
Advance to indicated coordinates	cheat goto [x y]
Advance to indicated level	cheat level [number]


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