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  • Onimusha 3
  • Fighting, 3D Fighting
  • Unknown
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • April 28, 2004


Unlock Adventures Of Heihachi

Complete easy mode.

Duplicate Items

Go to any warp mirror, pick an item, store it and exit the store/warp screen but don't warp. The number of the item that you have will now be duplicated.

Unlock Secret Training Mode

Complete normal training mode once and unlock it after finishing the game.

Unlock Heihachi Buraiden

Finish the game once on any difficulty.

Unlock True Ending

Get all Haori for Ako.

Unlock The Three Swords From Onimusha 1

Collect the 3 key items from just the Phantom Realms at Underwater Temple and Mont St. Michel.

Unlock Ultimate Mode

Complete the shooting mini game.

Unlock Oni Hard Mode

Complete Issen mode once.

Unlock Issen Mode

Complete game on hard mode once.

Unlock Hard Mode

Complete the game on normal mode once.

Unlock Easy Mode

'Game Over' twice in normal mode, and easy mode will be unlocked.

Unlock Special Outfit For Samanosuke And Jacques

Simply beat 'Normal Mode' once.

Unlock Samanosuke Special Outfit #2

Have an Onimusha Buraiden saved file in your memory card.

Unlock Panda Costume

Complete the secret training mode.

Ultimate Weapons

In the third dark realm at the very end there are ultimate weapons for Jaques and Samonosuke, at the end of Jaques's is the Oni Musou or Ultimate Whip, at the end of Samonosuke's is the sword of swords the Bishamon Sword.

Puzzle Mini Game

To unlock open all of the blue line puzzle boxes in the game (15 in all) on any difficulty.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Increase all seven vests of Ako to the maximum to view the alternate ending sequence. This requires all eco spirits to be found.

Original Onimusha Swords

To get all the swords from the original Onimusha, you must go trough all the dark realms with Samonosuke and Jaques, and you need to aqquire the fire seal, the wind seal, and the raizen seal, then beat the game. You get the swords at the beggining of the next new game you start regardless of difficulty.

Oni Shooting Mini-game

Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock Oni shooting Mini-Game

Ultimate Mode

Succesfully complete the Oni shooting mini-game to unlock Ultimate Mode. The game will start out with Sam having the Bishamon sword; Jacq have his best Oni Musuo; infinite arrows, bullets, infinite Oni power, thirty Medicines, and ten talismans.

Easy Difficulty

Intentionally lose the game twice on normal difficulty to unlock easy difficulty.

Michelle's Alternate Costume

Successfully beat the game on the normal difficulty setting tto unlock Mechelles first alternate costume.


Health Regain

Successfully complete the game on Hard Mode. Start a new game, press pause while playing and quickly press L1, L2, R1, R2, Circle Square (2), Triangle, Circle. You will regain full health.


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Easter eggs

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